Sunday, October 25, 2009

TOEJAM replies

Dear Monster,

Received your tweet today asking about TOEJAM's fantaxy. politicalpoidog has been in
quite a mood recently so I decided to write this response for TOEJAM. You asked about that State Whore fantaxy.

I heard from TOEJAM. Alright, let's see . . . remember the funny incident in Arizona during the superbowl this past January? Just as Fitzgerald made his running touchdown play, a live "porn" clip appeared on the screens of all COMCAST viewers. It seemed
that the couple gave permission for this peek into their practice of giving satisfaction to each other. Anyway, it went on for a about 30 seconds much to the outrage of all god-fearing viewers and to the delight of all democrats. haha. Just kidding about democrats being slimey sleaze balls.

I found a video of this and put it on my youtube channel with my other favorite videos.
Must be something about the gps or broadband highway before analog went to digital with all
televisions in June 2009. By the way, did you know that Hawaii was the only state to make the transmission
from analog to digital in January 2009?

TOEJAM is still licking the barbecue sauce off of his face but he did say that there
were rumors that this porn clip was none other than our own State Whore, aka "the midge". Then he found out that it was mere fantaxy by those who think she really deserves to be exposed since she doesn't have any rights as a >proven perpetrator<. The fantaxy involved her simulated overdose suicide while sitting on the floor in front of the television in those wonderful short wide-leg turquoise coulot pants. She became so deranged that after taking all pills with sherry, she sat there sobbing about how she had destroyed her own life and destroyed other lives for no reason except that she wasn't fulfilled in some deep, deep sort of way until she fell asleep then stopped breathing. When she was found by paramedics, she was in a rigor mortis position that made it impossible for them to remove her body in the usual gurney. They then placed a blanket over her sitting form instead so that it appeared like a piece of furniture as they carried this out to their ambulance.

TOEJAM thinks this fantaxy explores perverse satisfaction for those who have no scruples and conscience. He declares himself human in this manner just like psyco-analysts who have sex with their clients out of empathic transference while being watched.