Saturday, December 19, 2009

stolen self sovereignty internet site reported 12/28/09

Dear Monster,

As you know, for the past couple of years "Wild Fern" found her own landscape
of dance and power while living and working on 'ag' property and farms on Maui.
Her special recipes for conversation were created with metaphors in mind. Herr
recipes are offered with salon-type ideas for provocative conversation material
during private meal time munchies.

Fern wants you to know that after she's working on farm property here, each
property started resembling aspects of political life found within human systems.
At one non-commercial farm site, fertile vegetable gardens resembled an "intentional

community", dank citrus orchards on a steep hill felt and smelled like "market street"
and the "streets of san francisco" were seen in the untamed adjacent property where
dominant species thrived with mosquitos at the expense of other plant life. Fern decided
that while rooting out an entire hillside of lauwai fern, it was possible to share a whole
body dance of contact improv with this wild landscape on Maui. Farms on Maui
are special that way.

As for invasive species, like neon blinking commercials on cable television and blog
sites, they are ubiquitous, almost inevitable but always managable if proper care
and attention are provided in a timely manner. Like compost, not all weeds are created
equal in the spectrum of living things. You can read Karen Yukie Yamada's letter to
the Maui News on November 18, 2008 about the denial in Hawaii with regard
to invasive species that take over eroding cliff sides and fields. They can eat all
the dark chocolate they want, denial ain't never gonna be no river in Egypt.

Fern's recipes and ideas for conversation and pleasure is coming soon, to a proprietary
internet site near YOU, Monster. She wants you to know how making and working with
living soil can improve the center of gravity of your dearest friends. haha.

As for revealing the truth in the "news", her statements to associate editors on record
with the washington post, the wall street journal and the nytimes for the past two years
will be substantiated. david shipley from the nytimes knows that trafficking
proprietary information and privacy from places where there is a reasonable expectation
of privacy is prosecutable based on links between drug terror eavesdropping in Hawaii and
criminal surveillance contractors. alix freedman from the wall street journal knows that
yukie yamada is aware that advertising dollars often is the source of exploitation that
desecrates the sacred for the sake of profit. and kevin merida from the washington post
knows that yukie yamada called him repeatedly last december 2008 when president elect obama
golfed at luana hills while vacationing in kailua about her efforts to bring forth the
topic of "wire terror"in our market systems.