Saturday, February 19, 2011

Preliminary Enterprise Model Applications

Dear Monster,

Well, the urgent wire situation with Capitol Strategies Consulting
website was reported to the national desk at the Washington Post
and to the legislative organizer in California who works with this
lobbying company. An email cc was sent of the "health forum" page
with "PORNO" followed by foreign alphabets. Well.

Returning to my business concept for a few pilot "social media network
application projects" (smnap?) that support independent micro-enterprises
through my multi-media information enterprise infrastructure . . . I've
. . . made statements to Congress to demonstrate an understanding of
the need for "application models" in order to optimize the potential and
purpose of social media networking sites.

In order to optimize this potential, in my case, it is valuable and needed
to document for public record the level of destruction, waste and abuse
with almost ten years of my complaints of wire/identity fraud stalking.

Without articulation of policies regarding: FREE-CLEAR ACCESS TO
blood and precious human capital.

For those who are afraid of what the digital economy means to your
sense of meaning, certitude and identity in the modern world, go read
a book about the past 12 years since the internet became mainstream.
If you don't care, then let others who want to participate do what they
need to do so the benefits trickle back down to you.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Update: Monster Shock Alert

Dear Monster,

This Monster Alert is to tell others that information news feeds are
very tenuous these days. I was told that newspapers subscribe to a
"news cable" or news feed, such as Associated Press (AP). In Hawaii,
take a look at the source of news: McClatchy, AP, New York Times,
Washington Post, etc.

Maui News has had some of the worse "feeds" from AP in the past
couple of years. The other day, I read an AP article that sounds like
there is another AP news feed with a sense of urgency and direction
in the way language is used in the article.

The Onion on twitter had a shocking feed the other day . . . it was a
feed saying that a prime time anchor journalist on broadcast television
needed to "decompress" his racist feelings by using the "n" word over
and over before going on television news so that he would accident-
ally say it on air. I tried to say that the "n" word should only be used
by those of this background just like the "j" word. I said this to the
national desk at the Washington Post the other night.

Why would the Onion use such slanderous info about a known guy
who does not represent such feelings? For shame. The Onion did a
piece on US AG Eric Holder being incompetent last year. Now that
was not slander, it was a statement of fact even if the article made
up a story about him not knowing what a crime was.

Remember, Holder is the guy that tried to show leniency for illegal
marijuana offenders AT THE SAME TIME that they were building a
California campaign to make recreational marijuana legal AT THE
SAME TIME the medical marijuana system was infiltrated by illegal
drug trade that supported terror financing.

Now nobody wants to talk about it. Maui wants to talk about what
happened at the Banana Bungalow between 2004-07 when Yukie was
making repeated taped statements with MPD about illegal drug trade
in this 'hood and trying to get them to visit the neighborhood to talk
with residents and former police officers.