Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FOX News Cavuto: Obama Misleads Public

Dear Monster,

Fox News has funny journalistic figures. Huckabee, the former
Presidential candidate refusing to be canned by conservative-type
image makers has his own Fox News show after last election.
Every program ends with his own rock-n-roll band of his own
production staff at Fox News. haha. He rocks.

John Stossel's recent report, Freeloaders, all about perpetrators
of corrupt policies played for over a month during evening hours
and on weekends. Stossel's latest gusty program took on the 'gun'
issue, you know, right to privacy to own registered weapons and
the right for law enforcement to barge in your home to see if you
have illegal arms. An important issue after Arizona's Congress-
woman was gunned down in her own state.

Today, Cavuto has an Oklahoma Democrat Congressman saying
that the cause and effect of Obama's rhetoric and policy choices
with regard to taxing of oil companies hurts mostly working class
Democrats. California is pushing the press to sell their not-so
innovative plan for solar/wind technologies to be 1/3 of their
electricity by the next two Presidential elections.

For the record, I called the Sacramento Bee last week to report
that California had a press release about their state laws providing
incentives for solar/wind ventures about the same time that this
President was doing his flip-flop about whether he would allow
oil drilling off California's coast and reduce foreign imports. As
long as Congressional Committees who over see such ventures
know their timing and patterns with known stakeholders in CA
are being monitored for suspicious trade and barter patterns.

Suspicious timing even for CA Oversight Chair Darrell Issa who
was on CNN saying that Obama's corrupt pattern was worth being
scrutinized. Make sure perks within CA's Republican/Democrat
deal making machinery is also known to Oklahoma.

Former Mayor Gavin Newsom, now Lt. Governor of CA, had his
own former wife as news consultant on Fox News yesterday with
a tight little cleavage showing along with her female news guest
who also had a nice little cleavage while being interviewed by
Bill O'Reilly. Mr. O'Reilly's fatal grip handshake after his interview
with Obama should have made archives somewhere.

Now Donald Trump says he's going to allow Obama to prove that
after millions spent on lawyers, he can prove with documents from
the State of Hawaii that he was, in fact, born in Hawaii. You can
see affidavits posted on the internet by those who saw proof of the
birth certificate. Where's the birth certificate itself? Former
Governor of New York, Spitzer, who resigned after being exposed
for having repeated deviant sex with prositutes who now has his
own talk show on CNN said he has the birth certificate and will
show it if Donald Trump posts his true net worth.

Whoa. Now General Petraeus, Central Commander in Iraq, has
been appointed as head of the CIA, and head of CIA Panetta is now
appointed to Defense Secretary as reported on commercial whore-
dom radio news National Public Radio today.

We all feel misled. Betrayed yet powerless leads to schizophrenia
and clinical depression in lunatic progressives and liberals who
thought they were headed to the nirvana promise land. Instead
they were all lead to addictive behavior that some researchers find
profitable to study with ad agencies. Fraud Waste and Abuse.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Defining Perpetrators of Corrupt Policies

Dear Monster,

The scoop about our gourmet Mayor dining in La Perouse with certain
real estate and Rotary business networks last Saturday was a smashing
surprise. In response, local radio news KNUI 900 reported on Monday
that the gourmet Mayor had a "bonus" $20 million for the poor in our
County. Like myself, having received food from local food bank sites
during my financial hardship with the State of Hawaii denying me full
benefits on food stamps even while qualifying last year, I can atest to the
poverty. Forced poverty in my case by those who did so intentionally.

"They" are shriveled, paranoid and with an intractable, stiff smile in
the halls of power these days with their own financial prospects still
saying that "we have to see the cup half-full" bullshit and find charity
to feed the sheep. Now, what do the saucey Democrats on their well-
known foundations say while trying to create the impression that my
-uh- accomplishments are somehow part of "their" proud legacy.

My experience is part of their dead legacy of descendants of farm
labor immigrants who took the bull by the horns, pulled themselves
from their boot strap with the good graces of white political leaders
who saw that they could make it on their own. They became part of
the administrators of all mono-crop agricultural corporations, even
Board of Directors as these companies went into commercial real
estate development for the visitor industry.

Maui Land and Pine, now exposed for the latest massive illegal
Visa slave labor scandal reported last week in all press with the FEDS
here to see if slave labor and illegal drug trafficking exist in the very
information systems financed by these major ag companies. Since
Maui Land and Pineapple shut down hundreds of pineapple jobs in
the past two years with Board of Directors not saying too much now
about their legacy that includes ongoing accusations of contamination
of ground water. Water rights - don't even start THAT discussion
says Alexander and Baldwin Corporation.

Sleepy tree huggers who love life on Maui as well as frustrated nature
protectors all have to take a look at their own actions. How is it that
one can have a real estate company, lobby for Democrat causes funded
by Democrat systems of commerce while enjoying illegal drugs and
decades of shared personal/professional affiliation exist in today's
reality of doing what is correct for all of Maui? Impossible.

Selective political outrage, when unconscious, is a safety risk to others.
When deliberate, it is a cynical form of power and control that is known
and practiced by anyone with vested wealth or political power. It will
never be any other way. However, when the safety and fundamental
rights of the majority is imperiled because of a small percentage of vocal
committed drug adherents get support from the existing corrupt insider
business dealings, then we have a problem that eventually becomes a
national/international catastrophe.

Defining perpetrators, framing stories based on collective damage and
loss of victims from drug crimes, and putting the spotlight on those who
carry the most privilege from such corrupt profit incentives in risk reduction
services and intelligence-led policing policies is the news of the day.

By the way, the celebrity carwash on April 30th is at Ho'olea Terrace in
Kehalani on Maui. Proceeds for the victims of Japan's earthquake.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Counting: One Finger at a Time

Dear Monster,

In times like these, symbolic points of reference matter. The volunteer
papaya tree bearing fruit nicely is an example of this. It is countdown to
the truth-telling session of those who "know".

Well. Today, I called and spoke with a person from an advertising firm
that places ads for clients on radio, news programs etc. My complaint was
about who determines which ad is aired for which program at what time.
I recently heard radio ads informing listeners about how to have a better
life. I mentioned that on my Facebook page last month I suddenly had
double column and central advertisment that I did not solicit nor would
I ever consider having on my proprietary Facebook page.

My calls to Facebook were ferocious. Ads about how to reduce belly fat
on your abdomen and about nutritional supplements to increase longevity
appeared on my page without my permission with swirling words, colors
and other disgusting types of sales tactics. Why would anyone want such
ads on their Facebook page?

It must be the software technologies with Facebook and other website
companies that allow such trafficking. I heard about this on c-span last
month during a panel discussion about protection of consumer and small
business rights on the internet with reps from advertising firms and
financial services software firms. aha! It is in the technology industry
that the real battle lies.

Corrupt implementation of drug enforcement laws and their premium
access to privacy without a court warrant has been my complaint since
2004 when I lived in Happy Valley. Though I didn't quite understand
the operational realities of surveillance technologies and laws that allow
such intrusion into privacy in the civilian sector, I now understand. The
"analog" system of spying with drug enforcement now competed with the
sinister hand of the digital system for harvesting information from the
defense contractor firms that flooded our economies.

Yesterday, everyone became silent after National Public Radio reported
that iphones like AT&T and Verizon do allow police intelligence to harvest
all records, texts, conversations etc whenever there is "cause", like in the
case with transnational human or drug trafficking.

Take a look at the Maui News a couple days ago. It was on all local and
radio news. 6 farms in Hawaii were exposed with a Santa Monica farm labor
placement company being exposed for illegal Thai workers being forced to
live without a legal Visa in this state. It's now being investigation by the
FEDS from Washington DC. Maui Land and Pine, Del Monte, Captain Cook
Cofffee etc. What do FEDS do when there is a massive case like this in a
state where people "of color" run such agricultural companies?

How could it be? Because there was a profit incentive in some criminal
economy to have such incidents without a legitimate criminal justice effort
for aggressive accountability. Who runs the "illegal worker" economy in
Hawaii? People of color, those who use, sell drugs and all those who profit
from this corrupt collusion.

Operation Deliverance and Operation Coronado happened. Shit happens.
It doesn't mean anyone has to tolerate and accept shit going downhill and
floating to the top. Our dead court system is the problem. Public collusion
of silence is the accomplice. Count one finger at a time.

Check out Google search and find internet "blogs" that allow information
from Thai attorneys, CNN news and others. It is a battle over who controls
the information system, data and development of resources. It's the evil
Mr. Logistics Monster demonstrating contempt by defining the worth,
meaning and destiny of whole cultures.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Federal Government Shutdown Drama

Dear Monster,

After my last entry, the entire week was a dramatic political theatre with
Republicans insisting on fiscal accountability as the USA neared the dead-
line for a functioning budget on Friday, April 8th. The potential shutdown
of our federal government had Democrats and Republicans doing the news
shuffle day and night. Cable news stayed "on call" for spontaneous news
announcements from Congressional meetings with the Prezy, news celebs
made it look like election night.

The public would like to know what took place in those sessions, both in
Congress and with this scared Prezy saying, "aw, gee I know how to make
a compromise with Republicans, my voters have no choice about it." It
went down to the final hour before midnight on April 8th . . . finally, the
sweat-n-shine on the faces of Senator Harry Reid and Rep. John Boehner
came through: they made a temporary vote agreement to keep govern-
ment functioning for another week while they continued to fight in their
own sessions.

Our Congress members get to decide and vote on laws, policies and our
budget. They get to vote on how much they get paid. They get to vote on
whether or not they can work without a budget. They get to decide if and
when our government gets investigated. Hey - that's not reassuring to us
in the public, especially victims who participated day and night like me
on the phone and with sending messages for others to do the same.

Democrats did something so juvenile in their press relations that it was
not to be taken seriously. They have the Prezy's top advisor Axelrod with
a person-to-person interview trying to define the substance of a potential
shutdown rather than seeing the threat of a shutdown as a logical and needed
effort to force accountability. No wonder Ohio voted last week to do away
collective bargaining for union workers. Democrats don't believe in any
process for accountability when failure, incompetence and malice in leader-
ship is proven on record. Republicans prepared for this moral decision
on record and in the press with their public statements.

Democrats asked for 50-50 sharing of blame when they are the ones who
failed in the first two years of this Prezy's office, and while Republicans were
looking to increase the public urgency. After all Dems had complete control
of both the House and Senate in Congress. Dems tried to discuss the small
details of budgetary decisions rather than the overall message of governance,
transparency in governance and the critical problem of corruption.

Now all pivots around whether or not federal dollars will fund National
Public Radio, the EPA and Planned Parenthood as "symbol" issues when we
have 14 trillion $$ in debt. Debt owed to China, investors in small affluent
nations like United Arab Emirate, Libya, and Russia. Could be "investor"
is not technically the correct term, maybe "sovereign funds" is the term.
You know, foreign billionaires invest their monies in our market without
clear compliance of our laws around investment profits. The USA is now
a complex financial creature, open markets in a borderless information
system yet with different laws applied to the monies gained.

Just say "no" to National Public Radio. That's the message for the day.
Soon they'll be a nice internet news source, decentralized with fewer live
news program centers all over the world linked to the "total control" info
mechanism with policies that benefit only the select policy few of Dems.
Yeah, I got an ax to grind. Ask their Ombudsman.

Or better yet, see the special report by John Stossel on Fox News entitled,
Freeloaders. He did the nation a favor by discussing the collusion of profit
stakeholders in the private sector with this Prezy and General Electric,
attorneys who represent civil rights litigation "victims" and other types of
entitlement federal programs that lead to an economy of Fraud, Waste Abuse.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Glory Days Hallelujah Kumbaya!

Dear Monster,

What a scream! What's a terror victim to do except write to Monster?
Today, the anniversary of the assasination of Martin Luther King, we have
British Petroleum saying they are ready to start drilling again in the Gulf
of Mexico after the disaster spill last April when their oil rig exploded at
the base of its operation. Saw it on msnbc within the same half-hour that
they report that Obama is running for re-election. Within the same 24-hour
period that Obama was accused by Reps Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich "live"
on Fox News for starting an unconstitutional/undeclared war in Libya.
Saw it on Fox News Sunday pm and got photos.

On c-span all week long, Congress was shown in periods of 2-3 hours in
Committee meetings/panel interviews about this. Defense Gates was also
questioned about whether or not USA started bombing before authority
was given as War Act laws mandate. Based on "counter-terror" legisla-
tion, a secret operation was started a month ago by Obama, also reported
by Fox News in the past week. Libya produces lots of oil. Italy get about
25% of their oil from Libya.

Video reports show widespread anarchy in the streets of Libya with the
kind of posturing that takes place between autocratic rulers like Ghaddafi
through various "press" diplomatic statements released somehow in an
uncoordinated way on msnbc, Fox News and CNN. About 40-60% of all
videos on cable news for the past month shows massive civilian street
scenes of civil and violent protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Libya
and even Jordan. Today Saudi Arabia is reported to be displeased with
our President's actions/inactions and choices in establishing regional

Obama was on Brian Williams NBC this past week saying he would send
arms to Libyan rebels to oust Ghadaffi. The debate raged in the press all
week with commentators. Geraldo Rivera was on the front line in Libya
with uneducated, but armed "rebels" shooting at everyone. Rebels are
now saying they want to control "oil" revenues and start a parlimentary
democracy rather than have Ghadaffi's son take over the country. The
bombing raids were by a multi-nation force to stop Ghadaffi who started
bombing his own people.

Someone in Congress said, well, we don't want to start arming groups in
this region if they are going to become our enemies later. Remember, it
is what happened in Afghanistan? We must learn from mistakes.

Obama is trying to cut a deal with Republicans and Dems while a group of
Republican Senators gave a press conference for over 2 hours last week on
the pending government shutdown due to a fiscal emergency. The country
is seeing what happens when we have decentralized info systems in a time
of wire fraud/terror. After all, Citigroup, Capital One, Walgreen and Tivo
all reported corporate wire fraud hacking today on Fox News with lost
data of millions of consumers. haha.

It is about the content of character. This Prezy is a Man Whore. Only
sauce, no substance. Who benefits? The Republican Party and only a few
isolated commercial industrial media groups. May independents live
on and celebrate!


Update: Wire Fraud Incident Reported

Dear Monster,

My first storefront with a direct sales "product" line went up on
March 25, 2011. I shared this via text messaging with a handful of
known personal associates who heard from me in person about my
plans to start a live/office space for online businesses could offer
opportunities for cash flow with legitimate companies. Several
days later, I found that my "storefront" with my name and phone
number was linked to someone else's storefront. The name was of
a Hawaiian male person whom I never met nor heard of.

Being that I have lived in financial hardship while a victim of wire
fraud/stalking for over 9 years, this incident alerted me that Hawaii
is not a safe place for online businesses. Although some live here,
many register their businesses, especially their online businesses
in states where there are adequate protection and assistance for any
entrepreneurial activity for internet use.

My calls to this company, Congress members, and the Inspector
General of the Small Business Association stated my intention to
only register my businesses in states where there is demonstrated
compliance with existing laws to protect wire fraud victims. Any
and all stimulus monies should take into account ongoing failure
to document and be accountable for cyber-crimes, wire fraud and
in my case, commercial fraud that obstructs timely prosecution
of such crimes that destroy whole lives.

I finally made a decision. My Facebook page is an original example
of how a civilian like me survived the age of wire terror, corruption
and policy failures. With Flare Network having acknowledged my
Twitter news feed and newsletters since May 2010, my Facebook
page under Yukie Karen Yamada has been acknowledged by regional
news station, our "fave", Kvvu Fox5 Las Vegas and Meet the Press.

How did she get this type of "presence" on her personal Facebook
account without the evil strings of a professional media relations
and publications company sticking their fingers in all places first?
Well, that is the story for our "fave" social media network founders
with Facebook and Twitter being that they are mostly geeky young
fellows who know what they know. Now they know more.

Facebook founder Zuckerburg even made it on the front cover of
Person of the Year for the evil empire Time Magazine dripping with
well-practiced fingers forcing sovereign souls into their dungeon
of grime and slime information/advertising commercial network.

Now that EVERYONE knows my Facebook page has potential to
be a platform account for political messages that support business
practices that are ethical and legal, my voice message says the very
same this week: that my Facebook page will be leased for a period
of time to maximize application. It will then sold to a for-profit
company that supports economic self-sovereign entrepreneurs like
those found on my Facebook page and others building their own

My proprietary newsletters will become separate enterprises for
other projects into the public, possibly store fronts or completely
separate businesses that demonstrate the same practice for self-
sovereign entrepreneurs to build prosperity in ethical practice like
some of the direct-sales independent contractor business models
that are on the internet as "web storefronts".