Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Protect and Preserve Right to Political Freedom of Expression

Dear Monster,

Yukie knows that you've been worried.  She hasn't been able to keep
regular entries on her self-published proprietary internet sites for over 2
months after the major hack into private laptops on Maui.  While the
threat by cyber terror pros, aka Anonymous, from CA targeted global
religious institutions' information centers, cable news remained as inert
and misleading as ever about prevailing risks/threats.

Worry-warts and whispers are now seriously aware of the realization
by "tho$e $ort" of people that our news/information systems are now
safely decentralized.  Digital news won.  Old-school news wire trans-intel
systems with print media have for the first time felt afraid.  Now you
know why aka Anonymous is allowed to stalk the digital/mobile realm
without any cry for crisis by this defunct President and his Defense Dept.

This past weekend hosted a live broadcast on cable news of the annual
Washington DC Correspondent's Dinner.  The usual format includes some
famous comedic performer saying awful and funny things about elected
officials who sit at their side on a staged buffet table.

This event proved that Prezy Obama ain't dead.  He sat on stage about
10 feet from Jimmy Kimmel who skewered right to left, especially the
guy who has Commander-in-Chief privileges.  He said, "Remember
how everyone voted you in office and thought it would improve the
world? What a hilarious joke that turned to be, huh?"

I called in a message to Mr. Kimmel thanking him for demonstrating that,
at very least, Americans have the right to political freedom of expression
in the context of creative performance.  After all, it wasn't even a joke.
It's just the truth!  Even Joseph Biden called for Obama's impeachment
while speaking on cable news in March 2011.

Monster alliances to Yukie, aka Fern, worried about her "reaching out"
to Joseph Biden on her Facebook page.  Not to worry, I have every
possible option on the table, including a pre-nuptial should he consider
thatYukie has considerable needs to manage her considerable material
worth.  Soon he'll see in person that she has intrinsic worth, too.  He
totally supports her right to political freedom of expression.  She sent
yet one more fax in her handwriting today from a postal site on Maui.

Joseph Biden's recent visit to Mexico and Honduras to hear their
complaints and concerns of policy hypocrisy by this administration in
dealing with ongoing dangers of transnational drug gang cartels.
Senators,especially Republicans, are aware that Yukie has declared
herself in transition to safe haven, free from organized crime, industry,
commerce and government control.

Senators, especially Democrats, are now aware that Joseph Biden's
writings about cyber risks/threats in the Asian Pacific region by Chinese
defense firms have persisted in being an unaddressed problem.  Stolen
intellectual property and corporate espionage is not of fantasy novels.
It is documented, reported and known to infect even law-abiding
civilians/citizens like Yukie Yamada.

Yukie's claim to full rights for free of cost attorney fees is based on
submitted documents and legitimate investigative efforts of slander,
defamation and incitement of violence by those in positions of authority.
Such documents were sent via fax to officials who do not have a
conflict of interest in an ad hoc process to assist in achieving safe haven
designation and conditions for Yukie.

Cause and effect have proven that what has happened to Yukie is a
symptom the larger problem of failed governance, procedural
malice/neglect, and obvious system-based intimidation for deprivation
of rights for a victim that could prove her complaints since 2005 of
technology-based violence incitement by corrupt stakeholders who
had access to her privacy and intellectual property.

Mr.Kimmel's roast on our government made the world a better place,
and made Americans recognized that in absence of a functioning, sound
government, there are such rights that should be defended.

As for the sexual misconduct by Secret Service agents in Colombia last
week during the Latin American economic summit, keep on asking about
where the proof is of what really goes on in hotel rooms with security
agents while officials conduct talks about sustenance for their countries.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku, Hawaii 96708

Monday, March 12, 2012

Excerpt from note sent to ad hoc press contacts via Facebook

(first two paragraphs edited sent 3/12/12)

Based on verification by former officials at this place of residence, there are multiple ad hoc plans for transition into safe haven for Yukie Karen Yamada. Such plans include known and specific news contacts/officials who do not have a conflict of interest having received voice messages directly from my cell phone, and messages from my proprietary social media sites, from email and via hand-written notes sent via a Maui fax site.

In the event of urgent transport, Joseph Biden will contact directly by phone known and specific journalists who have been in contact with him re: this incident of wire/id fraud from Joseph Biden's Facebook page with a msg delivered to Yukie Karen Yamada's site/email. This fraudulent msg carries the name of a person who has been named on

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Urgent msg sent via web email 3/10/12

Urgent: wifi wire hacking at this private site on Maui. Pls fwd this msg directly to news contact (confidential contact name) who received my Facebook note from Yukie Karen Yamada re: hacked social media sites from elected officials reported per Maui fax to such officials. From victim's perspective, I am attacking financial crimes related to repeated exploitation use of civilian's privacy while victims receive no due process nor legitimacy from law enforcement, state agencies and criminal justice agencies. Letters Yukie has received denied need to address cyber terror crimes in information systems on local, state and federal level despite flaws in Patriot Act laws being exposed by all press.
NO INTEREST IN ANN CURRY AS CONTACT FOR ME, pls receive this on 3/10/12 No further contact via this email from Yukie Karen Yamada. My support is ad hoc condemning all Stryker Weiner contact via NYT, CNN, NPR and SF Chronicle.
Each news groups has been able to authenticate above intent.
Case against criminal, malicious, terroristic use of information systems, including but not limited to telecom, wifi, internet and systems designated for private sector use only. Civilians live with dead court system, drug corruption and no cyber agency to receive complaints as reported in the local press.

All rights and ownership on my privacy and those who claim to have contact with Yukie Yamada in person in past and in perpetuity belong to my terms for transition for safe haven designation and self-governance model based on existing legislation. My safe have designation proposal has been received by technology design executives.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Hawaii 96708

Friday, March 9, 2012

THE PILE by Yukie Karen Yamada

See Yukie Yamada's other Twitter newsletter THE PILE and
her column Daily Slice, aka Eyes Ears Tongue.

Her own news Bulletin Update for Leaders and Lawmakers:
Special High Intensity Training (BULLSHIT) was written and
started from the computer at the Unemployment Center in
Wailuku in 2008.

Advise Congress and/or Criminal Justice agencies that those
who are with deepest conflicts of interests have been reading
my newsletters on the internet since December 2009. If they
in Congress and those in investigative groups form their own
ad hoc urgent response team to review all details, I'm certain
that the rest of the world's thinking population will see that
it was a conspiracy of silence by Democrats in Hawaii and in
California that caused this mess, and not a major conspiracy
against humanity by America.

Prepare for the best, but always expect the worst has been my
motto for over 6 years. Claim your turf for having served all
self-sovereign souls, and demand renumeration if you have in
all consistency carried the message that enough is enough. Lies
by stakeholders and leaders are known and proven.

The world's stage has been watching the sort of hubris that in
all access of legitimacy, chose to remain in the dark about such
details found on Yukie Yamada's newsletters.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Maui

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Dear Monster! So many faux Monsters have shown up recently,
wagging, nagging, gagging in Yukie's sphere of private influence.
They are not Monsters who have known Fernie since 2007, tho'
we finally got the Postal Inspector call in from the federal agent
who confirmed mail fraud/tampering from a Maui Post Office
in 2008-09. After Yukie received a letter from the Investigative
Office in Chicago, she confirmed with the Post Master and his
employee on Maui who recommended she make this complaint.

Wouldn't ya know, it was a tampered delivery of a letter sent via
certified mail with return receipt to the Navy Criminal Investiga-
tive Services after Yukie spoke and corresponded per email in an
effort to understand their jurisdiction. Seems that suspicious
tampering of a delivered letter resulted in a call from both a male
and female investigator.

Well, it all goes together. The private intel firm from Austin, TX
that got 5 million memos leaked from WikiLeaks last week have
defense contractor clients who are in Hawaii with their so-called
risk-reduction programs and R&D harvesting of intel.

Should u wonder, Yukie claims that while deprived of gainful
income and legitimate business access since 2004, commensurate
of known experience and capabilities, any type of news exposing
intricacies within private intel firms, cause and effect of cash flow
in Hawaii's economy is of interest to her. After all, many will and
have reported stolen intellectual programmatic property from
her own development used without her name and permission.

It all goes together, really. reporting on how classified
$$ is funneled around the world in the "shadow" budgets with few
checks and balances and how monies are used for experimentation
is part of the intrigue in minds of Americans who are hurting for
financial security. How does information get harvested, for whom
and for whose profit?

Blame private sector pressures on intelligence-led policing with
dead court systems, and you'll find the Blondie Matinee at Maui
Police Department in support of our drug-free community. My
request has been to contact the US AG in CA Fresno for any type
of meth/marijuana related links to their investigation.

Yes, I called Fox News regional offices with names of former fed
officials who will confirm their knowledge of Hawaii's fall from
cyber intelligence grace as a state with no cyber investigative team.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Maui

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Points of Integration for News, Congress, Policy, Life

See Facebook page for Congressman Honda and Congressman
Steve LaTourette today's entries from Yukie Karen Yamada. Her
recent review of TNW's The Next Web tech geek info source site
from Delaware informed her that there is sufficient structure to
move into a public process.

Nice to read that Twitter did not get taken over by the IPO "more
money more stakeholders or else" hype in the news media. Many
still don't understand that Facebook and Twitter offer function
and access to citizens and civilians to info systems that previously
were only known to the "special" elites who run intelligence type
structures. It's all about application of knowledge and need now.

Crisis reporting in different areas of the world may be related to
the "vulnerabilities" reported in industrial control information type
systems as reported in Tell officials to get on the news
media to discuss patterns of information infrastructure chaos.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Update: Which Officials, Where & When?

If your carnivorous instinct is arising based on sudden flashes of
realization of intentional malice and policy hypocrisy, feel glad not
frustrated and repressed. It's the thirst for life blood of spoken
truth for those who believe our government has failed to a degree
that other structures must be found for transitional haven.

Consider Facebook or Twitter features and functions. After all, it
changed Northern and East African governments in unpredictable
ways this past year. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, folks.

Find out how to verify elected officials news lines on Facebook and
Twitter. Who manages the accounts, who creates them, who instills
the propaganda and for whose benefit? If it seems similar to the
message machinery of other internet or cable news sources, please
note that the Dept of Defense and State Department in Washington
DC both carry gigantic budgets for media relations/advertising, etc.

Ask officials and see what they say. It may be that they, too, are in
some type of entrapped bubble of false information. The next phase
of the internet is found on sites that bring information from most
economic structures seeking to integrate with digital. I've done my
best to let them know that my identity has been used fraudulently
on some of these systems, including some news-related sites.

No drugs allowed. And by all means, report and fraud/faux/fake
claims by anyone posing as Secret Service agents. As the IRS knows,
Secret Service works in more effective ways with system-based

Flare Network, the internet newsletter in Italy that writes about such
things, needs a little poke now that they are seeing direct policy results.
Some of their photographs are from a group wanting attention badly from
formal officials/agencies. No, I don't corrrespond with Flare Network's
reporter named Adelstein who always has a mouthful to say about Yakuza
activities with porn, drugs, contraband etc in the red-light areas in Tokyo.
Never been to Japan myself. Don't have to since I have that special ancient
Asian wisdom feeling as my genetic birth right.

Some who have their own involvement to force accountability for
tactics of political slavery and oppression in Hawaii wonder if I am
still working with Democrat officials named on my newsletters.

Well, it's likely the named officials have concluded that based on
overwhelming testimony and verifiably false information by those
who are card-carrying members representing Democrats, and
Democrat Americans only, they could easily create a crisis-based
talk through their own emergency mechanism. After all, Yukie is
not a Democrat and will not profit any known Democrat policy.

Accept the reality of America's government in present time. Our
two-party system run by defense contractor media relations on the
West Coast has been exposed to the world. For the record, Yukie
has no interest nor contact with the New York Times. Any and
all contact with NYTimes journalist David Shipley in past years
is now terminated.

In the meantime, support existing enterprise networks. Many
on know that Maui has all the structure it needs to prosper. It's
really just filling the service/consumer needs of everyday life.
Food, shelter, education, healthcare and fun.