Friday, October 21, 2011


Dear Monster,

Ending affiliation with Pacific Radio Group means they are
dog meat for those who knew they would never survive doing
the wire terror petty organized crime government controlled
news and advertising.

Since most in Hawaii are followers, they follow crap found
on most radio programs. Thankfully, radio program demos
are possible these days on social media sites like Facebook
and Twitter. It's already happening with options for quality
of content by those who have information and capability to
manage information enterprises.

With international and nation stakeholder interests listening
to Pacific Radio Group every morning, Maui is now looking
like two completely separate realities of information. In old
operational reality, we find analog "intent to cause harm"
borderless system of control. On the other hand, we exist in
a modern info structure like digital companies are found on
the interent with protected integrated infrastructure.

Many don't think of Facebook and Twitter social media net-
working companies as government contractors for what they
provide to agencies, but they obviously are. How to protect
independent private sector and civilian use of social media
is urgent and needed in legislation.

My contact with Facebook and Twitter includes examples
since December 2009 of wire terror/hacking/hate crimes
drug violence incitement. My experience has more than a
little intrinsic value with my statement of conscience. My
documented experience of wire terror crimes and hardship
describes a symptom of a larger problem in the digital infor-
mation age.

Thanks to the CEO and found of Facebook for subscribing
to my Facebook page last month. I am seeking to have my
Facebook enterprise demonstrate that implementation of
Hate Crimes legislation/policies/practices has value for all
those who see the potential of multi-layered function for
their social media networks.

With Zero Tolerance for Drug Harassment in Workplace
and Hate Crimes laws to protect from institutional forms
of coercion, others will find Facebook and Twitter essential
to future independent self-governance based on private
enterprise. A mini version of USA Inc, defined by those
who persevere current malice, hate and desperation from
the exposed established order of industrial intelligence.

Fern Fitzgerald as my legal pen name was really meant as
an effort in perversity and absurdity. After all, those who
claim to be control in Hawaii, meaning others of Japanese
descent and those of "color" have shut me out from any
legitimate process with government services for too many
wasted years of my adult life. They were seen as those who
were destined to fail the test of inclusion and autonomy.

They have failed by refusing to acknowledge facts of my
experience on reccord for years. Good riddance.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern Fitzgerald
Haiku, Maui
Wild Fern's Media Events & Production
808 264-1514

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Dear Monster,

Political hypocrisy must be exposed. Political hypocrisy by
Republican Presidential candidate Governor Rick Perry from
Texas impacts industrial intelligence economics in Hawaii.

Hustler Publisher/owner, Larry Flynt, took out full page ads
in Texas newspapers offering a million dollars to prove that
this Governor Rick Perry has fatal political liabilities.

Exposing Republican Senate candidate former Governor Linda
Lingle will reveal the problems here in Hawaii as a result of
a symptom of a larger problem with USA Inc. corruption. Lingle
is wanting to run for the Senate after what she has done while
in office as Governor? Lingle has one foot in the political left and
one in foot in the political right at the same time.

Sound familiar? Bipartisan corruption is not wanted.