Monday, May 31, 2010


Dear Monster,

Those understand how Wall Street and the stock market operates
have always known that they are the most obvious terror targets and
may have known that terroristic intent lived within. The metaphor
of market penectomy comes to mind.

Destruction of these "mechanisms" for checks and balances within
the daily selling and trading on Wall Street of abstract pieces of value
called stocks is what the CIA secret meeting was about whenmembers
of the Democratic Party met with my former friend Darwinian Felon
Loser #1, Skip Staat in 2005 (see previous article May 28). Attack of
our basic source of information and control of how monies/value are
held in this country.

Three years after this, reckless, irresponsible patterns in the mortgage
business led to destabilized market activity. It's all related somehow.
Take a look at Hawaii's portfolio with far fewer millionaires than before
the market crash in September 2008. 7 years after the other crash
of 9-11. It's all somehow related.


Sunday, May 30, 2010


Dear Monster,

ID Theft Alert: the Yukie Yamada on is not me. My
own vimeo was registered today under Karen Yukie Yamada
with a request to report any fraudulent use of my name. Also,
politicalpoidog twitter and gmail accounts have been tampered
with by those who have attempted to break into my account
before. Please alert others of this human-based terror activity.

coffeeshopmonster is a proprietary blog that has been falsely
associated with the mob, the mafia, drug trafficking networks
and other organized criminal groups. I don't know why. The
content is obviously to create a legal format with information
and news systems on this newsletter/blog.

Nobody really knows how to "create conditions" but they do
recognize when it occurs. coffeeshopmonster creates conditions

U see, take a look at now
the FBI is investigating defense contractors in Iraq and corrupt
government officials who aid and abet drug crimes. Get it?

U remember Pacific Commander in Hawaii was a guy named
Fallon who went to the Middle East to take over operations as
Central Commander a couple years ago???? U see Hawaii is
linked to a "system" from the Middle East (and San Diego)
where large numbers of ur reserves and soldiers go to be killed.

The CIA, psychoanalysts, advertaising/marketing research
groups, Defense Department, and the news media work with
defense contractor networks create conditions with your favorite
liar and corrupt official for their corrupt industrial base and
idiots, knee-jerk civilians.

FBI groups are more straight forward and usually rely on person-
to-person contact until just recently with cyber-terror warfare.
FBI policies are almost always directed by systems of commerce
or corporate financeers anyway, so until these systems are forced
into action, the FBI agents do very little. Take a look at 9-11. Ask
anyone who reported on FBI McCarthy-ism. It was the corporate
financing that funded that terror. America=$$, just like ur attorney.

The morbid story was told online since 2005. The Director of
Security of the World Trade Towers had been on the job for only
a few days after leaving his position with the FBI. He was killed
in the 9-11 incidents. Does that prove anything? No, but does
it sound like the FBI knew something? They went on record to
say something since 2002. duh.

So many systems of commerce here observing, looking for such
opportunity for profit while torture and terror continues with all
of their funding sloshing through. Sounds like what happens with
our war on terror. They'll have to be careful not to leave any
obvious trails of opportunistic white collar crimes for cheaters.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Bipartisan Problem at LA Times Identified

Dear Monster,

We know the LA Times loves a good corruption story about
the Defense Department's defense contractors and the CIA's
secret torture prisons in Eastern Europe.

Do they know that they have been working with wire fraud
from Kinko's Kahului computers? Do they care? Maybe only
if it is favor of the Democrats agenda?

Soon they'll hear about Kawabanga Hell grenades destroying
places on Maui where torture takes place for the profit of the
ones who run the government and private sector.

After all, what else is one to do if living in local underground
economy for nothing more than terror for profit and no where
to go with all the press watching and documenting for a number
of years for their intelligence budgets with an indifferent and
ashamed Congress. Maybe when everyone's security is imperiled
they'll take the issue into the Constitutional realm.

Maybe the Jewish insemination project may give them cause
to change their ways, after all. well. You understand.

If they're looking for a point of LEGITIMATE engagement on
Maui, who are aware of my internet sites and who are thinking,
legalbeings can confirm Darwinian Felon Loser #1, Skip Staat
and his military intel family had many Hawaii contacts, most
of them identifiable.

Darwinian Felon Loser #1 Skip Staat and I spent a week at
the private residence of a former personal contact and suspect
in Haiku during the Summer 2004 when i first returned to
Maui. This site is the site where I believe privacy violations
occurred to use our personal relationship as a source of abuse,
insider trading and money laundering.

The property owner is also from a military family who has
associations with health care institutions on Oahu, and his
wife's family is from a family of well-known attorneys both
on Maui and elsewhere. The crimes there are the source of
the cover-up with Darwinian Felon Loser #1 who claimed
stupidity and ignorance about military industrial spying while
working with sustainable energy market ventures.

I confronted my former personal contact a few months ago
at the Pukalani Starbucks when she pretended that all in
the world was wonderful when she saw me. A born-again
Christian female who never worked for a living without a
subsidy would obviously not tell the truth about any type
of lie that would disgrace the Kula Jap's sensibilities.

I told her that I had no interest in speaking with her as
per my email sent to her years earlier due to the cover-up
of crimes at her home. Others present can verify that i
made these statement openly and to her in person. She
must not learn of fraud in her Christian Sunday sermons.

Skip Staat met with Congresswoman Jane Harman and other
whoa! CIA, intelligence super secret groups in 2005-06 while
he tried to make money doing the dumb surfer routine on Maui.
He and I spoke about it on the phone at Kinkos in Kahului as
I was about to send an email. (remember Kinko's on Maui has
a wire that is registered in Los Angeles).

Skip is Darwinian Felon Loser #1 for a reason as he pumped
up his idea of an Economy of Common Sense for Woolsey, the
former CIA Director and others representing the Democratic
Party. They met to anticipated what would happen if our
on terror. Our country would be dropped in about 30 seconds.

I emailed Darwinian Felon Loser #1 right after he called me
about this at Kinkos. He does call at the most coincidental
moments. I mentioned that Harman has cajones like a real
Man, or something innane like that. After all, what does one
say to a phone companion after being informed that he met
with the CIA Director, House Intelligence Congresswoman
and other "thinkers" of the, yes, Democratic Party.

I think they concluded that poverty is the biggest risk factor
for domestic terror threats. What a scream. Democrats in a
secret meeting to acknowledge that poverty increases violence.
No wonder their voters are so stupid and dependent, the Party
wouldn't exist otherwise.


Thursday, May 27, 2010


Dear Monster,

The Yukie Yamada from Tokyo on video internet site
is not Karen Yukie Yamada, obviously. Take a look at the content.

Some groups who hover within the not-so-intelligence networks
think that insider trading is when everyone meets in the same
secret place to share and barter evidence from terror crimes to
make money amongst themselves.

Some think that since Democrats never prosecute their corrupt
officials who commit crimes based on greed and arrogance, Maui's
insider trading organ donor white collar intel felon group will rule
the stupidest and the most brutal as they always have.

Suspicious timing is what criminal investigators look for when
in-the-know corporate political interests attempt to profit from
commercial/industrial market trends. Now we got them.

First off, I am not associated with Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hanne-
man who is announcing his gubernatorial run today at a school
in Honolulu named Fern School according to HPR. Suspicious?
Since my legal pen name has been Fern Fitzgerald since 2006,
I want to declare myself free and clear from the City & County
slime machine in Honolulu.

Secondly, since Maui's old sugar plantation has found a way to
sustain its own operations from turning fermented sugar cane
into electricity, others want them to become a biofuel company.

Does that mean they are fishing for an investor while Hawaii
and Maui Electric just sold their entire infrastructure to the
largest defense contractor group with news media also known
as General Electric? A few will profit, no doubt and all will be
slaves to outside monies that have no interest in existing
infrastructure. That's how it all works.

A few profited immensely from closing down Maui Land & Pine
last year to rumors of insider trading and deals. This ironically
concludes Hawaii's mono-agricultural base and proud local labor
history. Only a few profit.

Just when they think they are filthy rich, they'll get investiga-
ted by competitors who knew they left trails of insider trading
secrets on tape somewhere with suspicious timing on record.

How does today's radio news announcement impact Hawaii's
reputation now that they are being watched by international
investigatory agencies for organized crimes with drug traffick-
ing, political slavery & concubinism, and money laundering for
terrorist activities.

Hawaii attracts those types of defense contractors that can
see how easily it would be to take over their inept private and
government sector by flushing them with all the cash to prove
that they are the ones committing acts of terror.

My life will not be sold, traded and bartered by criminal org-
anized groups nor commercial nor government groups. I can
guarantee that. That is all for today, losers.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hawaii's Illegitimate Legacy

Dear Monster,

We now have moved into our "for only the ones who are intelligent
enough to function independently and who are not parasites to known
victims" phase. Hawaii as a legitimate state government will become
a liability to this country as it stands.

Those who don't understand can go do their own research online
with the internet to figure it all out. You know that I know that you
know that they knew.

The stupider and more dependent the public is the government
feels safe. The stupider and more dependent the public is the sooner
critical mass reaches a crisis boiling point. Ask the average person
who claims cultural and historical heritage in Hawaii about what the
internet is. Many who are treated with a certain degree of status on
a daily level have no idea what it is nor what an email is.

Hawaii has many enemies, even amongst their own ranks. Passive
violence in Hawaii results in clinical depression, impotence, violent
crimes and addictive behavior patterns. The film about Fox News
showing similar patterns as a psychopathic was made by those who
did not examine the patterns of all news groups. They rarely bite
the slimey hand that feeds them.

Passive violence manifests in psychic-energetic phenomena that is
loved by the Psychiatric Medical Association. More insanity means
more money for them and their pharmaceutical buddies.

Defense contractors companies have media relations companies and
all for-profit entities that comprise YOUR economy without human
input of how daily decisions matter to issues on a local level. Defense
contractor companies own all news television news companies. Hawaii
loves to go with the biggest dick because, well. You understand.

It's all compensatory counter-intuitive psychological distress on the
part of those who feel the same despair as the lunatic progressives
who only blame those who take away their favorite illegal drug. Wait
until they expose the entire network of money laundering, drug traffick-
ing, commercial fraud and health & energy-related insider trading
corruption in Hawaii without the residents here. What a scream.


Monday, May 24, 2010

100% of Nothing Hawaii

Dear Monster,

Hawaii gets 100% of nothing with their multi-ethnic rape of privacy
underground economy out-of-control, too stupid to understand they
are dispensable and not able to know the difference between those
who live in the Constitutional legal reality and those who live in the
place where most corruption occurs: within intelligence networks.

When this corruption within intelligence networks reaches a level
where complaints are overwhelming in the real Constitution world,
and when corruption imperils the safety and sanity of systems of
control, this corruption is wiped off the map. Get it?

It is only an American phenomena since others countries, especially
countries that are emerging market have their own way of dealing
with their problems. Take a look at totalitarian China. Look at
the dictators in the Philippines running their country like its a village
while the CIA and intelligence from all countries take them for idiots.

So fuck off to the idiots in Hawaii who are too stupid to notice they
live only because the Constitution allows barriers to being completely
taken over by other systems even while running a drug cash flow
economy. They couldn't figure out how to create a tiered under-
ground effort into the constitutional realm run by corporate vultures
so they sat and pretended they would traffick human dignity incognito.

Maybe some filopinos want to sell their kidneys for money. Let them
sell themselves but keep it in their own country. Maybe its the only
way to run an international wire without drugs sloshing through. Put
them on the barge and send them back to China if they think they
can use my life for their own gain. In fact, perpetrators of political
slavery and concubinism have two kidneys, a liver, lungs, corneas and
skin those who need them in China.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Commercial Indy Film Terror

Dear Monster,

Pimps like to sell, trade and barter talent that they need to build
a sense of their own value. They presume that others need them,
insist that others work with them when, in fact, others do well
when pimps are wiped off the planet when trying to use military
intel lines for rape video productions of victims that are at risk.

This entry should be suffice to eliminate any value from those
who are passive, cowardly and lacking in their own content. See
if has any terror link with those who have a case
against members in the Senate Intelligence Committee. They
might presume incorrectly that they are safe.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

$$ for nothing and kidneys for sale by usa

Dear Monster,

Americans are desperate for a happy ending, like most of their
Hollywood pop flicks with super stars earning tens of millions for
their predictable acting and characters. The powers-that-be know
that the easiest way to control the masses is to give them the
Gravy Train news rendition so that they return to their daily
consumer escapist mind-set drinking their tea/coffee from Made
in China mugs and marketed by recycled paper brochures.

What's wrong with that, they ask? Well, then let them eat cake
for the news of the day. If they want the grim truth packaged in
a pastry happy ending, try Pretty Dirty Things, a flim by the
BBC about organ trafficking by the transnational medical industrial

From 2008, an investigation in New Jersey caught 44 suspects
for an international organ trafficking ring. Read Epoch Times
article today about "organ tourism" perversity and laws to
increase legal organ donor programs.

Six Israelis, including a retired Israeli army general, are reported
to have been detained on suspicion of running an international organ

trafficking ring.

The traffickers offered up to $100,000 per kidney. In an unrelated case
last year, an FBI sting in New Jersey exposed an organ-trafficking ring
that operated for more than a decade. Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, an
American, was charged with conspiring to arrange the sale of an Israeli
citizen's kidney for $160,000.

two cases did not pay the donors after the organs were surgically

removed, police said.

The New Jersey case mushroomed from an investigation into money

laundering and trafficking in kidneys and fake designer bags to a

political-corruption probe, resulting in 44 arrests.

No person believes that humanity matters when dollars can be
derived from dehumanizing tactics by those who believe they
are above moral and constitutional laws. And no, my organs are
not for donation in the event of demise.


The Market Monster's Revenge

Dear Monster,

Well, Yukie contacted the SEC twitter account last week with
some info about Maui's ongoing wire problems. It's hard to know
if Twitter accounts all flow into the same artificial intel satellite
as other Twitter accounts, but it was worth the effort. You know,
with the Washington Examiner reporting on money laundering
charges against Wall Street and Goldman Sachs we all want to
know what everyone knew, and when they knew it.

Soon others will ask the SEC what THEY knew and when THEY
knew what was happening with wire terror. Now that the SEC
said they plan to put circuit breakers on the market indices, the
numbers are looking a little suspicious. Yesterday for example,
both the Nasdaq and S&P traded at 00.00 at the close, with the
Dow - 66.58. Sound familiar?

This brings up the sore subject about the billion dollar drop in
United Airlines stock in Fall 2008. The drop happened within
a half hour after outdated information surfaced on the internet
news site South Florida Sun Sentinel through news wire Google
and Bloomberg. The Sun Sentinel was a sister news paper to
the Chicago Tribune at the time.

The Honolulu Advertsier reported on this in November 2008.
I called the journalist in their business section to find out his
source of information. I read about it in a technology magazine
though I couldn't find any other article about it on the web.

One must have a very suspicious mind these days. Even if
I have no background in the macroeconomics of life, patterns
appear to me suggestive that someone ain't telling the truth.
Certainly, the wire problems in Hawaii are likewise.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Market Monster's Revenge

Dear Monster,

Well, Yukie contacted the SEC twitter account last week with
some info about Maui's ongoing wire problems. It's hard to know
if Twitter accounts all flow into the same artificial intel satellite
as other Twitter accounts, but it was worth the effort. You know,
with the Washington Examiner reporting on money laundering
charges against Wall Street and Goldman Sachs we all want to
know what everyone knew, and when they knew it.

Soon others will ask the SEC what THEY knew and when THEY
knew what was happening with wire terror. Now that the SEC
said they plan to put circuit breakers on the market indices, the
numbers are looking a little suspicious. Yesterday for example,
both the Nasdaq and S&P traded at 00.00 at the close, with the
Dow - 66.58. haha.

This brings up the sore subject about the billion dollar drop in
United Airlines stock in Fall 2008. The drop happened within
a half hour after outdated information surfaced on the internet
news site South Florida Sun Sentinel through news wire Google
and Bloomberg. The Sun Sentinel was a sister news paper to
the Chicago Tribune at the time.

The Honolulu Advertsier reported on this in November 2008.
I called the journalist in their business section to find out his
source of information. I read about it in a technology magazine
though I couldn't find any other article about it on the web.

In 2008 or so, I saw an editorial cartoon with Godzilla stomp-
ing through New York City with King Kong hugging the Empire
State Building sadly. Godzilla was eating a piece of toast and
said to King Kong: so I sez to myself, why stay in Tokyo when
I can come to New York and make some money?

One must have a very suspicious mind these days. Even if
I have no background in the macroeconomics of life, patterns
appear to me suggestive that someone ain't telling the truth.
Certainly, the wire problems in Hawaii are likewise.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Si, Yo Bailo

Dear Monster,

Okay, the dirt was delivered. The other great news is that Wall
Street and Goldman Sachs were accused of money laundering with
terror groups from the Middle East (see Washington Examiner).
Corruption within requires retribution for policy tragedies.

Si, yo bailo
Como Rumi sigue bailando
Aunque ya la sangre ha comenzado
Y los demas se han olvidado

Si, yo bailo
Como hoy dia cerca del mar
En el jardin sagrado
Donde Buddha y Shiva y Po cantaron

Si, yo bailo
Con mis versos en la noche
Y la luna tiene risa
Por todo que ha pasado


Saturday, May 15, 2010


Dear Monster,

While announces its role in exposing
wire terror and fraud in Hawaii, the Honolulu Advertiser was sold to the
current owner of the Star Bulletin, David Black as reported on May 10th.
Gannett sold the paper knowing full well of the wire terror/fraud from
their own news system, linked to Yukie Yamada's complaint.

After terminating my correspondence with Publisher Lee Webber, the
paper was placed on the sale block. The fate of the Star Bulletin is still
unknown since market trends indicate that merging two news papers
into one paper is not a highly viable business proposal at this time.

My independent information cyber sites, decentralized to separate my
criminal complaint process from my personal political agenda platform
from my enterprise concept for generating revenue are now causing
schizoid attacks from the salivating, starving, mediocre, mojo-less beings

I know that the Kula Japs thought Yukie could be starved out for over
9 years to force me into working with their media attorneys at Honolulu
Publishing Co. but that would be concubinism, wouldn't it?

haha. Who needs them? Read their paper, it is full of nothing, empty
like their souls sitting there for years hoping that their shame would go
away somehow somewhere by saying nothing.

They thought they could steal Yukie's mojo with their little lunatic drug
networks. I say kick them when they are down. Never negotiate with
terror. Ain't that a fact?


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An Urgent Occasion Documented

Dear Monster,

Those who don't need dignity for their survival are demonstrating
deferment to those who believe the sacred must be perpetuated in
daily practice. Now that the sacred of humanity and the natural
world has been desecrated we are an extension of this reality.

Another character has been born, El Cocodrillo as told to Wild Fern.
The story of El Cocodrillo for some reason transported in Espanol. It
goes something like this:

El Cocodrillo del rio en la selva en Romania ha venido hoy dia.
El Cocodrillo del rio en la selva en Romania con su alegria y tristeza
A la gatita un favor le ha hecho hoy dia

Su sonrisa es de la selva, pero de cual selva - le pregunto la gatita
"Puede ser la selva de su corazon, gatita"
Le dijo El Cocodrillo del rio en la selva en Romania

No del rio en la selva en Florida? No, pero puede ser.
No del rio en la selva de Brazil? No, pero puede ser.
No del rio en la selva de Malayasia? No, pero puede ser.

Y como es la selva en Romania? - le pregunto la gatita.
Pues, la selva en Romania es de todo su conciensia, gatita.
La selva en Romania es de todo mi conciensia, gatita.

Hay vampires en la selva en Romania? - le pregunto la gatita?
Si, hay.
Que tomemos la sangre de las hierbas del rio en la selva en Romania!
Como vivan los arboles, las hierbas, las criaturas en la selva en Romania!
Como viva la conciensia de la humanidad alla!
Ya he pasado al otro lado, gatita.
Ya han pasado los que han recibido mi conciensia de la selva en Romania.

A nosotros no nos gusta su sangre, Senor Cocodrillo - le dijo la gatita.
Pero entendemos la sangre de la selva en Romania.
Bueno, gatita, como Cocodrillo yo he pasado al otro lado
Con mi tristeza and alegria por todo que he sabido.

Fernie tuvo un verso temporario

Creeps, Liars and the Mediocre

Dear Monster,

Creeps, liars and the mediocre have finally realized that Yukie is
not playing a high school nor college football game. She has no real
emotional attachment to cause, nor person nor gain. See what I
mean? Emotional attachment is for the youngsters.

She has established for historical records that while all Americans
are not created equal, they should be endowed with equal rights.
America has not faced its own sense of hypocrisy "embedded" in
our very Constitution.

Her call to a Chicago Tribune journalist who changed his behavior
after his first amicable conversation with her is an indicator that
journalists are always subject to Darwinistic tests to see if they
can survive in the real world of telling the truth for the correct
reasons. Most have to do it in ways that are not understood to
those who play high school football with the lives of others.

Ask any Chicago journalist. They will agree that corruption in
Hawaii has links to corruption in Chicago.


Monday, May 10, 2010

News Rendition #13 - KICK THEM WHEN THEY'RE DOWN

Dear Monster,

News rendition #13 - KICK THEM WHEN THEY'RE DOWN is based
on the premise that Darwinian approaches are the best. You can't be
blamed for exclusivity and discrimination, and of course, natural select-
ion will determine the destiny of most.

"They" the parasites of the universe are looking for the great breast
milk source for their need to be taken care of by that all benevolent
feminine entity. Too bad for them. "They" are always the most likely
to reminded by our Darwinian world as it exists that only those who
adapt, persevere and fight will continue.

Dividing groups according to the will to survive and thrive has never
failed to produce different systems. Those who get caught in their own
mantra of survival by betraying their own inner source of light and
belief have been known to turn schizophrenic in their escape.

Flail and surrender. KICK THEM WHEN THEY ARE DOWN is the
way to expedite clearing the road for formal solutions in providing
me the rights I have earned based on my own merit. No free rides
for anyone except those who have committed to the task of what
we have just accomplished without those passively sitting with their
thumbs up their asses.


It really is how you feel

Dear Monster,

It really is how u feel, not how u look. Monsters r supposed to be
mean and ugly looking. It doesn't mean u were in the 'F' class like
the rest. Was it a creature that called Yukie to say that the FBI
and CIA were looking for her in Huelo in early 2006 or was it a
graduate of the 'F' class? Oh. It was a drop out of the 'F' class that
saved her life from the military industrial complex. It pays to
treat all the same way.

Mr. Creature has retired from scalping slicing and dicing and is
not trying to force anything now but he is a little hungry and may
have to have some fish & chips soon.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Satanic Entities, Ear Wigs and Allergens

Dear Monster,

Let's give them something to talk about. Congress is dealing with
their demons, skeletons and failures. Hawaii's systems of power had
too much dark chocolate but denial ain't never gonna be no river in
Egypt. Yukie is not as close to death as some think because we are
all in the same sinking ship.

Creatures are snoozing at last, pleased and slimey as always. Our
FBI counter-terror agents are near being formalized by appropriate
agencies. Sam the chocolate granola guy is trying to decide between
Ebony or GQ to go public with his testimony about being forced to
work in organized criminal groups in California.

Yukie called the San Francisco ABC local affiliate station with these
internet sites. Due to her previous efforts to reach news groups in
San Francisco and having failed, Yukie will not allow CBS, Viacom nor
the San Francisco Chronicle to have access, control nor rights to her
story and intellectual property.

San Francisco, like many places, has been taken by the balls since
9-11 with aggressive tactics by the large defense contractor-type
companies that provide much of the huge economic base that allows
for civic sector freedoms and City and County political autonomy.

Yes, Yukie likes Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill film tastes. No, she has
not been physically assaulted, however, she knows that violence in
Hawaii is as endemic to this culture in absence of any legitimate
models of Constitutional application as any other place.

The Pimps of Angelina's Deli was a script stolen from her first lap
top computer in 2004. Her article the Pimps of Angelina's Deli was
sent to the Wall Street Journal in 2007. It is about the perverse
power dynamic that arises when one has access to the privacy of
those who are unaware and profits from these mechanisms.

Monster, there was a conspiracy. Yukie vowed to prove it. She
has proven what she could only surmise in 2002 when she first met
liar, liar US AG Ed Kubo at Senator Sam Slom's Small Business
Breakfast Roundtable in Honolulu.


Saturday, May 8, 2010


Dear Monster,

What did they know and when did they know it? A famous question
during the impeachment of former President Nixon. Lying under oath
for any official at the expense of their office, especially while there are
conditions for public safety hazards and violence is punishable.

I'm not speaking about just a Republican President, I'm speaking to
all officials who are beholden to protect our safety and rights. No one.
not even Democrats, in a totalitarian Democrat society is above the
law. It is always a collusion with an indifferent civic sector.

In the case of misuse of military intelligence funds, access and systems,
we have examples that require public disclosure immediately and in
a manner that protects victims rather than just criminal defendants
with attorneys who allow the state to profit from every bail posted by
a significant drug felon.

What happened in Hawaii with international organized criminal groups
from everywhere on private and government wire systems needs to
be seen as a emergency because no records are legitimate. What is it
about Hawaii that nobody cares enough to consider they might be dead
or alive on the system based on how profitable it is to the system.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Dear Monsters,

Note: the time on Cafe Moana internet is the wrong time. Must be a
fiber optic problem in Ulupalakua or Puunene. I asked the News DJ
in Hilo to confirm that my Verizon cell phone is still listed under that
wrong name instead of Fern Fitzgerald, my legal pen name since 2006.

Yes, I said they were Kula Japs who chose State Whore apple dumpling
Katherine Keith. They are midgets with a complex, too. After all, it isn't
about the color of your skin, it's about the content of your character.

Chip on the shoulder, take a look at their faces. U R A Fuckhead.
U R A C-nt. U R A Dickhead. U R A worthless shit. U R A treasonist.
Mediocre academics living in their little clandestine -uh- economy.

State Whore Katherine Keith already resides in the Mob Museum, so
does Dr. Porn Star and all of their afficionados. Go figure. I know that
NPR, the New York Times and CNN Time Warner were competing for
their -uh- assets but it's already in the Mob Museum. Suck it up.

The rival Mafia Museum is also on the planning book. They might get
the Lollipop Lounge or other official massage parlor scandals. See the
Las Vegas Sun newspaper's article just today. Even the FBI supports
the museum proposals, after all, they "know".

What is the difference between the Mob and the Mafia? Their mode
of transportation? The color of their skin? Their criminal turf? Who
knows what they do and who they are. But they always find the ones
in the public who think they are in control of what they do.

duh. I say this, they say that. Unless it's profitable.


Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chief Xposed

Dear Monsters,

Well, Yukie may not survive but those who protected her made it out.
Doctors, lawyers and Indian Chief are being xposed.

This past week, I called Congressman Rogers from Kentucky, Congress-
woman Emerson from Missouri, Senator Hutchison from Texas, and
Senator Ensign from Nevada. They've all heard from me in the last
year about the abuse and exploitation of intelligence systems that are
fully integrated with the most corrupt factions in local, state and fed-
eral agencies that are beholden to enforce the law.

Yes, they are all Republicans, and they do not expect me to "perform"
for Republicans as a terror crime victim/survivor living on food stamps.
They know that I deserve due process outside the "doctors, lawyers &
indian chief" wire stalking system here on Maui for those who are not
criminally inclined.

My statement to Senator Ensign about the Mob and Law Enforcement
Museum is that the public needs to learn about why organized criminal
networks exist in the world, this country and in our towns. The public
must understand that it is a symbiotic relationship that sometimes has
no law and order but are subject to control when crimes, violations and
abuses impact the lives of those who are in the Constitutional realm, like

I spoke with a female intern who received my internet sites. She said
that the Nevada press has written about funding for the Mob Museum.
My statement of record with Congress is that Hawaii needs to be made
an example of when the symbiotic relationship between "doctors, lawyers
& indian chief" with organized criminal information networks reach a
level of corruption that impedes civilians to live free and clear. Hawaii
has a place in the Mob Museum, and I don't mean that evidence from
my life case should be used there.

Lunatic Democrats refuse to admit that by and large, it is a Democrat
system of control that has controlled the federal intelligence monies from
Bush's flawed Patriot Act. Democrats make and control money with
this counter-terror law. Why do you think liberal Dems say nothing, do
nothing and have no significant policy effort against the Patriot Act since
2002? Because they are subsidized by the Dems who work the monies.

Yes, I said Bush was the stupidest President ever, and I said Obama is
the most incompetent President ever while holding a public mandate.
Obama has continued the same policies as Bush for the most part. Why?
Because he is a lawyer.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Pounce Political Attack

Dear Monster,

Yesterday, I incited my own "Pounce" action mechanism. Even though my
cell phone was subject to this idiot wire fraud from a telephone company in
London working through the University of Pittsburg, I called press contacts
to confirm that Hawaii has an out-of-control wire/commercial fraud problem.
The Washington Post has copies of my emails to the Advertiser Publisher's
office since December 2009, and now the Washington Post knows that even
the Advertiser, owned by Gannet, has a serious state of denial about their
own corrupt wire system.

My calls went from evening to the early hours this morning so I am drowsy
as I type this entry, Monster. I included calls to the nemesis of liberal Dems,
former Speaker Gingrich's communications company about the illicit use of
surveillance devices in Hawaii to sell, trade and barter illegally obtained info.

My calls to House Appropriations Republicans included a complaint about
illicit use and abuse of defense/industrial type surveillance devices for the
sake of commercial fraud stalking rather than investigations. After all, the
State of Hawaii was the first to receive over $700 million from the Defense
Appropriations bill in 2009.

I can't get that news piece by Seymour Hirsche out of my memory in 2006
about the time the Pentagon's Talon program was exposed for privacy abuses.
Mr. Hirsche claims that Senator Inouye is one of Senate Intelligence Committee
members who knows about the "black budget" dollars that supplement any
on-the-table legislative budget. No racist intonation implied, but the black
budget was for intelligence systems.

So, where is the beef, Inouye? Who stole my fillet mignon with all of this type
of access with defense intelligence monies? And how about that legislation in
2009 about federal oversight of state money "channels" when they receive
monies from the federal economic bailout program.

My call to Senator Kay Hutchison from Texas includes my complaint about
legislative abuses with the federal bailout program and Obama's own false info
campaign that he wants accountability from financial institutions. His own
Chief of Technology Kundra, who stepped aside when his primary consultant
was arrested in April 2008 for money laundering and bribery, for some reason
still has his name and input on the Obama Healthcare Reform blog site.

Wire fraud is a serious problem. Timely criminal enforcement is essential
when wire fraud spills into the public with a pattern that implicates abuses of
surveillance access with drug networks. Consumers and citizens require the
necessary public information campaign with adjacent support networks to
formalize a complaint without retaliatory crimes against them. Most of our
citizens are easily terrorized into cowardly smiles and nods.

Who is responsible? Not me. Who u reading this?


Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Got Text Mail Fraud Today, Monster

Today, another example of wire fraud on my Verizon terror cell
phone. claims that I won 418,000.00 pounds
from Telefonica 02 UK Ltd. The University of Pittsburg may not
know that they have commercial fraud on their email system from
across the Atlantic.

The last jzy text I received last year called me unmentionable
names, that was from 808 345-0250. After a few hostile texts
back and forth, I decided that it was probably a short man text-
ing me from some bunker in Kaupo.

Next, I plan to put a public notice in my handwriting on some
bulletin board in a frequently traveled place announcing that the
above text from is wire fraud. Then, I will text back a
message so jzy will know my precise location, and terror crime
FBI will know jzy's precise location.

See how it works? When someone shows up to say, "oh- look at
this . . . wire fraud from the UK on Verizon" everyone listening
at that site with their Kaaawa wire down the street will say, "oh,
we better check out what's going on with jzy from Kaupo send-
ing text fraud from hijacked Verizon accounts."

Who do I know from the UK besides BBC news groups? Well, I
can't say I know anyone who lives there. I remember reading a
book by some dandy named Sebastian last year about drugs, sex
and the London underground, but otherwise, I can't even say
that I've been there except for a few minutes in their airport in
the mid-eighties.

Anyone with text wire fraud should take my action as a means
to advocate for safe, private cell phones. Wires get crossed all the
time when systems integrate. For example, check out UPI, Raw
and the BBC internet news sites where advertising from Hawaii
pops up on the page about the next election.

Now that everyone in the country left analog for digital as mandated
by law in 2009, at least we don't have to worry about the kind of
wire problem that was documented in early 2009's Super Bowl when
Fiztgerald's touchdown was interrupted on Comcast by Club Jenna's
hetero porn clip during the game.

I spoke with the Arizona Verizon customer rep a few days after this
incident from the Kahului kiosk. I was reporting that my phone was
listed under the wrong name with Hawaii's Verizon database. He may
have thought I was joking when I said my pen name is Fitzgerald, too.

Speaking of "conditions" that result in wire terror/fraud incidents here,
the mob museum is about to open in Las Vegas. National Public Radio's
Scot Simon today tried to lighten up the subject of Al Capone's loosely
built criminal network that didn't engage in micro management of
activities. Random acts of violence they say.

A few former Bostonians on Maui talked openly about the mafioso
culture there and how it all works for civilians. We think of Boston as
the place where refinement and intelligensia were born, but we rarely
consider the confluence of the criminal realm and academia.

I hear Boston had a massive water main break today of a 10-foot
pipe that resulted in the loss of water for 2 million residents. No word
that this was a terror crime. Just too much pressure, I guess. The
Governor of Massachusettes, an African American, showed up on
television with the high alert color for Department of Homeland
Security to say it was a "quicker than expected" fix at the seam.