Monday, January 30, 2012

Having Trouble with Google? Time to Stalk the Hacker

If you're having trouble with your Google email account,
join the crowd of email consumers having Google hacked.
Read the news. Even Mark Zuckerburg, CEO of Facebook
had fraudulent google emails sent from his account.

Yes, it's time to stalk the stalker of Google accounts here
in Hawaii. After all, take a look at the wire. Google has a
page for those having trouble saying that is
no longer accessible from Germany. Perhaps Germany is
aware that Google search engine and their recent efforts
to expand into social media networking to compete with
Facebook and Twitter are producing security glitches.

FYI: my on Twitter
and accounts have repeated hack-
in patterns reported to Twitter company. Local parasites
causing wire fraud/id fraud are busily find ways to interfere
with factual information that could be valuable to the
majority of the population.

The best option for rapid, permanent elimination of such
efforts? Call Republican Sensenbrenner about his press
release to confront this corrupt President and his corrupt
Attorney General for Fast and Furious transnational weapons
disaster in Arizona recently. His recommendations are aligned
with Congress Issa CA and Senator Grassley IO condemning
enforcement tactics that aid and abet violent crimes.

Since NY State Attorney General and the Department of
Justice had their major press event on January 27, 2012 on
c-span announcing their major investigation of financial
crimes with Housing Urban Development, I called my own
testimony to discredit any Democrat-led investigation of
such crimes in Hawaii. Calls were made to Issa, who has
been on CNN in past months calling this corrupt President
the worst of all corrupt Presidents.

But whah!? What's the connection between transnational
information systems, weapons contraband with Mexican
drug cartels and an investigation about financial crimes in
our government agencies? Drugs = financial corruption.
a=b b=a straight reflection, no logic required.

It may be the West Coast defense contractor message info
machinery who arranged for the DOJ press event on the
27th last week got caught isolated with their pants down.

They'll soon start reporting that California, being the 21st
largest economy in the world, supports a Rolling Stone Mag
story featuring counter-terror agent 07782989 with my
former informant from Oakland/SF Chocolate Granola Boy.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Maui 96708

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


My account has a security glitch.
I've been trying to delete the top listing @szoneus article
that received the Rolling Stones article about what really
is going on in our market system. It was a test.

Unfortunately, totalitarian parasites who think they can
justify their existence as hacking perpetrators against some-
one like Yukie Yamada who has been on the internet for over
2 years with all details don't know that they are the problem.

It's hard to imagine such technologies of eavesdropping or
hacking in the hands of those who don't stand for any form
of Constitutional check and balance within an industrial
force of known forcible exertion of will. They don't consider
that their puny status and lack of function only exists due
to laws from this Constution that allowed them access.

The site found with @szoneus is a curiosity, isn't it? Some
sites found on the internet appear to be a recipe for forming
allusions and thought forms within advertising and policy
news groups. This type of collage with informal source of
information is nothing more that a manufactured reality for
those who do not carry a higher instinct to protect and
preserve fundamental rights and principles.

Full engagement was noted in the press with news reports
yesterday of significant incidents, events to engage different
federal systems with specific on record legal processes that
have already been reported for years on the news.

I called in the Washington Post to look into the recent news
about Supreme Court voting when it comes to using nazi type
police GPS with local enforcement to track known dangerous
individuals. Has it occurred to anyone that there are known
verifiable means to do this without industrial grade devices?

Well, if intelligence-led policing has funds to investigate with-
out checks and balances using industrial and total control devices,
should that be a concern for Hawaii where dead court systems
give advantage to drug users abusers and larceny specialists?

Yes, it should. All the above as well as victims will be part of
the utopian industrial complex of police states. Soon we'll be
eating corn on the cob lunch from the corn cob growing out of
our ears to save time, energy and thought.

I heard about a guy who worked in the Kahului Airport, perhaps
in the security area, who showed up to work everyday wearing
his nazi garb. Those who made reasonable complaints about him
did not get much of a response. Maybe the nazi is in the security
industry, guys. And maybe they don't like drugs as much as they
like having total control of those who use illegal drugs.

In 2008, Yukie used her own cell phone to call owners of the
largest security companies listed in Maui's phone book. She told
them that there were incidents of privacy violations in her life
for years that had been reported, and that such activities were
part of money laundering crimes.

She informed them that all crime incidents had been verified on
record, but criminal groups exploited what is known to be a security
industry subject to types of racketeering against victims not support-
ed by Hawaii's Democrat regime. It is a conspiracy. Even those
who are implicated for Democrat corruption are targeted.

I'm reasonable on record with what can be verified by myself. I
am not so reasonable when it comes to dealing with things that
I know as a fact but cannot verify to others. That is the joy and
right of someone who is declaring herself "self-governing". My
right to decide and define my course has alignment with what is
currently the most important need: to demonstrate moral cause
in defense of my right to prosperity, dignity and privacy.

Democrats know that my actions have attacked what has been
known for years. I do not state anything disagreeable. See how
some institutions feign indifference and a lack of moral cause?
It's just a test of will and exertion of survival.

Democrats fall in love when they are faced with a grim reality.
Republicans fall in line. That is the mantra. I continue to exert
my right to live free from partisan bullshit in my enterprise.

aka Fern decided to set up a separate "protectorate" state to
claim her right to prosperity for her historical place in America
and for those who defended her right to live in dignity. It is a
separate renumeration course than for Yukie Yamada as terror
torture self-governing victim/survivor.

aka Fern has become her own renumeration self-defense entity
through legislation and with assistance from officials who have
direct proof of Yukie's status as terror/torture survivor. Her
character, aka Fern, extended into the material realm to protect
national/state stability while under attack from terroristic and
malicious perpetrators. Formal verification complete.

Recipients are known based on their demonstrated and
documented commitment established for a number of years
at tremendous risk to themselves.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Maui
808 264-1514

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Email From VP Biden Reported to Balitimore Sun 1/21/12

From Yukie Yamada aka Fern: email sent to my address was noted last week. I sent
a corresponding message to Facebook Joseph Biden's page
asking for authentication. My second fax to his office in
Washington DC repeated my complaints of wire hacking
from Haiku to Kaneohe.

Worrisome trends abound. It is now reported on the web
internet newsletters of that there are "holes" in
the top 6 industrial control systems. Having identified such
vulnerabilities, systems are being allowed to be hacked to
emphasize the need for urgent/emergent discussion and
intervention in our country.

Reports since 2008 suggests that the now infamous hack-
operation "Anonymous" has splintered from the Empire of
Evil within our own critical infrastructure in America for
strategic strikes as reported in the recent news. They are
targeting sources of major defense contractor/advertising
type information systems to dismantle it's oppressive hold
on policy, thought forms in news systems and technology.

My own statement: to live free and clear from the corrupt
and cruel influences of industry, commerce, and organized
criminal influences after over 10 years of making repeated
verifiable complaints. The harmful cause and effect of this
type of activity, of having civilians targeted in their effort
to live in free affiliation requires immediate attention for
the hardships Yukie has had to experience.

The failure to respond by Hawaii's officials reflects the
mindset that such industrial vulnerabilities could never
be proven in any realistic manner. They were wrong.
I am prepared to declare my right to safe haven at any
minute of the day now. It is a global issue.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Maui
808 264-1514

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wifi Wire Terror: Symptom of Larger Problem

Dear Monster,

Wifi wire terror alert sent out to the CEO of Facebook and
Twitter, as well as technology specialists at the Wall St. Journal
about wifi terror patterns described in Haiku since 2010. It was
also described to magazine, the source of information
about terror transnational lines involved with illegal trafficking
of organs, humans, child porn and even stolen real estate info
from proprietary accounts.

For your information, such patterns are the precursor for all
types of corrupt practices that are found only in places where
there is a dead court system and corruption in the hearts and
minds of the most "educated" types.

Tears and good byes to "monster" from the site where critics
had derided all efforts to address corruption as naive. These
critics who barely existed in their own minds as humans never
met Yukie. Monster said that protective status provided by
aka Fern the Neo Con is a fine thing as long as Donald Rumsfeld
didn't force them to tell him about bioterror within pharmaceu-
ticals in Mexico.

Confirming suspicious emails from one of the accounts listed
as Facebook Joseph Biden. It was an individual who doesn't seem
to know that VP Biden, or former VP Biden by now, has been
a voice to address wire fraud, cyber threats in the Pacific Rim
as relevant and critical with China being ever present during
a U.S.A economic collapse desperately seeking cash reserves.

Yukie did have her real estate license in CA, tho' she never did
have interest in business there. Recently, those who know that
the worst wire fraud in the history of Hawaii is in real estate
found out that Yukie's experience living and working on such
"ag" properties on Maui has value to those who are interested
in how to protect privacy and to identify illegal drug patterns.

Yukie has never, nor would she ever work with any real estate
company here on Maui, especially since any known corruption
or perception of corruption would increase endangerment to
lives. It is unfortunate to have to say this, but it is the standard
perception that Japanese Americans rule Maui's real estate.

Her message to Facebook press office is about establishing safe
haven Facebook accounts for independent enterprises like her
knowledge-based media relations events production concept for
protection of wire fraud terror victims.

"Safe Haven" designation accounts would be for those who have
established a record of having addressed wire/id fraud related to
illegal drug crimes or hate crimes. It would also apply to those who
are mandated by law to report drugs, fraud waste and abuse. These
individuals are the most targeted by government and legal systems
that profit from drug crimes.

Yukie Yamada is now trying to establish a formal process with
Congressman Mike Honda and Senator Chuck Grassley to ensure
that any contact with Senator Diane Feinstein acknowledges her
role on Narcotics Senate Caucus as a possible conflict of interest.
Likely, Feinstein can prove documentation of her involvement in
Yukie's situation as clearing herself from such conflicts.

p.s. - Look for Yukie's hand-written notes about her ad hoc plan
for formal protection and business assistance on bulletin boards
at a grocery store nearby.

Haiku Maui
January 17, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hey, Monster! I Found My Filet Minon Update 1/11/12

From Yukie Yamada, also known as Fern,

Looking for tender, juicy, quality filet minon? I found my
supply of filet minon that had been stolen from me by all the
Democrat clams looking for nirvana. My wish list for the
year 2012 is now out! First things first: steam open clams!

Now that Time Person of the Year, the Protestor, is known
world-wide as the symbol for an economic engine of resist-
ance to all legitimate authority gone berserk, others are also
finding their social media voice to claim rights and owner-
ship to their stories.

Hawaii, the concubine den of complete and absolute commit-
ment to suppressing the right to ones own independent thought,
has been defeated in the only way that counts. The economy,
stupid. As they say, jobs, jobs, jobs for those willing to work
for a living rather than stealing for their needs.

The announced Consumer Financial Fraud Bureau from this
Prezy' Press Office this past week is late and reactionary. They
know that the way to control the public is to make the public
work for rights that are supposedly guaranteed. I say, make
all public officials prove they earn their power and privileges.
At this point, who in the world believes what this White House
says? After all, it was HIS Chief Technology Officer exposed
in April 2009 for having a consultant arrested for fraud.

The clams are now cracked open a little more. See? My wish
list is to have Stryker Weiner, the PR firm from APEC 2011 on
the chopping block with the Government Accountability Fraud
Office for news reporting patterns of contempt before, during
and after the November 2011 event in Honolulu.

Say, "criminal trade and barter from smut factory-economic
structure with drug larceny" is a terrible thing to do during this
period when dialogue for Asia Pacific warfare has increased due
to cyber warfare mongering by Obama and federal agencies. It
might harm innocent people. destroy emerging democracies.
Rember: exposing drug crimes=exposing drug terror fiancing.
We want truth and accountability.

Wish List 2012: Acknowledgment from Congressman Honda in
San Jose of my hand-written faxed documents from Makawao on
January 6, 2012, likewise with Senator Feinstein, likewise from
Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa since August 2012 reporting
wire terror, patterns of terror crimes from having failed to take
rapid action by local law enforement for years.

Acknowledgment from Speaker John Boehner from Ohio of my
hand-writtern faxed documents from Kinkos in January 2009 re:
criminal emergency on Maui due to patterns of wire terror and
failed rapid response to drug crimes in neighborhoods. This is
about ths same time even this Prezy said on cable news that we
have terror in our information systems and critical infrastructure
on our American turf!

Get rid of this Democrat White House, have Democrats steamed
to open up their closed, tight little minds to admit, submit and see
what George W. Bush has to say about wire terror in the Pacific
related to patterns of drug corruption.

Go ahead. Make my day, Democrats. If you speak as a group and
blend in together, you may even feel that special group power that
comes from perpetrating terror crimes for profit together, snug
and cozy in a well-publicized place watched by former combat and
field soldiers from Falluja, Ramadhi, Bahgdad, etc.

Confirm my internal email to Kaneohe Marine Base about such
recent news patterns with APEC 2011 PR firm Stryker Weiner also
on January 6. 2011 from Makawao. Have them ask visiting VP Biden
what he knew and when he knew it of Democrat stakeholder efforts
to contact him while carrying a conflict of interest re: Hawaii's wire
terror and patterns of drug larceny corruption.

Acknowledgment from VP Biden's office in Washington DC that he
received my hand-written fax from Makawao 1/6/12 to 202 456-2461
asking for authentication of his Facebook page. I chose to carry his
account on the front page of my visible Facebook account for several
days last week. I now have Jane Harman's account on my page. It
must be verified that he has cleared himself from conflicts of interest
with corrupt Democrat policy/partisan stakeholders to have direct
involvement with safe have site with Yukie Karen Yamada.

Eliminate competing interests hold by Commerce and the technology
industry to control regulation of investigations on the internet, and
rather write legislation from a consumer's perspective with on record
statements from terror wire victims like Yukie Karen Yamada. Insert
language to acknowledge that health providers mandated by law to
report FRAUD WASTE ABUSE as professionals should be known as
a designated category for hate-crimes on the internet and phone.

Drug addicts get housing subsidies to live in "privacy" to continue any
and all forms of "personal choice" behavior in the comfort of their own
rural homestead here on Maui. Why not victims of drug crimes? Oh,
com'on Democrats! Call is a budget of accountability rather than one
of dependence. Some Democrats don't use drugs, I know a few.

As for an immediate physical presence on Maui by officials and others
who have no conflict of interest to assist and protect Yukie from such
ongoing tactics of hate, degradation, mad cow group schizo attacks, I
will accept Democrats Honda, Feinsten, former Harman, Biden, Obey
and non-partisan known figures to accompany any Republican who is
on record charging this President and Hawaii's Senators for a failed
response to wire/drug corruption.

By the way, ask Delaware Senator Carp for an explanation of their own
state law providing permission for 6 ounces of pot for medical weed
permit holders while Mexico exposes another 32 tones of marijuana at
the CA/Mexico border tunnel.

Yukie Yamada
Haiku Hawaii