Friday, May 20, 2011


Dear Monster,

Yep, that was Yukie on Washington Journal C-span at 1am on May 18th.
She called in as a guest speaker about how sex scandals impact voters and
voter choices. "Well, we want elected officials to stay within boundaries
of law, reason and conscience, but they are human. And we want officials
to be human . . . they should take personal and political accountability
for their actions, and they should do it without increasing damage to the
public." She wanted to say more but the phone got cut off at 1:20am.
Verizon service on Maui is problematic.

All sex scandals are hitting the news: former Gov. Schwarzeneggar got
separated from his celebrity political wife Maria "Kennedy" Shriver from
NBC after his illegitimate child was made known to the public. He let
her know after his second term as CA Governor. The public says "who
cares, it's his life and hers." They now say on radio news that the lady
who has his 13-year old son was an employee in their home for most of
20 years and is a "chubby". You know, not movie star attractive.

Mean political machines in the news from CA provided distraction for
the masses still trying to figure out what is going on. California distress
is exhibited this way in public office display.

San Francisco City and County, having passed a law for residents on
how to properly dispense of compost material with private contractors
who operate with the City in 2009, was already facing lawsuit from a
few residents who don't like the Nazi Green machine enforcing laws
in their backyards for the sake of saving the planet. Now, they are
considering a law to ban practices in medicine for circumcision of male
infants. A $1000 fine will be imposed for subjecting male babies to this
inhuman treatment they call circumcision. Depriving men of full sexual
experience, they say, causes violent behavior.

I called Las Vegas KVVU television news, tho' they said they are not
going to pursue this matter of circumcision, I insisted that this is a partisan
issue of great value, no matter what Barnett says at their news station.
Liberal Nazis want us to forget that this President and their social programs
have increased the problems that they sought to solve with poverty, health
care and joblessness by failing to fully implement an articulate message
on all levels of society and the private sector. It's proven.

A City like SF, with about half a million residents and trillions of
dollars in economic might due to intelligence industrial commercial
information systems run like a mind-control machine with the nasty
hand of advertising messages to let us know that liberals have compassion
while conservatives have common sense. Correction: Liberals do not
create structure for conservatives, they only have compassion for liberals.
Period. Conservatives create structure that serves both conservatives and
liberal lunatics.

Crisis is at hand. They've proven what we've all suspected and what
the world has always known. The American public has been left out
of the dialogue while their consumer-based comfort slowly but surely
is lost. America has not demonstrated intent to serve the health and
prosperity and safety of Americans, much less the rest of the world.


Pigeons, Prohibited Weapons & Hanging Loose

Friday, May 6, 2011


Dear Monster,

Guess what?! This past weekend, in the afternoon while all were
lounging, drinking beer and watching sports events, there was an
TERRORIST OSAMA BIN LADEN. In a special operation started
on Friday, Osama bin Laden was found in a place called Abottabad.
haha. Sounds like someone had a few too many drinks while doing
the graphics with Navy intelligence map service.

It is reported that Abottabad is located 62 miles from Islamabad,
Pakistan in the NW region of the country close to Afghanistan's
tribal regions from where many Associated Press articles report
for in the mainstream press. Abadabad sounds more like some-
where in Pakistan. Abottabad? haha.

The other night, on a radio news station from Washington DC,
they quoted the CIA Director Panetta, who was just appointed to
his next job as Secretary of Defense but not yet approved, said to
the press that there was a 25-minute period blackout during the
time Navy Seals entered bin Laden's million dollar mansion to
kill him. It is reported that at this site, there were no services
for internet nor phone.

Then, an hour or so later, this radio station reported that the
mansion where Osama was found had marijuana plants growing
around the site. bin Laden was a pot head.

Now, Yukie's own effort to establish zero-tolerance policies
in private sector companies to protect employees, customers and
contractors from illegal drug harassment has more support than
ever! She thinks that even Coca-cola, the original drink that
used coca-based ingredients in their soda for the first 5 years of
operation, will say that illegal drug use is a bad thing in their
operations. Coke now has over 500 drink selections instead of
their "real thing" Coke drink that still competes with Pepsi for
pubic love and loyalty.

The alert for all ports, transportation services and sites of entry
came from the FEDS the day of bin Laden's death. They believe
that there may be retaliation for his killing. The NARCS over at
Border Protection in Honolulu received a message from Yukie
the other day.

They may have heard by now about the problem with narc addicts
in the public walking on private property with wi-fi computers while
taking notes about residents who live there. They arrive with the usual
addict-going-down-the-drain flair drama about getting fired, their
pain about losing their bank cards, and needing help while using
facilities on the property to shoot drugs, leave dirty clothes on
the floor, etc. Talk about criminal endangerment!

Who would use such tactics? Corrupt real estate brokers who like
to make money from exposing drug crimes to make money for the
attorneys who work with criminal justice to cover-up white collar
involvement with illegal drugs. Yes, the name of this narc addict is
unknown, but she uses the name Katlyn, drives a black Mercedes
and is known for her widespread loving ways. It was reported that
she has used Morphine injectables at the residence of aquaintances.