Saturday, June 18, 2011


Dear Monster,

It's a scream! California is aware that the golden
state image has been tarnished. About time. This
past week CA Governor Jerry Brown, who in my
opinion is one of the most recycled authentic guys
in CA politics, supported his Comptroller's policy
to stop payment to CA lawmakers.

They didn't adhere to CA law to balance their own
budget. Bad, bad State Assembly! Tax payers who
don't love Jerry Brown also thought that this style
of political persona "messaging" did the job. It
sent CA's "message machine" total mind control
mechanism the message: elected officials have a
different agenda than the bloated agenda of CA's
industrial groups with the news media.

If Jerry Brown sounds mad, it's because he is very
mad and insane. As insane as any citizen who is
on record demanding accountability for those who
hold office and privilege. Democrats have to do
SOMETHING, right? After all, the transnational
drug lines in San Diego with Mexico got on the news
with videos and real journalists this past year.

They can't decide how to pretend that there have
been quite a few who knew about the corrupt and
obvious symbiotic relationship between druggies
and industrial intelligence for years while drug
profits fueled terror activities in the world so that
we could have a profit war engine here or there.

Now even Hawaii's little enclave of total mind
control idiots want to support the Defense in any
and all aspects, after all, there is no other economy
here in Hawaii, right? Too much bad blood and
too many souls needing to be freed from having
witnessed and lived through unneeded cruelty for
the entertainment of those who live in absence
of any humanity.

And don't start looking to PBS for any truth and
accountability, they can see that most Americans
are really too stupid to think past what is on the