Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Dear Monster,

An Illegitimate Quest for Truth, my original article written and
sent from a Pukalani desk top of a former friend who is more loyal
to pot-smoking friends than stated political aspirations/truth, is
no longer relevant for the Democrat Party. They don't like the
truth, nor Truth, about their systems. They get nasty, malicious
and PSYCHO when Truth confronts their lack warmth and love
from "Mom's" breast, or memory of breasts.

An Illegitimate Quest for Truth was sent to, if you
can believe that in early 2006 when I had email contact with their
Editor about writing for them. He didn't think the article, about
the failures of counter-terror policies to secure safety from terror
crimes in my life as a non-drug user, was relevant to their lunatic
academic progressive "truth" telling blog/newsletters.

An Illegitimate Quest for Truth provided enough details to get
rid of the primary obstacle of drug crimes in Wailuku, but some
Democrats in control made far more money lying about drug sites
and poly-drug international trafficking in Wailuku. Go check out
their resume with Maui County, Hawaii Democrat Party and a
few well-known private sector contractors in 2006-2008.

The famous State Whore Independent Democrat consultant, a
true midget at 4'9'' made all the short men feel big and strong in
the Democratic Party. She was so accessible, eye-to-eye. She is
in the Maui News campaigning for Obama in 2008. They got
her where it really counts in Chicago and Texas.



Friday, July 15, 2011


Dear Monster,

The Big Boys are here reading Dear Monster letters on
their own legitimate cyber-site. They are nearly numb
with shock and dismay that we've accomplished all this
without them knowing, without their input. They are
even a little scared. You know what that means . . . it
means they are again searching for the weakest link.

That ain't Yukie and her "system alliances" all over the
world and nation. The weakest link, take a look, is the
one at the top, just like Yukie said a year ago. Some put
the bumper sticker on the front end of the car, baby!
It was Obama's and Holders policy of leniency in 2009
with medical marijuana offenders that let to increased
crimes in the network. It's true.

No free analysis and synopsis for the confused weed
lovers and addicts out there. No hints and clues for all
the intel/industrial/commercial elbows looking to sneak
in with taking over California's insatiable appetite for
drugs with Nabisco on the map for soy ink recycled
paper rolled aromatics and edibles for cannabis.

After last Friday's Los Angeles Times article about how
the DEA and the Dept of Health and Human Services
investigated medical marijuana's legitimacy only to find
that it's really about just wanting to get high. Findings
may also reveal that there is increased criminalization
of clinics with other illicit drugs with increased crime,
violence, fraud and destructive behavior by users.

The battle has just begun to tell the truth about our drug
war and all that has happened in transnational tunnels
with Mexico and elsewhere where weapons, drugs, kidneys
and humans were trafficked along with intelligence for
all these years to keep "the rest" in their lesser places.

The Big Boys are now wondering if the Master sees them
as the weakest link. Oh-oh. Stay off the roads.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Declaration of Self-Sovereignty 7/4/11

Dear Monster,

The Master is known and defeated in the USA. Now
the Master is watching to see if Americans will lead
themselves into self-governance. The Master is, of
course, the evil Mr. Logistics Monster.

As always, on July 4th we get to read the document
that birthed our country. This Declaration of Indep-
endence provides the moral, legal and political form
to create one's own national destiny based on what
is established as malicious abuse of power. When it
is clearly established that identifiable institutional
powers betray repeatedly human life, dignity and
safety, there is cause to abolish such ties.

Not exactly like a divorce, but the betrayal of our
decadent and ignorant American population seems
to resemble the human response to finding out that
your partner has intentionally deceived you in the
most intimate and cruel manner.

Boo-hoo. Yukie has little sympathy for Americans
running around schizo these days, feeling like it all
doesn't quite fit together. I mean, didn't this idea
occur to them in past decades? After all, if someone
were to take a look objectively at polices and their
outcomes since my birth in 1961, it seems clear that
there is a little self-imposed deception, doesn't it?

A couple of years ago on the 4th of July, there were
news reports that government websites were targeted
in a coordinated way: Dept of Transportation, Dept
of Treasury, Secret Service and Federal Trade Commi-
ssion. Plus, all banks in South Korea. All in the same
period for 24-hours. duh.

Act of terror or an act of engaged response by the men
in black coats? Hard to say. Now, all nations say our
information systems lack a coordinated policy plan.

Yes, it's a symptom of a larger problem. We are not
safe, nor are our fundamental rights protected. Since
this premise is now imprinted in the minds of those
who lived for and by affirmations of positive thoughts
as food for life, Americans may yet save their souls.

haha. Just do it. Do the correct thing.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Update: 7-3-11 from Maui

Dear Monster,

Formalizing my process with Congress members who
are on record with my detailed urgent calls and details
found within health care and services programs here.
My suggestion to a number of press contacts included
former Democrat Rep. Jane Harman who resigned in
February from Congress. As Chair of Sub-Intelligence
Department of Homeland Security Gang Intelligence,
she has a "systemic" response along with California's
shame with recent developments.

Her Washington DC office knows that proposed laws
and policies re: telecom companies and consumer choice
for geolocation devices have been on record with two
Congressmembers: Wyden from Oregon and Chaffetz
from Utah. Both know that the telecom industry and
consumers need have choices.

Optimal and fluid conditions for exposing massive and
stinky corrupt systems linked to known mobsters and
financial figures internationally from So California, as
reported by msnbc. By the way, my vote for NBC's idea
for a non-stop 24-hour television news station for CA
was "no". Not until they talk about the drug policies.

Minimal input from Fernie now due to petty on ground
interference with live petty spies.