Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kings and Queens Have No Clothes

Dear Monster,

haha. The Lolipop Lounge News Rendition is about to begin. We
have Kings and Queens Without Clothes News Rendition supporting
The Pounce political attack.

Finally. Satisfaction is at hand, so-to-speak. Today, Hawaii Public
Radio gave protestors an example of state agency corruption that
resulted in the cover-up of serious violations on all levels.

Sex offender incarceration site Kulani was exposed by an employee
who was instructed to destroy "pornographic" material/records at
this site against known policies. This employee was quoted as saying
that she decided to defy this criminal order by her supervisor at this
site and kept boxes of records.

I know from working with juvenile sex offenders at Benchmark for
a few months that there are a few problems with staff in these types
of programs feeling too much empathy for those incarcerated.


Monday, April 26, 2010

News Rendition #11 - Define Their Reality

Dear Monster,

Transgender and Creature Club News Rendition #1 was a smashing
success. Systems of control everywhere have taken notice that they
are not, in fact, in control. And now they are trying to define the reality
of the writhing, frothing masses so that the writhing, frothing masses
won't notice that the usual systems of control are not in control. It's
like Thailand . . . the government was overthrown by protesters.

We have Stephen Hawkings the British scientist claiming that while aliens
may exist, we should ignore them. America's Northwest has a new crypto-
fungus infection that has about a 25% mortality rate. An oil rig off of the
Louisiana Coast in the Gulf of Mexico exploded then disappeared under
the ocean only to leak 42,000 gallons of oil a day into the ecosystem. On
the home front, Obama's Chief of Staff goes on PBS late night talk shows
to say he wants to go back to Chicago to run for Mayor while Illinois' for-
mer/impeached Governor has supoenaed his friend, and our President
in his court case. Meanwhile Illinois State Legislators want the National
Guard to help Chicago police to control the murders in Chicago streets.
Chicago police responds by giving a dissertation for the masses about the
differences between constitutionally-bound law enforcement versus the
ways and means of military police. Tornadoes popped up last week to
destroy towns in Mississippi to add to the stress of federal emergency
response agencies, and we have WIRE TERROR FROM DRUG TERROR
fully functioning MPD patrol cops boosting revenue by giving tickets for
speeding (it must be because of the uncontrolled meth problem) and cell
phone use while driving. (according to Sgt. Barry Aoki on the radio, he was
almost run over 3 times himself)

There's a newly found terror cell in Indonesia, a brand new lizard from
the Philippines sighted, oil is over $85 a barrel (must be the demand from
China's hyped economy), Brazil has banned Toyota cars after 9 deaths
occurred from unexplained acceleration, California attorneys are trying
to find out if the State of Hawaii really, really employs a disproportionate
amount of Japanese Americans who are not qualified for management
and admin positions in their bureaucracy not knowing that Hawaii can
fake records openly in their information systems. (as Yukie can prove
in her 6 month task of applying for food stamps)

Define Their Reality News Rendition has sub-categories:

- There is no arsenic in your sugar, dear
- Win over their hearts and minds
- Stab their hearts and minds
- There is never defeat
- Return to pragmatism and meaning

My final jab today is at my least favorite news source, National Public
Radio (NPR). After their single benefactor donation of $341 million in
2004, their commercial whoredom has had fabulous diversity. Notice
how their reporting has become practically a rendition of their own.
Today their reporting on William's Disorder, a behavioral disorder in
children who cannot learn to mistrust is the new wave in behavioral
medicine and sciences. Imagine that. Children who trust everyone they
meet as though they are safe are now diagnosable.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Soulful Mess & Dead Birds

Dear Monster,

"They" expect me to take extraordinary action while trying to
get food stamps because "they" don't have a system of action?
It's because the system has failed the test of time, it is a system
that is no longer relevant, in fact, "they" may consider that it
is the system that has caused this soulful mess.

An entire oil rig sank off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of
Mexico last week after an unexplained explosion. You gotta
see the timed photos on the internet to believe there was an
oil rig there to begin with. snap-kaboom-zippo. Gone.

Meanwhile, Obama wants to move on with coastal oil drilling
here in America causing seizures in the lunatic voter popula-
tion that thought he was the second coming of a sustainable
economy free from the Middle East blood dollars.

And gasoline on Maui is over $4.00/gallon now. Driving to
apply for food stamps is the cost of a day's worth of food. In
today's Advertiser there is an article about cattle on the Big
Island that are diseased from vog. Farms are ailing from a
lack of comprehensive "ag" policies, etc.

And "they" want me to take action to save Maui's worried
masses from government's neglect and malice after decades
of lost opportunities and deflated egomaniac officials?

Industrial policy makers haven't seen multiple parallel
indicators to prove that existing infrastructure has sound
stakeholders in Hawaii who operate simultaneously and
effectively to survive, I suppose. The masses should be
worried for themselves. The masses should be asking why
this in the news now, in their faces to force them to talk
about it.

Others need to be extroverted, vocal, accessible and know
that there are risks but denial and avoidance are the worst
options for everyone. Yeah, I'm talking about those who live
in the public "real" world, not the ones who live in bunkers.

How to do this without being caught by the speculators and
vultures who can taste this failing system from their faraway
places? Well, consider the value of what is here then you'll know
you need more than the usual darwinian losers to get what you
need and want.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Looking for Employment

Dear Monster,

Urgent: Obama's Chief of Staff, Emanuel Rahn said on television that
he wants to run for Mayor of Chicago. Is the ship sinking yet? Even
more, impeached Illinois Governor Blagojevich has supoenaed Obama
about whether or not he tried to sell Obama's former Senate seat.

Since receiving wire fraud emails to my spam email from
a few months ago, I have not made contact with the Publisher's office.
They have a wire problem at the Honolulu Advertiser.

See my updated profile column about the inside bribe that took place
with a witness from an investor with the Bishop Estate a week after I
was falsely linked to Native Hawaiian on August 4, 2001. Of course, it
was out of context and suspicious so I turned it down.

My ongoing effort to find gainful income has continued since Nov. 2008
when I became an unemployment applicant. I have made frequent and
repeated attempts for subsistence cash flow with many small business
owners in Paia, Makawao and through personal farm contacts for my
own survival.

Drug-related crimes targeting my privacy and life have impeded my
efforts to continue this process. I continue to meet locally known small
business owners in person as a low-wage front-service employee while
I seek a stable and safe legal process free from wire terror.

coffeeshopmonster is for sale, Monster. The buyer has made them-
selves known, but for now I'm keeping my creative enterprises juices
available for alliances, not friends, alliances since Monsters have no
real friends. I plan to continue my participation in identifying links
to those who know what is necessary for this severe and pervasive
threat to our systems of information.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

False Records in DHS Wailuku Office

Dear Monster,

Have you ever had the experience of being able to prove a
meeting with a real person at a specific time and place then
have that office send you a letter saying that you did not
show up for that meeting?

Hawaii's DSH Office in Wailuku must have phantom assist-
ants or phantom data base records. It must be how they
create two different versions of the truth whenever the
truth exposes them for their procedural failures/errors.

Our computer systems in Hawaii are definitely suspect.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Update: Wire Fraud in Haiku

Now what? Haiku Marketplace cafes now have their wire in
Kaneohe, Oahu instead of Kaaawa like last week. Another clear
example of wire fraud in Haiku. Proof exists in the hands of
those who knew Hawaii did not succeed in making it to our
modern information economy.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


National Security Agency (no-such-agency) Officer Thomas A Drake
was charged by the FBI with obstruction of justice, withholding classi-
fied information and false statements according to the FBI press email

Friday, April 16, 2010

Volcano Disruption as Metaphor

Dear Monster,

Hawaii is known to have one of the most active volcanoes in
the world. Fresh molten lava increases the land mass of the
Big Island daily. Pele, the volcano goddess is the inhabitant
of Kilauea volcano as a feminine manifestation of life force.

Now there is a volcano in Iceland doing the same. The name
of this volcano has of so many consonants, it's like a lesson in
some indigenous dialect. This eruption is throwing 3-5 pound
chunks of ice from nearby glaciers and its volcanic fog has
disrupted thousands of European flights since then. Our
own President may not be able to attend the funeral of the
entire Polish government after their fatal plane crash last
week in Western Russia.

I don't know if Pele interrupts commercial plane flights, but
there is a rumor that she might put pilots to sleep at the wheel.
In 2008, there was an FAA review of two Go Airline pilots flying
from Honolulu to Hilo who both fell asleep at the cockpit, resulting
in their aircraft flying past their destination for about fifteen


Friday, April 9, 2010


Dear Monster,

Drug crimes/terror = Wire crimes/terror = your economic
collapse. Failure to respond = more drug crimes/terror = more
wire crimes/terror = more economic collapse. Your denial =
security threat to this country's safety. (do not use crystal
meth tea bags in your rectal cavity for more oomph, and
most certainly not for a weight loss plan)

Corruption = public mistrust = poor social capital = poor
political involvement = weak societal structure = weak economic
structure = political/economic collapse.

If you go to website, you can find links to your
locality, just like Yahoo! Front Page News. Clicking on this
site leads you to the wire where you live. Not always.

Go ahead, see at Kinkos, the wi-fi from the local
Haiku eatery and find out where your wire is leaking live. Click
on "local chicks" sex line.

In any case, Kinkos in Kahului has a line to Los Angeles, the
city of drugs, guns and roses all at the same time. And in
Haiku, all wi-fi accounts near Haiku Town Center got their
wire in Kaaawa. How would you like all your business email
to be registered in Kaaawa with your clients?

See the Kilauea action live video on their site and see what
happens when you click on your local favorite tanika carmelita
bellisimo looking for fun. Or better yet, check the weather
channel to see today's temperature.

My complaints about wire fraud to out of Hawaii agencies
have continued from 2006 - 2010. Hot wiring Haiku's
businesses to Kaaawa is a terror crime. Likewise for all
the Kahului sites hot wired to Los Angeles, the city where
all creatures and demons have persevered.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Predatorial Political Strategy Begun

Dear Monster,

While Monsters all over the world conduct Wild Fern's equal ops
news feed rendition, Yukie has begun her predatorial political attack
on corrupt Democrat structures, mechanisms and officials. She has
made herself available to testify with Republican members of the
House Appropriations Committee about her experience as a terror
crime victim/survivor within partisan systems that deprived her of
her right to live as a free American while she resided on Oahu, Maui
and in San Fransisco.

Democrats presume that victims need to choose one violation or
one crime and file one large criminal action lawsuit so that nobody
gets prosecuted and everyone makes money. At least, that is the
way of "information" systems in Hawaii's Democrat hell hole.

They don't understand a multi-process strategy based on Yukie's
experience of having been deprived of her right to live a life of dignity
and personal/political freedom as others are. Yes, it is obvious that
the powers-that-be did on purpose because they thought they could
get away with doing this.

We proved them wrong. They are afraid. Their internalized sense
of being victims of evil Republicans is showing. They fear they will
always lose right after they win. This nagging fear is because it is
true. They lost their "mojo" with Obamacare and all the hype in the
world cannot save this trillion $$ health care reform legislation from
being what it is, a scam to health consumers who really just want
delivery of quality, affordable basic services.

When times are tough, Democrats show their true nature.

By the way, the worst false hype machines are found on
internet site, with National Public Radio Julie Rose and Hal Sparks
on the Stephanie Miller radio program. It must be an isolated feed.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Dear Monster,

No, I do not celebrate Christian holidays even if they reflect
deep motifs that are universally found in all spiritual, historical
and cultural documents. I celebrate only the sacred truth of
every minute. And no, I am not Buddhist because I choose
to eliminate the source of suffering rather than surrender to it.
I'm looking for the most aggressive prosecutorial process
possible by the worst adversaries of liberal Democrat stake-

Speaking of monarchy influences, I found a shocking profile
during my Twitter search yesterday. I found Palin'sVagina.
Honest to goddess, it was on Twitter with a photo of a Taco
Bell crunchy taco.

I think it may mean that today's Rendition should be as equal
and fair with regard to gender issues as any equal ops policy.


Friday, April 2, 2010


Dear Monster,

Today while having a drink at the Stop Watch in Makawao, I
called someone from the Chicago Tribune. The journalist who
answered may or may not have been a journalist. I asked if
he read the news site The Onion, a well-known counter bull-
shit source of information. Just like Mother Jones did today
by proving the hoax with Guardians of a Free Republic.

He answered "yes". I told him about the article about their
infamous Mayor Daley, whose family tree includes being Mayor
for several decades. The article quotes Daley as wanting to
increase corruption and grafting to match modern society.
I guess that means cyber-felony type crimes. Maybe Daley
didn't know that he was subject to surveillance by the federal
investigators who impeached the Illinois Governor last year,
or maybe the article was false.

This is an example of what news consumers must deal with in
today's information society. Did the artificial intelligence news
feed take a psychoactive walk on the crime side? This person
on the phone from the Tribune suggested that I call to find
out if anyone knows the source of such an article.

I replied that I have no intention of living in Chicago, but it
might be of interest to them. By the way, I always meant to
find out if the Chicago Tribune can identify the maker of dolls
in the image of Michelle Obama that came out in January 2009.

Now I thought the fashion industry had done its job to define
Michele last year. Remember that shiny yellow dress with the
giant bow that she wore at the Olympics bid event in Copenhagen?
How 'bout that white empire waist tunic with thin checkered
black stripes like a giant frontal tic-tac-toe board?

Anyway, The Onion also reports that US Attorney General Holder
turned in his resignation to Obama. It may have been his leniency with
marijuana use that did it to him. Hard to know if this is true or not.

I think news feeds may be part of the problem these days. I am
convinced that there is an even more sinister plot to define our
identities from the fashion industry. That's why I'm a "down
dresser". It's not that I'm contemptuous of fashion trends that
define women, it's more that I just do not acknowledge them.