Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wild Fern's Equal Ops News Feed Renditions

Dear Monster,

Ignoramuses ask: What's a news feed? What's a news feed rendition?
Since I do not work with ignoramuses, yet they believe everything I
say, here is a list of Wild Fern's Equal Ops News Feed Rendition in
support of exposing crimes in our ideologically corrupt society:

1. Trans-gender and Creature Club - considering what may not be
conceivable or plausible as a possibility, may also indicate
catastrophe or debacle with status quo powers. Many question
the androgynous reality of some individuals as being real.

2. Precious Kitty Program - Wild Fern's program for unconditional
love, honor, respect and adoration, often leads to delusional, hubris-
type behavior by those who believe they are of the monarchy.

3. Lolipop Lounge Rendition - creating conditions for paranoia within
politically elite and corrupt groups who think they are above
the law and immune from scrutiny. Example - politicalpoidog-contact. March 2010.

4. Who Laced Your Herb Today? Program - creating conditions for
those susceptible to the Gravy Train Rendition to think again.

5. Gravy Train Rendition - also known as Elegance for All, creating
a sense that all will be well, all will be cared for, etc. to distract
from all-out panic and frenzy.

6. Never Shoot a Mother Deer Rendition - inspires fear in those who
live according to codes of conduct with strict adherence, usually
results in these folks standing straight in line.

8. The Pinochio Squash - using guilt and shame as a means to identify
and separate those who tell the truth for moral cause, and those who
only tell the truth for personal gain, used in conjunction with Lollipop
Lounge Rendition when there is a collusion of silence with corrupt
stakeholders operating within a corrupt system.

9. King Has No Clothes - documenting, verifiable information to prove
a collusion of silence amongst a large number of stakeholders/people
about serious incidents of public interest. Example - c-span verbatim
programs with conflicting, false and absurd statements by lawmakers.

Friday, March 26, 2010

MONSTER ALERT: Epiphany at Bay

Monster Alert! Monster Alert!

Wild Fern (aka Yukie Yamada) had an epiphany while killing mold,
mildew and fungi from the crafted redwood staircase at her current
living area. She envisioned that secure social networks that have
capability to protect intellectual property on their systems will soon
offer a different type of news feed.

Vinegar fumes will soon be the next offering in San Francisco club life,
just like high dose oxygen bars/cafes peppered the scene in the early
2000's. "have your epiphany today", say no to illegal drugs.

Artificial intelligence circuits will produce news feeds with multiple
points of reference, all visibly designated for news consumers that
demand a conscious choice in dealing with an issue. After all, we all
know, Monster, that there are multiple "realities" occurring at the
same time, don't we? Just like movies CD's these days offer a few
different "endings" to their favorite movie.

No more gravy rendition for the dumbed down robot masses who
sit passively watching and reading the news. News consumers in
America want new to reflect tangible, verifiable reality. Fantasy
is the realm of the film industry.

No such agency has ever claimed Americans right to interpretive
variance in policy-making. coffeeshopmonster is the first egalita-
rian news feed in the whole world!

Google announced yesterday that they are shutting down their
operations in Mainland China. So is Go Daddy domain company,
the cyber-condominium lease holders of the internet. That should
decrease some of the information leaking into news feed groups.

What is real, anyway? Today Yahoo! news service has an article
from Frederic Frommer AP that government grants were awarded
to 20 fake products from Energy Star, a company looking for innova-
tion in energy efficiency. The Government Accountability Fraud
Office, the agency that investigated and exposed defense contractor
Halliburton's crimes in the Iraq War, released this press story to
the New York Times.

AP (Associated Press) has some weak articles in the Maui News
on a daily level about the health care reform scam passed a few
days ago by a few votes in Congress. Mr. Hoff, the Editor of the
Maui News, should be able to answer some questions about why
they don't have journalists who know how to frame issues for the
public with truthful and accurate viewpoints.

Meanwhile, Wild Fern gets to pan fry venison tonight for her
protein intake. Can't live on Cheerios alone.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Monster Alert!

Mark Mardell from BBC's internet news writes an insightful article tonight
after today's "historic" vote to overhaul health care in America. The King
has no clothes, neither does the Queen. Meanwhile, 13 states have already
announced since December 2009, that their Republican Attorney Generals
filed suit against our national government for passing a legislation that is a
violation of rights and laws.

34 Democrats voted against this scam legislation. Republicans voted in
consensus to reject it. Ominous. The Heritage Foundation website calls
this "an intolerable act" for the dustbins. Vanity Fair's congenial article
is followed by bloggers who still call Obama a socialist. The trillion $$
legislative "victory" for Obama (a win only by a few votes) to another
procedural stage in the days to come to define terms for partisanship

Liberal academic policy females who are still seething after Obama
appointed Lawrence Summers (former Ivy League University President
who claims that women do not have an equivalent aptitude in math/science)
to his Economic Advisory Team, are now aware that the deal cut between
Dems and Republicans in the House to exclude payment for elective
abortions left them out of the symbolic power brokering debate again.

1900-pages of health care reform that proposed making it mandatory
for all Americans to buy their own insurance. This strange twist in the
past year's debate on how to provide affordable, accessible, quality care
to all Americans is still ellusive to many on Maui who ponder what the
punishment will be for not being able to afford insurance plans offered
by the government.

Maybe it was just the language used that confused everyone.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Dear Monster,

Below is a cut and paste from a statement from the FBI's Director to the House Intelligence
Committee about their budget priorities, including counter-terror ops for the symbiotic link between drug networks and CORRUPT financial systems with local, state and federal officials involved with drug crimes (as per Criminal Division policy statement Kevin Perkins)

Hawaii's Governor does not seem to understand the need to participate in today's information economy by providing leadership with policy directives to address terror crimes in our own systems. Today, on Hawaii Public Radio, Howard Dicus from Pacific Business news announced the consideration of another under water cable from Maui to Honolulu, similar to the one from Long Island to New Jersey.

Given what can be proven about Hawaii's corrupt infrastructure, drug terror, incompetence and malicious contempt, this appears to extend the potential for system terror crimes. As you can see, the State of Hawaii is in denial, pretending not to know that our economy relies on sound legitimate government agencies and information systems that are aligned with regional stability/prosperity.

The sheep and herd public in Hawaii should be afraid.


Transnational and National Criminal Organizations and Enterprises

Transnational/national organized crime is an immediate and increasing concern of the domestic and international law enforcement and intelligence communities. Geopolitical, economic, social, and technological changes within the last two decades have allowed these criminal enterprises to become increasingly active worldwide. Transnational/national organized crime breaks down into six distinct groups: (1) Eurasian organizations that have emerged since the fall of the Soviet Union (including Albanian organized crime); (2) Asian criminal enterprises; (3) traditional organizations such as La Cosa Nostra (LCN) and Italian organized crime; (4) Balkan organized crime; (5) Middle Eastern criminal enterprises; and (6) African criminal enterprises.

Due to the wide range of criminal activity associated with these groups, each distinct organized criminal enterprise adversely impacts the United States in numerous ways. For example, international organized criminals control substantial portions of the global energy and strategic materials markets that are vital to United States national security interests. These activities impede access to strategically vital materials, which has a destabilizing effect on United States geopolitical interests and places United States businesses at a competitive disadvantage in the world marketplace. International organized criminals smuggle people and contraband goods into the United States, seriously compromising United States border security and, at times, national security. Smuggling of contraband/counterfeit goods costs United States businesses billions of dollars annually, and the smuggling of people leads to exploitation that threatens the health and lives of human beings.

International organized criminals provide logistical and other support to terrorists, foreign intelligence services, and hostile foreign governments. Each of these groups is either targeting the United States or otherwise acting in a manner adverse to United States interests. International organized criminals use cyberspace to target individuals and United States infrastructure.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Democrats' Shriveling Mandate

Dear Monster,

No secret that I told Russ Roberts at Pacific Radio News pre-inauguration that
our Prezy-elect does not have the genes to be a committed Commander-in-Chief.
Ok, so I also said that Senator Inouye should be prosecuted and that Senator
Akaka should be euthanized. I'm not convinced as Russ is that totalitarianism
is an inevitability for all Americans. (only for those who cower to terror, haha)

Moral courage quotient aside, Monster, Democrats did have a significant dose
of momentum post-election, with our first biracial Prezy flashing that dazzling
smile at cameras and with Congress being more Dems than Republicans. He
was found on the front page of the Maui News in 12/08 bare-chested on the
beach while he vacationed in Kailua. He and Michele looked like the chosen
monarchy of cool and chic on the front page of the NY Times day after that
memorable inauguration event when all Americans acknowledged that we had
reached the promise land, after all, and many found it to be as ugly.

Now journalists like Cokie Roberts openly use NPR to say things like "well, the
Democrats have some serious problems". Imagine what critical mass of opinion
it takes for NPR the partisan commercial whoredom of the 21st century to put
something like that on air. Yahoo! news continues their blatant lies and false
spins on how wonderful Obama's health care reform is doing while Republicans
prepare for line-by-line investigations of all funds to states.

Speaking of commercial whoredom . . . yesterday I perused Twitter profiles on
my politicalpoidog and toejamblitz accounts. Listed under "journalists" with
regional identifiers, I found lists that included every Tanika Carmelita bellisimo
photo gallery with their deep, mahogony skin practically convincing you in an
instant that they are special information sources, too.

One profile found under "us news" was the photo of a cartoon female saying
that she had the right to bear arms because she is the mob. If I remember
correctly, it was under "freedom4USA" by a gun-toting granny type.

I also found "bs" in the Twitter listing saying that there were Twitter jobs
available. The photo that accompanied "bs" was a late 20-something sheet-
white guy with a thin goatee looking like he was going hunting for some dark
meat and talking about the rendition he did in the Summer of '69.

Twitter's "law enforcement" email contact might have figured out that I told
the white collar cyber crime fbi about my problems with my own Twitter blogs.
Social media sites are now the place where false information, false images, false
profiles abound to confuse, distort and dissuade.

I'm still in the haystack looking for that sewing needle that was tossed in by
those who enjoy hijacking information systems, but in the meantime, I found
some gems of information to get rid of the corrupt drug-supporting officials
who feign stupidity and indifference to Maui's own shriveling economy.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ongoing bullshit by wire terror fraudsters . . .

Dear Monster,

I told them so. While the State Comptroller releases a press statement in today's
Honolulu Advertiser about the "hacking" of two procurement computer systems
in Hawaii's Dept. of Commerce and Consumer Affairs and the Department of Human
Services, FBI Robert Mueller is in San Francisco with a policy directive on cyber
threats and risks. Mueller says we should act to "predict and prevent".

Speaking of prevention, Hawaii's Comptroller's Office claims that "someone in
Romania" and "a laptop in Russia" are responsible. It's nice to think that it is that
easy to trace and identify any type of wire fraud and cyber felony activity. In fact,
I have feeling that computer hardware experts know that much of the terror,
fraud and hacking taking place are preventable with the appropriate directives
from public officials. Maybe someone in control hasn't been as competent and
vigilant as they should be.

Around the time that "Deep Throat" died in December 2008, Yukie Yamada
called all information systems, including the Dept of Commerce and Consumer
Affairs, the Office of Information and the Workforce Resource Center with the
Dept of Labor and Industrial Affairs. She called out of concern that many of
their public access computer systems used Microsoft Explorer servers that
had been designated as a security risk in other countries.

Remember last year, President Obama's own Chief Technology Officer resigned
after a primary consultant was arrested by the FBI for bribery, money launder-
ing and other felonies. This was reported on internet news, and in a very thin
manner by the WSJ and NYT during the week of Kundra's disgrace. We won't
make too much of the fact that both Chief Tech Officer Kundra and his primary
consultant carried surnames from either India or Pakistan.

The Advertiser's owner, Gannett, is now trying to match financing for the sale
of the Advertiser to the owner of Honolulu's other daily paper. According to the
paper today, Gannett owns 83 daily papers, including USA Today. Journalists
are feeling victimized and even the editorial sections of both papers look like
cogs in the wheel of a diminishing print media industry. should be seen as having played a critical role
in exposing wire/cyber terror in Hawaii and how this creates conditions for
crimes to spill over into the civic sector resulting in the disintegration of trust
within the collective community mind-set. I hate paranoia, don't you?

To be diligent, truthful, accurate and fair is the stated mantra on editorial page
of the Honolulu Advertiser. Let's see this print media monolith, owned and
operated by another print media monolith tell the story about how their own
information system, humanoids included, has been impacted in today's world
of information, terror and corruption.