Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monster update from private residence

Dear Monster,

There are fewer evil-doers trying to create conditions for Yukie's
hardship in Hawaii now. The corrupt and the criminal groups are
now thinned out to just the ones who aren't so stupid. They got
rid of Mr. Pew and the pedophiles dripping with opportunism over
Hawaii's public naivete and ignorance.

A couple of Sunday's ago, a Congressman from California, Mr.
Darrel Issa, Republican Oversight Committee Chair was on cable
news saying that Obama ought to face a corruption investigation.
Even the Chicago Tribune has open articles by regular Chicago
journalists who think this guy who is President should be kicked
out of Washington DC and sent back to Chicago to be mayor.
That's about the level of his executive abilities. As we speak, the
President's own Chief of Staff is running for Chicago mayor as
reported by CNN weekend news.

My calls have been plentiful recently to solidify contacts who are
not in public office here on Maui and with groups who have no real
corrupt agenda even if they tried. As my twitter.com/FernSpoke
account, a few calls to Ways and Means in Washington made a
difference very quickly. Some systems adapt and thrive based on
a logical sequence of fulling their overt and declared purpose.


Saturday, November 20, 2010


Dear Monster,

TOEJAMBLITZ REPORT, the blog with Yukie Yamada's self sovereignty
statement has a problem with parasites. Speaking of problems on the wire
information system, Thursday's Honolulu newspaper reported that the
-uh- University of Hawaii information system FAILED with an 'F' grade
by an auditing organization from Washington DC. 259,000 leaked id's
with Social Security numbers, addresses and other personal info was lost
from the -uh- University of Hawaii database.

The State of Hawaii has been in more than denial, they are now facing a
class-action lawsuit by a group who wants to insert their fingers into the
"policy" climate of the state. Well. Maybe they should take a look at the
corrupt "practices" by the court system that gives funds and preferential
treatment to drug criminals, drug addicts and corrupt players. While
they are looking, take a look at the legal establishment all run by liberal
"policy" groups who stage class-action lawsuits for their own end and allow
terror victims to live without due process unless it serves their profit.
Liberals are like that.

Anyway, below is my revised statement of intent for self-sovereignty:

As a terror crime victim/survivor of severe and pervasive wire fraud, wire
stalking and privacy violations since August 2001, this self-sovereignty
statement provides a legal and political model to achieve freedom from
exploitation, to pursue happiness, to prosper and thrive in alignment with
declared and LIVED beliefs in defense of human dignity.

In my lifetime, I have witnesses, experienced and read of political, cultural
and economic trends that demonstrate an ongoing contempt for the stated
principles and laws of this country. Challenging and defeating the corrupt
hearts and minds within American systems of government, commerce, and
intelligence is to stake our claim in defining our country's history and role
of one many sovereign nations and souls in the world.

During a period of severe personal and financial hardship due to my own
efforts to address this system evil, I lived and worked on small agricultural
private properties and farms in rural Maui. This experience of subsistence
living provided a "how-to" awareness of building an intentional partner-
ship with land, landscape and a daily practice of sustained dignity in a
permeating human culture of contempt.

By living in close contact with the natural environment since August 2007,
I found the necessary inner resources of belief and commitment to confront
what is the most toxic source to human dignity: malicious contempt and
practices by those who occupy legitimate positions in government and
the elitism of professional authority.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Surprise! It's Wild Fern!

Dear Monster,

It's been a successful General Election and policy attack for the past several
months! Republicans from the House Appropriations Committee received my
complaints, and the complaints from others who listened to my cell phone
voice mail updates for the past weeks as I left strategic info to rid our systems
from terror stalking and vulture venturists with Mr. Logistics Monster.

I found Mr. Logistics Monster on a Twitter account with a link to an internet
site from "Master". Gruesome real life photos of Federal Reserve type male
faces with listed links to industrial commodity info lines. ugh. I sent a tweet
from FernSpoke leaving this Dear Monster's blog info. Looks like regionalism
is now the stabilizing system plan for emerging market areas while hogs try
to silently grab development projects in Afghanistan. Banks like Wells Fargo
and Bank of America are being exposed for aggressive foreclosure of properties
here in this country in the most malicious property seizure escapade ever seen
in bankrupt failed financial institutions.

National Geographic cable tv now has documentaries with pet journalists who
create shadowy statements about the lingering trauma of 9-11 and the conspiracy
theories about how the World Trade Towers collapsed with structural engineers
being quoted but no word from pilots who knew about the problems in our
airline superhighway for years before 9-11. Not one peep about the Washington
Examiner's article about 27 links to terror financing in our market system and
not one quote from those women who lost their families in the 9-11 incident then
led the public investigation in 2004 about who, what, when, and how.

My theory is that Mr. Pew from the Census Department is at his sinister work with
the NatGeo documentary archive trying to hide and destroy what was known and
documented about the cause and effect of an intelligence culture that had the
characterisitics of that multi-headed hydra described by Uncle Tom Colin Powell
in his push for a pre-emptive war on terror in 2002.

Now Osama bin Laden has an appearance just last week in a video claiming that
America has received its punishment for their policies of economic and cultural
domination at the expense of true regional stability in areas where commodities
have been holding cultures hostage for decades. He sounds like he's representing
the world at large, with exception of Scandanavia, England and Saudi Arabia.
When Defense Secretary Gates says to consider all options for negotiations
in Afghanistan, we know Osama got it straight this time.

In case the news feeds get off easy, I thought I would report that in the past two
weeks terror threats in Yemen, mail parcel bomb threats from Greece in Mexico,
Chile, the Netherlands, Belgium and Bulgaria with coordinated incidents of bombs
in Bankok all took place to shake down our General Elections this past Tuesday.

Obama looked really nuts for the past year. Republicans took back the House in
Congress with a gain of nearly 60 seats and 1% election squeaker wins for usual
Democrats who barely made it back to the Senate. Dems are sitting ducks, looking
like they know the inevitable with a lame duck President in his first term.

All very grim for over-weight Americans who believed in the American social
security two-car garage dream. Our future is hanging on the hinges in America
like California is hanging on the edge of the San Andreas fault line, waiting for
the reminder from Mother Nature that nothing is permanent. Not even the
domination from super power USA.

It's a policy of malice in the airwaves. Now acknowledging fear and dread, but
never speaking openly, never engaging in real terms, ongoing subterfuge with
obvious tones of contempt for those seeking what is an overt moral and just
approach from leaders. Even the Supreme Court is looking pale. The first black
justice, Clarence Thomas, appointed after being accused in his confirmation
hearing years ago of sexual harassment now being exposed by his girlfriend of
19 years. She's on Larry King CNN telling the story about how Thomas enjoyed
porn and violence in his intimate life while there are reports that Thomas' wife
is calling Anita Hill who accused him years ago to demand an apology.

When comedic figures like Colbert from the Comedy Channel makes a tearful
appearance before Congress on behalf of mistreated migrant tomato workers
in California to force concessions from tomato companies for increased wages
for their workers we can guess that some panty-boy do-gooder in his clueless
compulsion to look like someone cares for the Latino voting bloc before election
got the wrong dope from his "people-of-color" voting consultant.

Liberal attorneys like to say that when oppressed groups like Native American
farmers fight and wait for 10 years to receive $700 million for blatant exclusionary
loaning practices from federal grants and agencies, it a victory. Passive Native
American farm groups sigh with gratitude for having to work for what others
received for free with no problem. I say these academics should receive a political
scalping from their delusionary pedestal to say that this proves our Constitution
has reached its vision of equal treatment. This proves that our Constitution failed
due to the human evil of class/race contempt. After all, some of those Native farmers
died waiting for the Consitution to work.

Patience is not a virtue in the presence of malicious abuse of power. Healing for
the oppressed is not about forgiving. It is about making the point that forced
poverty and enslavement is evil in the modern world of sovereign souls and nations.
I don't look for blood to shed, but if they come taking blood, they should expect
that blood will run true.

"They went to the shore, those who have been nearly fishless and those who have
been stickless for so many years . . . they went to the shore for their daily harvest,
their daily bread. They went to shore but, alas, when they got there, they found that
the shore is no more."

Wild Fern said that she would dance until she were perfectly free. All is not the
same and the news feeds are just towing the perception line to keep the masses in
a state of perpetual denial and confusion. Yukie is now a Safe Neighborhood Advocate
still looking to avenge the lost pursuit of happiness for the past 9 years while forced
to wage political warfare to simply live a live of sustained dignity of soul.