Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Where's the Beef Wire Terror Report

Dear Monster,

Many now know the nature of wire stalking terror crimes
that took place in Yukie's life since August 2001. Many are
now reflecting that what has happened to her has perhaps
happened too them. It is a symptom of a larger problem.

Yukie's alter ego, aka Fern the Neo Con, is a manifestation
from years ago when this stalking started around the time
of 9-11 attacks on World Trade Towers.

Since then, Yukie had done her own reading about infor-
mation systems in our security information age. It seems
that there are and were unknown variables to counter-terror
policy authors. They now know the difference between
American Samoa and Samoa, don't they?

I wrote about this and sent an email from Wailuku Public
Library to Senator Arlen Spector in 2005. My email included
items about then President Bush's language about our war
on terror. Since then, Senator Spector changed his political
party, going from Republican to Democrat.

Yes, I did think about Monster being evil in 2006 when I
found my birth name on a website with foreign language
dialect and pornographic words interspersed. This site filled
with ads of no consequence was found through Google search
engine by doing a simple name search.

This site also carried the name of a film director I had met
on Maui. The website carried listings of nothing in particular.
It was from this computer that I sent complaints about email
fraud from CIA FBI sources as reported by Hawaii's FBI
Director. This was in early 2006. It was also from this
computer that I emailed DHS Cyberfelony agent with the
Secret Service who visited Maui for a counterfeit incident.

I found another incident recently while checking out the
website of a lobbying group involved with the Safe Food
legislation that had been inappropriately rushed through
the Senate about a year ago. The lobbying firm's website
had a page with the word "porn" followed by dialect or
foreign alphabet. I notified the firm and the CA group
who had direct contact with their lobbying effort.

We know that Fox News reported Obama's is here on
Xmas vacation again. My calls to press contacts this week
included a statement that I tried to address market wire
terror reported in the Honolulu Advertiser Nov. 2008.
It was an incident of a billion dollar loss in 30 minutes
with United Airlines after an outdated report surfaced in
the press through Bloomberg, Google and Sun Sentinel
in Florida (sister press to Chicago Tribune).

So, where's the beef Democrats? Why haven't they told my
story to VP Biden and Obama in urgent fashion? Like I said
to someone earlier today, I would challenge Biden to an arm
wrestling match to prove that he really isn't the one to know
where the beef has been found.

Former Presidential candidate Mondale asked this famous
one-liner to his Republican opponent "where's the beef?"
or in other words, where is the substance of the matter.
Sadly, in today's political climate the demand for substance
appears naive, and we all know that being politically naive
inspires a kind of cruel supremacy that has killed many a
meaningful thought movement.

Check out Cheryl Fish's article about academic meandering
about the impact of the beef industry and one's relationship
to consuming, be it food, sex, drugs or drink. Hey, I love a
nice piece of beef, venison or pork myself, especially if this
derived from humane practices or hunting. Fish's perception
about this issue sounds like she might be missing something
that is obvious to others but not to her.

Please sent this to twitter.com/msnbc_pictures, twitter.com/
postpolitics, twitter.com/msnbc_tech.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern the Neo Con
Haiku Maui
808 264-1514 (turned off this week due to privacy concerns)

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Dear Monster,

Nobody really knows who YOU are, Monster. They thought
you were the dirty rotten bastards who terrorized and used
dehumanizing tactics for fun. Not so.

Reports this past week provided stats for the public here in
Hawaii. Hawaii ranked 49th for the quality of its literacy and
reading programs funded by federal monies. Such programs
had money galore since 2002-03 when then-Lt. Governor,
now Congressmember Hirono championed the cause with all
fan fare and glory.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, Monster. Glad to say
that Yukie has always and will always say that all of her own
contact with State of Hawaii agencies included the statement
that Hawaii needed to address reverse discrmination.

Proud to say that Yukie was rejected since then by the State
of Hawaii complex of totalitarian mediocrity. None of her
efforts in independent research, person-to-person meetings,
demos and workshops for two years made a dent in their
perception of her not having any worth nor merit here.

In fact, I want someone to check to see if material from her
proprietary tri-fold marketing material corresponds with
any grant monies without her name during this period since
2002 when she contracted with PhD professionals from UH
to healthcare institutions.

Well. the mind control mechanism here and the dwindling
population of people of color pride should figure out that
there is something amiss in mudsville.

Haiku Maui

Friday, December 16, 2011


Dear Monster,

Unsubstantiated reports on the internet report that the
Phillipine government is now the newest Big Brother to
rape privacy in Facebook and Twitter. They say that it
will be to "investigate" crimes. yeah.

Take a look at their wire security and policies. Beware
all social media network users in America, especially in
our own Pacific waters: Aquino went broke, and now is
wanting to contract with defense contractors in his own
country to raid our privacy, then claim plausible stupidity.

Monsters must know they have worms in their own US
ranks here to rattle the saber.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Dear Monster,

In our body of conscience, those who have chosen to protect
and preserve the dignity, life and rights to privacy of known
declared terror victim/survivor Yukie Yamada have been in
the process of formalizing their own status. Reports of the
terroristic use, abuse and corrupt practices within intelligence
industrial information systems have been on records for years.

Moving from systems that are governed by laws other than
constitutional laws require a statement of intent, commitment
to a functional status, and verifiable statements substantiating
this choice. Consistent patterns to chose legitimacy and provide
access to formal protection as participants are required in each
phase. The end phase is not clear to any group, depending on
the depth of threat and risk.

Legislative and press patterns are optimistic. Communicating
networks of commerce, industry, organized crime attempting
to decriminalize, intelligence and legal structure have alerted
me of imminent legitimate action to the demise of some groups
of privilege who had presumed relevance.

My full name appeared on FLARE NETWORK in May 201o as
I navigated unknown threats by publishing my internet news-
letters on Twitter and Facebook. FLARE NETWORK, reports
of their own efforts in Eastern Europe to address this festering
culture of corruption of industry, commerce, organized crime
within information systems.

Forcing this agenda at this time will enhance current popular
movements to force accountability by elected officials. My
statement to Congressman Darryl Issa Republican from CA
today is to force accountability on the part Hawaii's own failed
federally elected officials for their patterns of corruption. My
statement includes incidents that resulted in the cover-up of
a known international drug site in Happy Valley in 2005.

My statement of conscience includes protection of those who
have also demonstrated an intent for ethical/moral/ legitimate
structures to protect and preserve intrinsic and material value
here in Hawaii. Recent APEC Conference events reveal a lack
of integrity by those who claim stewardship of the Pacific Rim.

also known as (aka) Fern
Yukie Yamada
Haiku Hawaii 96708
808 264-1514

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Legitimate Formal Structure: Protection Legal Process

All forms of illegitimate eavesdropping in my privacy have been
identified as a form of political coercion, slavery and criminality
by those who do not participate in creating legitimate forms of
governance as I have. All forms of illegitimacy in my case are
now identified and on record through my own process, without
Hawaii and Maui County providing any means of support.

Eliminate all those who hold federal elected office from any type
of presumptive relevance. They are aware that I am not seeking
reconciliation, only justice and a life acknowledged as a life of
terror, inhumane as they are dehumanized in their own minds.

I am considering the option of a structured period of time in
Washington DC to expedite any formal statement regarding my
experience of having had my identity and phone number used
on financial records and personal records of a known criminal
medical marijuana dispensary in Paia.

This site would include acknowledgment for formal contact
with press contacts who know of my effort to enhance testimony
of those who can report terroristic use and corrupt abuses in
industrial intelligence systems here in Hawaii.

This site would have formal contact with other sites on Maui
and in this country for verification of legal political process as
per my statements on my twitter and Facebook sites. Other
forms of correspondence and messaging will also be confirmed.
All efforts to grossly misrepresent my statements, or to co-opt
my right to due process given severe pervasive incidents here
in Hawaii will be on record as an intent to cause harm, degrade
and deprive me of a life of dignity.

I do not represent "race-based" movements sitting inert and
passive, waiting for someone to exert will, endure hardship and
shape structure so that they can claim economic sovereignty.
Have them receive this message as they are mostly subsidized
by the Democrats of California who as they can see know better,
have always known better and who did nothing to advance their
cause. Sit with that statement of fact.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Hawaii 96708
808 264-1514