Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Where's the Beef Wire Terror Report

Dear Monster,

Many now know the nature of wire stalking terror crimes
that took place in Yukie's life since August 2001. Many are
now reflecting that what has happened to her has perhaps
happened too them. It is a symptom of a larger problem.

Yukie's alter ego, aka Fern the Neo Con, is a manifestation
from years ago when this stalking started around the time
of 9-11 attacks on World Trade Towers.

Since then, Yukie had done her own reading about infor-
mation systems in our security information age. It seems
that there are and were unknown variables to counter-terror
policy authors. They now know the difference between
American Samoa and Samoa, don't they?

I wrote about this and sent an email from Wailuku Public
Library to Senator Arlen Spector in 2005. My email included
items about then President Bush's language about our war
on terror. Since then, Senator Spector changed his political
party, going from Republican to Democrat.

Yes, I did think about Monster being evil in 2006 when I
found my birth name on a website with foreign language
dialect and pornographic words interspersed. This site filled
with ads of no consequence was found through Google search
engine by doing a simple name search.

This site also carried the name of a film director I had met
on Maui. The website carried listings of nothing in particular.
It was from this computer that I sent complaints about email
fraud from CIA FBI sources as reported by Hawaii's FBI
Director. This was in early 2006. It was also from this
computer that I emailed DHS Cyberfelony agent with the
Secret Service who visited Maui for a counterfeit incident.

I found another incident recently while checking out the
website of a lobbying group involved with the Safe Food
legislation that had been inappropriately rushed through
the Senate about a year ago. The lobbying firm's website
had a page with the word "porn" followed by dialect or
foreign alphabet. I notified the firm and the CA group
who had direct contact with their lobbying effort.

We know that Fox News reported Obama's is here on
Xmas vacation again. My calls to press contacts this week
included a statement that I tried to address market wire
terror reported in the Honolulu Advertiser Nov. 2008.
It was an incident of a billion dollar loss in 30 minutes
with United Airlines after an outdated report surfaced in
the press through Bloomberg, Google and Sun Sentinel
in Florida (sister press to Chicago Tribune).

So, where's the beef Democrats? Why haven't they told my
story to VP Biden and Obama in urgent fashion? Like I said
to someone earlier today, I would challenge Biden to an arm
wrestling match to prove that he really isn't the one to know
where the beef has been found.

Former Presidential candidate Mondale asked this famous
one-liner to his Republican opponent "where's the beef?"
or in other words, where is the substance of the matter.
Sadly, in today's political climate the demand for substance
appears naive, and we all know that being politically naive
inspires a kind of cruel supremacy that has killed many a
meaningful thought movement.

Check out Cheryl Fish's article about academic meandering
about the impact of the beef industry and one's relationship
to consuming, be it food, sex, drugs or drink. Hey, I love a
nice piece of beef, venison or pork myself, especially if this
derived from humane practices or hunting. Fish's perception
about this issue sounds like she might be missing something
that is obvious to others but not to her.

Please sent this to twitter.com/msnbc_pictures, twitter.com/
postpolitics, twitter.com/msnbc_tech.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern the Neo Con
Haiku Maui
808 264-1514 (turned off this week due to privacy concerns)

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Dear Monster,

Nobody really knows who YOU are, Monster. They thought
you were the dirty rotten bastards who terrorized and used
dehumanizing tactics for fun. Not so.

Reports this past week provided stats for the public here in
Hawaii. Hawaii ranked 49th for the quality of its literacy and
reading programs funded by federal monies. Such programs
had money galore since 2002-03 when then-Lt. Governor,
now Congressmember Hirono championed the cause with all
fan fare and glory.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, Monster. Glad to say
that Yukie has always and will always say that all of her own
contact with State of Hawaii agencies included the statement
that Hawaii needed to address reverse discrmination.

Proud to say that Yukie was rejected since then by the State
of Hawaii complex of totalitarian mediocrity. None of her
efforts in independent research, person-to-person meetings,
demos and workshops for two years made a dent in their
perception of her not having any worth nor merit here.

In fact, I want someone to check to see if material from her
proprietary tri-fold marketing material corresponds with
any grant monies without her name during this period since
2002 when she contracted with PhD professionals from UH
to healthcare institutions.

Well. the mind control mechanism here and the dwindling
population of people of color pride should figure out that
there is something amiss in mudsville.

Haiku Maui

Friday, December 16, 2011


Dear Monster,

Unsubstantiated reports on the internet report that the
Phillipine government is now the newest Big Brother to
rape privacy in Facebook and Twitter. They say that it
will be to "investigate" crimes. yeah.

Take a look at their wire security and policies. Beware
all social media network users in America, especially in
our own Pacific waters: Aquino went broke, and now is
wanting to contract with defense contractors in his own
country to raid our privacy, then claim plausible stupidity.

Monsters must know they have worms in their own US
ranks here to rattle the saber.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Dear Monster,

In our body of conscience, those who have chosen to protect
and preserve the dignity, life and rights to privacy of known
declared terror victim/survivor Yukie Yamada have been in
the process of formalizing their own status. Reports of the
terroristic use, abuse and corrupt practices within intelligence
industrial information systems have been on records for years.

Moving from systems that are governed by laws other than
constitutional laws require a statement of intent, commitment
to a functional status, and verifiable statements substantiating
this choice. Consistent patterns to chose legitimacy and provide
access to formal protection as participants are required in each
phase. The end phase is not clear to any group, depending on
the depth of threat and risk.

Legislative and press patterns are optimistic. Communicating
networks of commerce, industry, organized crime attempting
to decriminalize, intelligence and legal structure have alerted
me of imminent legitimate action to the demise of some groups
of privilege who had presumed relevance.

My full name appeared on FLARE NETWORK in May 201o as
I navigated unknown threats by publishing my internet news-
letters on Twitter and Facebook. FLARE NETWORK, reports
of their own efforts in Eastern Europe to address this festering
culture of corruption of industry, commerce, organized crime
within information systems.

Forcing this agenda at this time will enhance current popular
movements to force accountability by elected officials. My
statement to Congressman Darryl Issa Republican from CA
today is to force accountability on the part Hawaii's own failed
federally elected officials for their patterns of corruption. My
statement includes incidents that resulted in the cover-up of
a known international drug site in Happy Valley in 2005.

My statement of conscience includes protection of those who
have also demonstrated an intent for ethical/moral/ legitimate
structures to protect and preserve intrinsic and material value
here in Hawaii. Recent APEC Conference events reveal a lack
of integrity by those who claim stewardship of the Pacific Rim.

also known as (aka) Fern
Yukie Yamada
Haiku Hawaii 96708
808 264-1514

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Legitimate Formal Structure: Protection Legal Process

All forms of illegitimate eavesdropping in my privacy have been
identified as a form of political coercion, slavery and criminality
by those who do not participate in creating legitimate forms of
governance as I have. All forms of illegitimacy in my case are
now identified and on record through my own process, without
Hawaii and Maui County providing any means of support.

Eliminate all those who hold federal elected office from any type
of presumptive relevance. They are aware that I am not seeking
reconciliation, only justice and a life acknowledged as a life of
terror, inhumane as they are dehumanized in their own minds.

I am considering the option of a structured period of time in
Washington DC to expedite any formal statement regarding my
experience of having had my identity and phone number used
on financial records and personal records of a known criminal
medical marijuana dispensary in Paia.

This site would include acknowledgment for formal contact
with press contacts who know of my effort to enhance testimony
of those who can report terroristic use and corrupt abuses in
industrial intelligence systems here in Hawaii.

This site would have formal contact with other sites on Maui
and in this country for verification of legal political process as
per my statements on my twitter and Facebook sites. Other
forms of correspondence and messaging will also be confirmed.
All efforts to grossly misrepresent my statements, or to co-opt
my right to due process given severe pervasive incidents here
in Hawaii will be on record as an intent to cause harm, degrade
and deprive me of a life of dignity.

I do not represent "race-based" movements sitting inert and
passive, waiting for someone to exert will, endure hardship and
shape structure so that they can claim economic sovereignty.
Have them receive this message as they are mostly subsidized
by the Democrats of California who as they can see know better,
have always known better and who did nothing to advance their
cause. Sit with that statement of fact.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Hawaii 96708
808 264-1514

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Wifi pests and parasites are identifiably increasing liklihood
for direct intervention for transfer into safe haven to continue
process for my legislative model for self-governance with open
legitimate support by those who have protected my assertion
for fundamental rights to live free and clear from political
coercion and harassment, the right to privacy and free affilia-
tion in all activities, the right to fulfillment of life.

In recent months, I have spontaneously met others on Maui
during my daily activities and shared brief conversations. For
the record, I have a hand-written statement with me to pass
on to those in the community who have shown interest in my
experience or who have had person-to-person contact.

This statement in my hand-writing is proof of my known and
active distressed relationship with government agencies and
officials. My statement of conscience is implicit in this one-page
document describing violations of my fundamental rights for a
number of years, including pervasive wire fraud and stalking.

Cyber-crimes present the most important threat to any of our
fundamental rights. Wire fraud is a precursor to all corruption
and crimes in our society. That this is not known, or perhaps
denied as fact, is the fault of those in policy and office.

Being a known victim, acknowledged by international news
groups and political operatives carries the risk of being clearly
defined by existing institutional forms of discrimination and
hate. I am female, I am of Japanese descent in a place where
Japanese Americans are known to have state-based regional
power of control. My verifiable complaints give the picture of
my victimization in "female" stereotypes via news reporting.

As well as the above, my personal life history has not been of
traditional course in choice and belief. My political thought is
under constant attack by news/information stakeholders who
seek to define my identity for their own gain. I do not fit in any
nor all of what exists in mainstream information systems.

It will be confirmed that I have had distaste and disgust for all
forms of mainstream commercial mechanism of message. This
includes my refusal to be defined by advertising trends and all
that pervades modern telecommunications/broadcast. All who
knew me in previous years knew that I did not integrate what
messages were found in television and pop film culture, nor did
I feel a need to understand any group dynamic that sought to
emulate these paradigms.

My female status as terror victim within certain government
and institutional forms of control leaves an image of that I had
described in my article to the Wall Street Journal in 2007. This
article, Pimps of Angelina's Deli described the innocence and
perversity of advertising monies in the esteem of a young female
who was being watched and whose image was used for sale of
sports consumer goods.

Finding contact with those in officialdom requires that I address
this inevitable dynamic of presumed abuse of my female dignity.
My dignity has been under assault for years. Conditions created
where there is broad public acceptance of corruption, verifiable
and overt means of corrupt intimidation, and wire crimes in my
life led to increased violence. If not for the insistence and inherent
decency found in civilian life, fatal harm could have taken place.

Based on my commitment to confront this evil, and it was a very
personalized evil that I have confronted on Maui, it was necessary
to live a life deprived of basic human "food" and blood that usually
comprises meaning of life. Being forced to sustain meaning only
through a commitment to fundamental truths or belief destroyed
any and all aspects of communion, completion and resolution in
other relationships.

I am forthcoming in describing my intent to insist on forms of
technological structure protection for a legislative model of self-
governance and sovereign enterprise. This is my contribution and
deserved right based on having participated to exposed, destroy
and defeat the intent to cause degradation in my life.

Based on my application on Twitter and Facebook, based on open
outrage expressed with groups here, there is cause to say that on
Maui there have been found common thread with other messages
in the world and nation. Failed policies, failed governance and
a news systems lacking formal understanding of human distress
have consequence on the collective human psyche.

Seeking institutional protection and a form of "love" is not foreign
as I am an adult who has received in my lifetime knowledge of such
potential realized. An existence constantly in flux due to wire crimes
and hacking does not allow for personalized forms of love to grow
in the usual ways. This interruptus tactic shall end.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Hawaii
808 254-1514

Friday, November 4, 2011


The industrial crimes insider trading financial scandals sex tales
pimp-n-whore trade 'n barter game in corrupt Congress is now on
the table exposed in news reports. 12 Congressmembers exposed
within 9 months of sexual misconduct, whew.

Hidden behind the reporting on Occupy Wall Street protests world-
wide are stories through internet sites exposing patterns that explain
why after 10 years of the war on terror on drug terror financing, the
message news machine from Associated Press and California is talking
about deep poverty increasing while America's economy has collapsed.

Let's force an economic structure that provides incentives for basic
goods/services without a socialist government doing it for them. Think
of that: basic resources manufactured to a certain percentage in your
own region with checks and balances based on perception and level
of corruption.

An economy based on services that provide necessary basic under-
standing on how to think through making the correct decision with
conflicts of interests. An economy that creates material value for what
humans need for trust in services of health and home.

Why the bullshit dumbed down hogwash on television and radio? I
don't know. Monster decided to say it has been a success with how
Occupy Wall Street has mobilized many in America from all walks of
life and political belief. Protest corporate greed, keep on protesting
those who create market structure incentives and most of all protest
failed policies by corrupt officials. The news message machine has
heard from Fern.

Monster now spends some time listening to music for relaxation and
to uknown pieces of music to identify its source and origin. Music theft
fraud is very serious, says Monster. Even Pandora, the well-known
music server on the internet is facing serious lawsuits.

aka Fern is almost recognized as the first American of Japanese
descent self-governing legislative model free and clear from parasitic
corrupt strings of corrupt monies. Her identity is now fraudulently
on a google search with a FAKE peace group. She has never and will
never associate her life, identity and intellectual property/experience
with the concept of "peace after her life in a wire terror reality set up
with malice and contempt by those who don't believe in fundamental
rights to free affiliation and privacy.

Peace is not possible for those who continue to live in conditions set
up for degradation, deprivation and intentional discrimination. Those
who cower passively like inert nazi peons to such domination will
always become an accomplice to terror/corruption. Tax cowardice!

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Maui

Friday, October 21, 2011


Dear Monster,

Ending affiliation with Pacific Radio Group means they are
dog meat for those who knew they would never survive doing
the wire terror petty organized crime government controlled
news and advertising.

Since most in Hawaii are followers, they follow crap found
on most radio programs. Thankfully, radio program demos
are possible these days on social media sites like Facebook
and Twitter. It's already happening with options for quality
of content by those who have information and capability to
manage information enterprises.

With international and nation stakeholder interests listening
to Pacific Radio Group every morning, Maui is now looking
like two completely separate realities of information. In old
operational reality, we find analog "intent to cause harm"
borderless system of control. On the other hand, we exist in
a modern info structure like digital companies are found on
the interent with protected integrated infrastructure.

Many don't think of Facebook and Twitter social media net-
working companies as government contractors for what they
provide to agencies, but they obviously are. How to protect
independent private sector and civilian use of social media
is urgent and needed in legislation.

My contact with Facebook and Twitter includes examples
since December 2009 of wire terror/hacking/hate crimes
drug violence incitement. My experience has more than a
little intrinsic value with my statement of conscience. My
documented experience of wire terror crimes and hardship
describes a symptom of a larger problem in the digital infor-
mation age.

Thanks to the CEO and found of Facebook for subscribing
to my Facebook page last month. I am seeking to have my
Facebook enterprise demonstrate that implementation of
Hate Crimes legislation/policies/practices has value for all
those who see the potential of multi-layered function for
their social media networks.

With Zero Tolerance for Drug Harassment in Workplace
and Hate Crimes laws to protect from institutional forms
of coercion, others will find Facebook and Twitter essential
to future independent self-governance based on private
enterprise. A mini version of USA Inc, defined by those
who persevere current malice, hate and desperation from
the exposed established order of industrial intelligence.

Fern Fitzgerald as my legal pen name was really meant as
an effort in perversity and absurdity. After all, those who
claim to be control in Hawaii, meaning others of Japanese
descent and those of "color" have shut me out from any
legitimate process with government services for too many
wasted years of my adult life. They were seen as those who
were destined to fail the test of inclusion and autonomy.

They have failed by refusing to acknowledge facts of my
experience on reccord for years. Good riddance.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern Fitzgerald
Haiku, Maui
Wild Fern's Media Events & Production
808 264-1514

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Dear Monster,

Political hypocrisy must be exposed. Political hypocrisy by
Republican Presidential candidate Governor Rick Perry from
Texas impacts industrial intelligence economics in Hawaii.

Hustler Publisher/owner, Larry Flynt, took out full page ads
in Texas newspapers offering a million dollars to prove that
this Governor Rick Perry has fatal political liabilities.

Exposing Republican Senate candidate former Governor Linda
Lingle will reveal the problems here in Hawaii as a result of
a symptom of a larger problem with USA Inc. corruption. Lingle
is wanting to run for the Senate after what she has done while
in office as Governor? Lingle has one foot in the political left and
one in foot in the political right at the same time.

Sound familiar? Bipartisan corruption is not wanted.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Exposed: Monster Royale and Consorts

Dear Monster,

The serious people from California finally found my
proprietary sites on Twitter and Facebook. They know
that they were in the dark, so to speak, because they
are not involved with civilian matters. Civilian lives
and issues are for public/government institutions, for
the news media, etc, not for serious operatives.

The civilian force should not be their concern, nor is
any one's privacy of concern unless there is a clear and
verifiable pattern that some have chosen to intentionally
involve themselves. Hawaii's failure to respond to Yukie's
complaints of privacy stalking and political slavery for a
terror intel network in Hawaii is now resulting in extra-
ordinary action by others to take all things necessary into
the public/government sector by force. When others have
to act outside of jurisdiction, it is the end of ends.

Yukie was never intentionally involved with such sordid
economic structures and plans. Yet, since perpetrators
continued to stalk her as a civilian who refused their little
secret corrupt society of liars, she demonstrated that the
public sector is usually more persuaded by law and reason,
what is humane and just.

Hate begins the division of all in the public sector. Any type
of institutional hate incitement has been shown to destroy all
that is humane and just. Schizos are the best hate instruments
in all of America. No schizo should be seen merely as humans.
They do not display the usual human response to anything.

The majority of the population given the truth would, in
their own interest, act in law and reason for what is humane
and just. Stalking her privacy was a very stupid and brutal
thing to do given what she put out as a civilian. Those who
are responsible have been nearly eliminated now.

With the "serious" ones who generally choose what is in the
interest of humane and just for the sake of prosperity, she
gave them the worst sort of information, year after year. She
did convince them that she told the truth in a way that gave her
rights to certain privileges of her very own. She is special. She
will have special status as a self-governing entity.

Her complaints have been detailed, objective and full of her
personalized experience. The liars are here in Hawaii, Maui
and in San Francisco. My documents were trafficked from her
computer and from offices since 2003. The you-know-who of
Hawaii thought they could starve a capable person like Yukie
into economic submission in their little secret dens.

True economic terrorists exposed in Hawaii by these types
of writings happened. It is obvious that there is no governance
on Maui by law and reason with checks and balances, action
responses and a public that gives a fuck about what matters
in any deeper sense of truth.

There was a conspiracy to cover-up my complaints from the
beginning by those who are intimate with government officials.
There is no possible way that our officials could have not
known about the potential for such severe abuses. This abuse
of power to force Yukie into a life outside of her right to live
in alignment with her own beliefs and freedoms. Take a look
at them now, after ten years of arrogance and contempt. It
is clear Yukie would never allow her privacy to be used in any
manner and she would never work for idiots.

That Yukie refused to collude with race-based political
movements for Democrat profit engines in the news media
is the hatred being expressed from a political standpoint.
I can acknowledge systemic race-hate while refusing to act
with race-based political movements because they would
not serve my process for justice. My problems have to do
with my alignment with belief.

Too bad for Democrats. They can sell other bumper stickers
for fund-raising. How 'bout Al Gore for Vice President 2012?
He'd be the first Vice President to win the VP seat twice. He
deserves to be VP again. haha. After all he also got the free
publicity ride as Nobel Peace Prize recipient like this corrupt
Prezy Obama from the highest from of industrial/intelligence
group in the world in Sweden/Norway. So what if he started
military efforts in Libya and weakened the war effort in the
Middle East? A prize is a prize.

Losers should learn from Al Gore. He was so graceful in his
2000 loss to George W. Bush. What a great loser. And for those
who are trying to type-cast Yukie, she is atheist, but lives by all
her words, actions, beliefs, choices and experience in alignment.
She despises hypocrisy and the cowardice that is used to some-
times justify taking the easy road to freedom.

Wild Fern Media Events & Production
Haiku Maui

Thursday, September 1, 2011

9/4/11 UPDATE: Wild Fern's First Event Concept: Making a Point Known

Dear Monster,

How to begin? First event concept is now on Facebook with
current friends who know about my Twitter accounts seeking
single sponsors for each unedited, proprietary written during
and while there was active terror stalking wire fraud of my life
and privacy. Single corporate/donor sponsor to honor my hard-
ship due to having made a "statement of conscience".

This formal acknowledgment will minimize ongoing exploita-
tion of a known victim. Hawaii's neglect of my complaints are
based on this intent, as well as pure incompetence in what is
the digital age economy and war on terror.

I know with any human effort of intrinsic/material value, the
American Way is to display open, deep hypocrisy as a form of
subjugation. This is seen in all of history of power systems.
WORKPLACE by sponsors/donors is the most important
criteria since it was the drug trade found in the mechanism
of information/intelligence that cause my victimization.

First, and perhaps only, event concept for my enterprise
Yellow (kitty) Press Media & Production:

Comedic Performers Walk on Maui as a national model/tour
for increasing visibility of humor performance, increasing the
flow of visitors to neighborhoods or commercial sites. Not to
be confused with the recent Slut Walk of Montreal.

Needed: finding a "theme" for performers to emulate, a few
intrepid celebrity sponsors who do not need to pigeonhole all
performance into their partisan mold design, and others who
have ability to create the "slideshow" low tech documentation.
This idea had a chat participant from a digital "friend" in NYC
that posted his scheduled "walk" with his dogs on his page.

Everyone should find prosperity with their performance, and
in this case HUMOR is the medium. Sorry musicians. Music is
not the beginning and end of humor performance even if all of
life is movement.

None of that incestuous fraudulent "non-profit" foundation
concept needed. Free enterprise without the NPR mind control
machinery is all that is needed. And yes, it is intentional on
my part to block access on Facebook to all in Hawaii. Nobody
would trust this type of wire hacking/leak while building one's
own enterprise value.

UPDATE: Wanted is acknowledgment of extraordinary set of
circumstances during this transition into digital news economy
that have increased hacking crimes in the lives of civilians. My
Facebook account is known to those who are able to provide
support/access based on demonstrated merit.

Having a Facebook account is like going to your usual grocery
store or cafe hang-out. There are layers of social connections
present, from employees to favorite employees to potential
friends, current friends, intimate friends, etc. A Facebook page
give one the ability to have this type of layered social/business
contact on their own account.

They recognize that I am an independent and free enterprise
agent having survived years of wire terror crimes. 'They" are
aware of legitimate plans to see what is possible in social media
as a mechanism for enterprise integration application. "They"
also know that Hawaii does not support free enterprise agents.

Legal/legitimate contacts have been made to demonstrate that
even with wire hacking/terror crimes occurring , there is value to
the capabilities of social media sites for entrepreneurs.

Retirement plan timeline: 2 years. The name suggestion has
been received. Consider making a point a marketing tactic.

Yellow (kitty) Press Media & Production
Wild Fern Media Events & Production
808 264-1514
Haiku Hawaii 96708

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30, 2011 from Haiku, Maui

Dear Monster,

It's true that Eddie Murphy appeared on my Facebook page
"friends" list last week. This was after Yellow (kitty) Press Media &
Productions was declared an enterprise concept on this site. Well,
having a celebrity in comedy/performance on my site signaled to
me a choice: formalize my intent for an independent enterprise
concept or accept a degree of absorption in the very same media
relations companies that dilute and manipulate.

It may be the dilemma for all large artist-types. I decided to take
to the cell phone and call around to real performers working in
the industry to build a network of personal contacts who might
be able to build action to contact him. Based on the circumstances
of how I got support this way on my Facebook account on my own,
my enterprises should reflect the success of social media networks
in building free enterprise.

After all, it is the moral/political capital owed me for years of my
contact with agencies, officials, etc. Claiming my right to a different
sort of media productions enterprise is not a deal. It's part of how
I will protect my rights as the truth is told.

Eddie Murphy's photo isn't on my page at the moment, likely due
to my formal requests to others to let him know of this newsletter.
Dear Monster will be famous even if Yukie retires in two years so
she can write and produce for fun.

Not to worry about United Press International on my twitter.com
account. . . it's obvious that I my civilian status of self-governance is
solidified now that its potential value in application, writings and
my legal model for my protection were created without any formalized
assistance from any contact in Hawaii's jurisdiction after years years
of formal complaints of deprivation of fundamental rights.

These several years of ongoing terror wire stalking by worthless shit
type opportunists on the wire required emergent action to protect
whole systems and populations. It was intentional neglect, failing to
see that it was within their jurisdiction, therefore, it now is their failure.

See how quickly things got better, thinner after calling Texas, Ohio,
Kentucky, Iowa, Nevada, Utah and a few in NYC? See how Vice Prezy
Biden visited last week to Hawaii for a couple of days on his way back
from Japan? See how the Washington Post and ABC respond, unlike
the SF Chronicle, LA Times and NPR's deafening silence?

The news wire fraudsters in Hawaii look like petrified elitists now.
Their Inouye bumper sticker should read: stealing = amputated souls.

Yellow (kitty) Press Media & Production
I found my filet minon

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Dear Monster,

My Facebook profile has a fabulous surprise, Monster!
We now don't have to worry so much about that nasty
invisible finger and hand from David Letterman Show

Check out my Facebook site: Yukie Karen Yamada. On
my front page there are links to Saturday Night LIVE and
even Eric Clapton, Betty White, Marvin Gaye along with
the news companies that have heard from the social media
site Facebook by Yukie Karen Yamada for 6 months.

It may be that others comedic performers will see the
opportunity with radio and digital media needing content,
persona and themes for the hungry public.

I spoke with a female from Chicago's theatre club scene
Impress These Apes, apes meaning judges. Each week
performers are given a week to create an assignment for
live stage theatre with three Apes (judges).

Funny, haha. One of the performers at their live theatre
has the same name as the former professional baseball player
who became a sports announcer only to be fired after he
made several insensitive remarks about race/ethnicities
on-air. See videos of Impress These Apes on the internet.

Now that Chicago's only alternative FM radio station was
shut down to become Chicago's only all-news FM station,
101.1 News Chicago may be looking for political humor.

Yellow (kitty) Press Media & Productions
Who stole my filet minon?

Monday, August 15, 2011


Dear Monster,

Now we see first hand the "established order" of sinister
news media-corrupt Democratic mediocrity. My former
housemates, including rewarded Rep. Gil Agaran, who is
on court record assisting his corrupt spouse when there
was an attempt to expose CORRUPT IMPLEMENTATION
at a known drug neighborhod where Okudara lived in
2004-05 gets false positive press yesterday. See article
below about the hostage arsenal police crisis in Kahului

Now we see on August 15, 2011 the Maui News has a nice
photo and picture of another sinister element of the now
exposed "established order" of news media and partisan
intimidation: Tom Blackburn Rodrigues at top section of
the Maui News editorial. He actually writes intelligently
about Gil Agaran's wonderful effort to address violence in
the lives against women and kids.

Now we see how the news media likes to follow the curve
of "risk reduction" funding: the more crimes reported to
the police, the more federal monies are made by grants
for non-profits. The logic is to acknowledge the problem
without ever addressing the root of the problem to keep
the Fraud Waste Abuse non-profit budget nice and fat.

My complaint about Tom Blackburn Rodrigues on his own
daily talk program with KNUI went to the General Manager
after he didn't return my calls for direct contact about the
dumbing down of the masses radio approach. Yes, he is from
the "established order" of social economic Democrat welfare
policies that comprise the bulk of Hawaii's budget.

Now we see the Maui News Editorial Page Editor has a few
questions to answer about SUSPICIOUS TIMING as my calls
and texts to Maui News former Editorial Page Editor Tanji
and Court Reporter Fujimoto corresponded with the last
entry to coffeeshopmonster below. It was just last Friday,
8/12 that I called on Tom's radio show and told him on-air
that I wanted to speak with him directly.

Gil Agaran claims to be a God-fearing praying Christian on
Maui and in public office. Does he want to answer questions
about why injustice is perpetuated with "risk reduction" type
funding by Democrats? Think about the profit incentive: the
more drugs and poverty - the more violence we have in our
communities and families - the more reports of violent crime-
the more money the state receives for drug-related violence.

By the way, for the dumbed down masses - "Where's the beef?"
is the famous losing one-liner by loser Presidential candidate
Walter Mondale in the 1080's. His work on Mondale's team is
Tom Blackburn Rodrigues' claim to fame with Washinton DC
campaign and politics.

As for finding monies for domestic violence with willful illegal
drug abuse - "risk reduction funds" were axed in the past few
months during the budget crisis in Congress in Washington DC.

Since this is a point of engagement for groups of integrity here
on Maui - the lecture series continues. Drug abuse is not the
same as drug addiction. Drug abuse, like drug addiction leads
to psycho-sexual power dimensions that are glossed over by
the policy academics who do not live on a daily level with
recipients of such subsidized funding/support. Ask those who
have first hand experience on a daily level with such recipients
spreading more violence toward all those in proximity while
living drugs, sex, rock-n-roll.

The non-profits and their Board of Directors must not read the
news about policy failures and shifts. Mind conditioning happens
in the "established order" of news mediocrity.

Who stole my filet minon?


Monday, August 8, 2011

Update 8/12/11: Reporting on News Patterns: twitter.com/Fern Spoke

Dear Monster,

Update 8/12/11 - Frustrating lack of response and
follow-up while reporting to local agencies about a race-
based hate text message sent from the Verizon phone
of a known licensed MD on Maui. I called MPD in the
evening requesting a direct call to my Verizon phone
and they reported that officers on the road only use
"restricted" cell phone # to respond. How would
any victim know who she/he is speaking with in such
a case where possible endangerment is posed with-
out having the phone number on records?

After requesting a call from a landline phone, a call
arrived from 808 579-8057 from Paia. I called both
Wailuku and Kihei MPD to confirm this call that did
not leave a message. At the moment this call arrived,
I was on the phone with a former social services pro-
vider to see if she had ever reported hate incitement.

The next day, I spoke with a female employee with
a non-profit run by this former social services provider.
A female volunteer answered the phone saying that
it was her first day at this worksite Neighborhood Place.
Their stated mission according to their "Coaching"
officer is to promote safety in families on Maui.

The volunteer said that the Executive Director and
this "Coach" were in a meeting with the Governor. I
made a strong statement that I do not support this
Governor and his established Democrat Party due to
practices that only benefited Democrats. Hawaii's
Governor, former Congressman Abercrombie, fails
to see the need for an on-the-table discussion about
a pattern of corruption within Democrat circles in
dealing with formal illegal drug crime reports in
Wailuku that were covered-up by prime corrupt
Democrats who were Yukie's housemates.

See today's headline news: Okudara, a known felon
suspect holding hostages for the 3rd day in Kahului.
He was reported as being in custody by the Maui News
about two months ago. Press reports say there is a
police "standoff" with a crisis team present. Okudara
was a teen ager who lived in Wailuku in 2004-05 on
the street where Yukie lived and made 3 taped statements
to MPD over 9 months about illegal drug activities. No
police arrived to question neighbors nor Yukie at this
site and neighborhood. He might remember Yukie due
to his own mother speaking to Yukie for assistance in
reporting to police about drug use with her other son
who had meth abuse on his record.

My strongest statement went to the ED about their
"Coach" failing to understand that Hate Crimes laws
and policies have in essence the purpose of protect-
ing dignity of lives in our everyday activities, to feel
safe and free from harassment. Hate Crimes policies
and programs have been a successful model in most
cities to provide an immediate system response.

Their "Coach" also did not see the urgency of having
received hate incitement via text messaging with a
Verizon cell phone. After all, as Verizon engineers
and workers are on strike there is sabotage reported
in Verizon systems. Mobile phones and wifi use are
mechanisms of violence, illegal drugs and crimes. It
is also a means for incitement of violence with hack-
ing of cables and wires.

Where is the beef in dealing with telecom violence
and corporate disruption? It is appropriate to make
a direct challenge to any agency receiving information
to inform, enhance and identify risks from Yukie as
Yukie spoke to them as an unpaid victim specialist.
Their lack of structure is based on a lack of ingrained
commitment to dignity of self based on safety for all
who live responsible, drug-free and crime-free lives
outside of the corrupt practices of status quo federal
grants and charities.

Reporting on news reporting patterns - my news line
with twitter.com/FernSpoke is now known to many
in radio, broadcast review newsletters, print media
and Associated Press. Yukie sent text messages out
from her Verizon cell phone under Fern Fitzgerald.

Reporting on news reporting patterns is something
that patsy journalists do on the side with Fox News.
They don't examine nor reflect the underlying news
secret of the "established order" of mediocrity known
to dumb down the news consumer.

The underlying "established order" of mediocrity is
found in all institutions of power, particularly those
who have an economic base that relies on certain ad
agency and industrial control stakeholders.

Yukie, being 50 years old, and female American of
Japanese descent, is not responsible for any existing
"established order" of mediocrity since she has not
been in unspoken and acknowledged systems of control
and privilege. It was THEIR fault, all THEIR fault.

Looking for a radio program as Fern Fitzgerald, or
perhaps Wild Fern, is to articulate through a radio
persona on a national level that America is waiting
for someone to say what is known: our government
and it's primary defining policies of belief no longer
serve the population in the USA.

"Established order" systems are witnessing with our
foreign policy contradictions and collapsed budget in
recent terms that the social economic welfare model
security blanket has become the mechanism through
which the war on illegal drugs has manifested. It is
a perverse reality: illegal drug corruption and crimes
now fuel the mantra of the war on terror. It's a fact
that poverty and illegal drug use fuels our failed war
on terror in our own country.

Republicans and Democrat officials are waiting for
the public to stop listening to the mind control news
media of "established order" mediocrity and think for
themselves as officials need to accept that they do not
represent any legitimate form of policy for current
ills and problems.

Reporting on news reporting patterns coast-to-coast
is what Fern Fitzgerald believes is necessary to promote
the mechanism of information and Truth that has been
noted with Dear Monster letters and other twitter news
letters under Yukie Yamada since December 2009.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Dear Monster,

An Illegitimate Quest for Truth, my original article written and
sent from a Pukalani desk top of a former friend who is more loyal
to pot-smoking friends than stated political aspirations/truth, is
no longer relevant for the Democrat Party. They don't like the
truth, nor Truth, about their systems. They get nasty, malicious
and PSYCHO when Truth confronts their lack warmth and love
from "Mom's" breast, or memory of breasts.

An Illegitimate Quest for Truth was sent to Truthout.org, if you
can believe that in early 2006 when I had email contact with their
Editor about writing for them. He didn't think the article, about
the failures of counter-terror policies to secure safety from terror
crimes in my life as a non-drug user, was relevant to their lunatic
academic progressive "truth" telling blog/newsletters.

An Illegitimate Quest for Truth provided enough details to get
rid of the primary obstacle of drug crimes in Wailuku, but some
Democrats in control made far more money lying about drug sites
and poly-drug international trafficking in Wailuku. Go check out
their resume with Maui County, Hawaii Democrat Party and a
few well-known private sector contractors in 2006-2008.

The famous State Whore Independent Democrat consultant, a
true midget at 4'9'' made all the short men feel big and strong in
the Democratic Party. She was so accessible, eye-to-eye. She is
in the Maui News campaigning for Obama in 2008. They got
her where it really counts in Chicago and Texas.



Friday, July 15, 2011


Dear Monster,

The Big Boys are here reading Dear Monster letters on
their own legitimate cyber-site. They are nearly numb
with shock and dismay that we've accomplished all this
without them knowing, without their input. They are
even a little scared. You know what that means . . . it
means they are again searching for the weakest link.

That ain't Yukie and her "system alliances" all over the
world and nation. The weakest link, take a look, is the
one at the top, just like Yukie said a year ago. Some put
the bumper sticker on the front end of the car, baby!
It was Obama's and Holders policy of leniency in 2009
with medical marijuana offenders that let to increased
crimes in the network. It's true.

No free analysis and synopsis for the confused weed
lovers and addicts out there. No hints and clues for all
the intel/industrial/commercial elbows looking to sneak
in with taking over California's insatiable appetite for
drugs with Nabisco on the map for soy ink recycled
paper rolled aromatics and edibles for cannabis.

After last Friday's Los Angeles Times article about how
the DEA and the Dept of Health and Human Services
investigated medical marijuana's legitimacy only to find
that it's really about just wanting to get high. Findings
may also reveal that there is increased criminalization
of clinics with other illicit drugs with increased crime,
violence, fraud and destructive behavior by users.

The battle has just begun to tell the truth about our drug
war and all that has happened in transnational tunnels
with Mexico and elsewhere where weapons, drugs, kidneys
and humans were trafficked along with intelligence for
all these years to keep "the rest" in their lesser places.

The Big Boys are now wondering if the Master sees them
as the weakest link. Oh-oh. Stay off the roads.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Declaration of Self-Sovereignty 7/4/11

Dear Monster,

The Master is known and defeated in the USA. Now
the Master is watching to see if Americans will lead
themselves into self-governance. The Master is, of
course, the evil Mr. Logistics Monster.

As always, on July 4th we get to read the document
that birthed our country. This Declaration of Indep-
endence provides the moral, legal and political form
to create one's own national destiny based on what
is established as malicious abuse of power. When it
is clearly established that identifiable institutional
powers betray repeatedly human life, dignity and
safety, there is cause to abolish such ties.

Not exactly like a divorce, but the betrayal of our
decadent and ignorant American population seems
to resemble the human response to finding out that
your partner has intentionally deceived you in the
most intimate and cruel manner.

Boo-hoo. Yukie has little sympathy for Americans
running around schizo these days, feeling like it all
doesn't quite fit together. I mean, didn't this idea
occur to them in past decades? After all, if someone
were to take a look objectively at polices and their
outcomes since my birth in 1961, it seems clear that
there is a little self-imposed deception, doesn't it?

A couple of years ago on the 4th of July, there were
news reports that government websites were targeted
in a coordinated way: Dept of Transportation, Dept
of Treasury, Secret Service and Federal Trade Commi-
ssion. Plus, all banks in South Korea. All in the same
period for 24-hours. duh.

Act of terror or an act of engaged response by the men
in black coats? Hard to say. Now, all nations say our
information systems lack a coordinated policy plan.

Yes, it's a symptom of a larger problem. We are not
safe, nor are our fundamental rights protected. Since
this premise is now imprinted in the minds of those
who lived for and by affirmations of positive thoughts
as food for life, Americans may yet save their souls.

haha. Just do it. Do the correct thing.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Update: 7-3-11 from Maui

Dear Monster,

Formalizing my process with Congress members who
are on record with my detailed urgent calls and details
found within health care and services programs here.
My suggestion to a number of press contacts included
former Democrat Rep. Jane Harman who resigned in
February from Congress. As Chair of Sub-Intelligence
Department of Homeland Security Gang Intelligence,
she has a "systemic" response along with California's
shame with recent developments.

Her Washington DC office knows that proposed laws
and policies re: telecom companies and consumer choice
for geolocation devices have been on record with two
Congressmembers: Wyden from Oregon and Chaffetz
from Utah. Both know that the telecom industry and
consumers need have choices.

Optimal and fluid conditions for exposing massive and
stinky corrupt systems linked to known mobsters and
financial figures internationally from So California, as
reported by msnbc. By the way, my vote for NBC's idea
for a non-stop 24-hour television news station for CA
was "no". Not until they talk about the drug policies.

Minimal input from Fernie now due to petty on ground
interference with live petty spies.


Saturday, June 18, 2011


Dear Monster,

It's a scream! California is aware that the golden
state image has been tarnished. About time. This
past week CA Governor Jerry Brown, who in my
opinion is one of the most recycled authentic guys
in CA politics, supported his Comptroller's policy
to stop payment to CA lawmakers.

They didn't adhere to CA law to balance their own
budget. Bad, bad State Assembly! Tax payers who
don't love Jerry Brown also thought that this style
of political persona "messaging" did the job. It
sent CA's "message machine" total mind control
mechanism the message: elected officials have a
different agenda than the bloated agenda of CA's
industrial groups with the news media.

If Jerry Brown sounds mad, it's because he is very
mad and insane. As insane as any citizen who is
on record demanding accountability for those who
hold office and privilege. Democrats have to do
SOMETHING, right? After all, the transnational
drug lines in San Diego with Mexico got on the news
with videos and real journalists this past year.

They can't decide how to pretend that there have
been quite a few who knew about the corrupt and
obvious symbiotic relationship between druggies
and industrial intelligence for years while drug
profits fueled terror activities in the world so that
we could have a profit war engine here or there.

Now even Hawaii's little enclave of total mind
control idiots want to support the Defense in any
and all aspects, after all, there is no other economy
here in Hawaii, right? Too much bad blood and
too many souls needing to be freed from having
witnessed and lived through unneeded cruelty for
the entertainment of those who live in absence
of any humanity.

And don't start looking to PBS for any truth and
accountability, they can see that most Americans
are really too stupid to think past what is on the



Friday, May 20, 2011


Dear Monster,

Yep, that was Yukie on Washington Journal C-span at 1am on May 18th.
She called in as a guest speaker about how sex scandals impact voters and
voter choices. "Well, we want elected officials to stay within boundaries
of law, reason and conscience, but they are human. And we want officials
to be human . . . they should take personal and political accountability
for their actions, and they should do it without increasing damage to the
public." She wanted to say more but the phone got cut off at 1:20am.
Verizon service on Maui is problematic.

All sex scandals are hitting the news: former Gov. Schwarzeneggar got
separated from his celebrity political wife Maria "Kennedy" Shriver from
NBC after his illegitimate child was made known to the public. He let
her know after his second term as CA Governor. The public says "who
cares, it's his life and hers." They now say on radio news that the lady
who has his 13-year old son was an employee in their home for most of
20 years and is a "chubby". You know, not movie star attractive.

Mean political machines in the news from CA provided distraction for
the masses still trying to figure out what is going on. California distress
is exhibited this way in public office display.

San Francisco City and County, having passed a law for residents on
how to properly dispense of compost material with private contractors
who operate with the City in 2009, was already facing lawsuit from a
few residents who don't like the Nazi Green machine enforcing laws
in their backyards for the sake of saving the planet. Now, they are
considering a law to ban practices in medicine for circumcision of male
infants. A $1000 fine will be imposed for subjecting male babies to this
inhuman treatment they call circumcision. Depriving men of full sexual
experience, they say, causes violent behavior.

I called Las Vegas KVVU television news, tho' they said they are not
going to pursue this matter of circumcision, I insisted that this is a partisan
issue of great value, no matter what Barnett says at their news station.
Liberal Nazis want us to forget that this President and their social programs
have increased the problems that they sought to solve with poverty, health
care and joblessness by failing to fully implement an articulate message
on all levels of society and the private sector. It's proven.

A City like SF, with about half a million residents and trillions of
dollars in economic might due to intelligence industrial commercial
information systems run like a mind-control machine with the nasty
hand of advertising messages to let us know that liberals have compassion
while conservatives have common sense. Correction: Liberals do not
create structure for conservatives, they only have compassion for liberals.
Period. Conservatives create structure that serves both conservatives and
liberal lunatics.

Crisis is at hand. They've proven what we've all suspected and what
the world has always known. The American public has been left out
of the dialogue while their consumer-based comfort slowly but surely
is lost. America has not demonstrated intent to serve the health and
prosperity and safety of Americans, much less the rest of the world.


Pigeons, Prohibited Weapons & Hanging Loose

Friday, May 6, 2011


Dear Monster,

Guess what?! This past weekend, in the afternoon while all were
lounging, drinking beer and watching sports events, there was an
TERRORIST OSAMA BIN LADEN. In a special operation started
on Friday, Osama bin Laden was found in a place called Abottabad.
haha. Sounds like someone had a few too many drinks while doing
the graphics with Navy intelligence map service.

It is reported that Abottabad is located 62 miles from Islamabad,
Pakistan in the NW region of the country close to Afghanistan's
tribal regions from where many Associated Press articles report
for in the mainstream press. Abadabad sounds more like some-
where in Pakistan. Abottabad? haha.

The other night, on a radio news station from Washington DC,
they quoted the CIA Director Panetta, who was just appointed to
his next job as Secretary of Defense but not yet approved, said to
the press that there was a 25-minute period blackout during the
time Navy Seals entered bin Laden's million dollar mansion to
kill him. It is reported that at this site, there were no services
for internet nor phone.

Then, an hour or so later, this radio station reported that the
mansion where Osama was found had marijuana plants growing
around the site. bin Laden was a pot head.

Now, Yukie's own effort to establish zero-tolerance policies
in private sector companies to protect employees, customers and
contractors from illegal drug harassment has more support than
ever! She thinks that even Coca-cola, the original drink that
used coca-based ingredients in their soda for the first 5 years of
operation, will say that illegal drug use is a bad thing in their
operations. Coke now has over 500 drink selections instead of
their "real thing" Coke drink that still competes with Pepsi for
pubic love and loyalty.

The alert for all ports, transportation services and sites of entry
came from the FEDS the day of bin Laden's death. They believe
that there may be retaliation for his killing. The NARCS over at
Border Protection in Honolulu received a message from Yukie
the other day.

They may have heard by now about the problem with narc addicts
in the public walking on private property with wi-fi computers while
taking notes about residents who live there. They arrive with the usual
addict-going-down-the-drain flair drama about getting fired, their
pain about losing their bank cards, and needing help while using
facilities on the property to shoot drugs, leave dirty clothes on
the floor, etc. Talk about criminal endangerment!

Who would use such tactics? Corrupt real estate brokers who like
to make money from exposing drug crimes to make money for the
attorneys who work with criminal justice to cover-up white collar
involvement with illegal drugs. Yes, the name of this narc addict is
unknown, but she uses the name Katlyn, drives a black Mercedes
and is known for her widespread loving ways. It was reported that
she has used Morphine injectables at the residence of aquaintances.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FOX News Cavuto: Obama Misleads Public

Dear Monster,

Fox News has funny journalistic figures. Huckabee, the former
Presidential candidate refusing to be canned by conservative-type
image makers has his own Fox News show after last election.
Every program ends with his own rock-n-roll band of his own
production staff at Fox News. haha. He rocks.

John Stossel's recent report, Freeloaders, all about perpetrators
of corrupt policies played for over a month during evening hours
and on weekends. Stossel's latest gusty program took on the 'gun'
issue, you know, right to privacy to own registered weapons and
the right for law enforcement to barge in your home to see if you
have illegal arms. An important issue after Arizona's Congress-
woman was gunned down in her own state.

Today, Cavuto has an Oklahoma Democrat Congressman saying
that the cause and effect of Obama's rhetoric and policy choices
with regard to taxing of oil companies hurts mostly working class
Democrats. California is pushing the press to sell their not-so
innovative plan for solar/wind technologies to be 1/3 of their
electricity by the next two Presidential elections.

For the record, I called the Sacramento Bee last week to report
that California had a press release about their state laws providing
incentives for solar/wind ventures about the same time that this
President was doing his flip-flop about whether he would allow
oil drilling off California's coast and reduce foreign imports. As
long as Congressional Committees who over see such ventures
know their timing and patterns with known stakeholders in CA
are being monitored for suspicious trade and barter patterns.

Suspicious timing even for CA Oversight Chair Darrell Issa who
was on CNN saying that Obama's corrupt pattern was worth being
scrutinized. Make sure perks within CA's Republican/Democrat
deal making machinery is also known to Oklahoma.

Former Mayor Gavin Newsom, now Lt. Governor of CA, had his
own former wife as news consultant on Fox News yesterday with
a tight little cleavage showing along with her female news guest
who also had a nice little cleavage while being interviewed by
Bill O'Reilly. Mr. O'Reilly's fatal grip handshake after his interview
with Obama should have made archives somewhere.

Now Donald Trump says he's going to allow Obama to prove that
after millions spent on lawyers, he can prove with documents from
the State of Hawaii that he was, in fact, born in Hawaii. You can
see affidavits posted on the internet by those who saw proof of the
birth certificate. Where's the birth certificate itself? Former
Governor of New York, Spitzer, who resigned after being exposed
for having repeated deviant sex with prositutes who now has his
own talk show on CNN said he has the birth certificate and will
show it if Donald Trump posts his true net worth.

Whoa. Now General Petraeus, Central Commander in Iraq, has
been appointed as head of the CIA, and head of CIA Panetta is now
appointed to Defense Secretary as reported on commercial whore-
dom radio news National Public Radio today.

We all feel misled. Betrayed yet powerless leads to schizophrenia
and clinical depression in lunatic progressives and liberals who
thought they were headed to the nirvana promise land. Instead
they were all lead to addictive behavior that some researchers find
profitable to study with ad agencies. Fraud Waste and Abuse.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Defining Perpetrators of Corrupt Policies

Dear Monster,

The scoop about our gourmet Mayor dining in La Perouse with certain
real estate and Rotary business networks last Saturday was a smashing
surprise. In response, local radio news KNUI 900 reported on Monday
that the gourmet Mayor had a "bonus" $20 million for the poor in our
County. Like myself, having received food from local food bank sites
during my financial hardship with the State of Hawaii denying me full
benefits on food stamps even while qualifying last year, I can atest to the
poverty. Forced poverty in my case by those who did so intentionally.

"They" are shriveled, paranoid and with an intractable, stiff smile in
the halls of power these days with their own financial prospects still
saying that "we have to see the cup half-full" bullshit and find charity
to feed the sheep. Now, what do the saucey Democrats on their well-
known foundations say while trying to create the impression that my
-uh- accomplishments are somehow part of "their" proud legacy.

My experience is part of their dead legacy of descendants of farm
labor immigrants who took the bull by the horns, pulled themselves
from their boot strap with the good graces of white political leaders
who saw that they could make it on their own. They became part of
the administrators of all mono-crop agricultural corporations, even
Board of Directors as these companies went into commercial real
estate development for the visitor industry.

Maui Land and Pine, now exposed for the latest massive illegal
Visa slave labor scandal reported last week in all press with the FEDS
here to see if slave labor and illegal drug trafficking exist in the very
information systems financed by these major ag companies. Since
Maui Land and Pineapple shut down hundreds of pineapple jobs in
the past two years with Board of Directors not saying too much now
about their legacy that includes ongoing accusations of contamination
of ground water. Water rights - don't even start THAT discussion
says Alexander and Baldwin Corporation.

Sleepy tree huggers who love life on Maui as well as frustrated nature
protectors all have to take a look at their own actions. How is it that
one can have a real estate company, lobby for Democrat causes funded
by Democrat systems of commerce while enjoying illegal drugs and
decades of shared personal/professional affiliation exist in today's
reality of doing what is correct for all of Maui? Impossible.

Selective political outrage, when unconscious, is a safety risk to others.
When deliberate, it is a cynical form of power and control that is known
and practiced by anyone with vested wealth or political power. It will
never be any other way. However, when the safety and fundamental
rights of the majority is imperiled because of a small percentage of vocal
committed drug adherents get support from the existing corrupt insider
business dealings, then we have a problem that eventually becomes a
national/international catastrophe.

Defining perpetrators, framing stories based on collective damage and
loss of victims from drug crimes, and putting the spotlight on those who
carry the most privilege from such corrupt profit incentives in risk reduction
services and intelligence-led policing policies is the news of the day.

By the way, the celebrity carwash on April 30th is at Ho'olea Terrace in
Kehalani on Maui. Proceeds for the victims of Japan's earthquake.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Counting: One Finger at a Time

Dear Monster,

In times like these, symbolic points of reference matter. The volunteer
papaya tree bearing fruit nicely is an example of this. It is countdown to
the truth-telling session of those who "know".

Well. Today, I called and spoke with a person from an advertising firm
that places ads for clients on radio, news programs etc. My complaint was
about who determines which ad is aired for which program at what time.
I recently heard radio ads informing listeners about how to have a better
life. I mentioned that on my Facebook page last month I suddenly had
double column and central advertisment that I did not solicit nor would
I ever consider having on my proprietary Facebook page.

My calls to Facebook were ferocious. Ads about how to reduce belly fat
on your abdomen and about nutritional supplements to increase longevity
appeared on my page without my permission with swirling words, colors
and other disgusting types of sales tactics. Why would anyone want such
ads on their Facebook page?

It must be the software technologies with Facebook and other website
companies that allow such trafficking. I heard about this on c-span last
month during a panel discussion about protection of consumer and small
business rights on the internet with reps from advertising firms and
financial services software firms. aha! It is in the technology industry
that the real battle lies.

Corrupt implementation of drug enforcement laws and their premium
access to privacy without a court warrant has been my complaint since
2004 when I lived in Happy Valley. Though I didn't quite understand
the operational realities of surveillance technologies and laws that allow
such intrusion into privacy in the civilian sector, I now understand. The
"analog" system of spying with drug enforcement now competed with the
sinister hand of the digital system for harvesting information from the
defense contractor firms that flooded our economies.

Yesterday, everyone became silent after National Public Radio reported
that iphones like AT&T and Verizon do allow police intelligence to harvest
all records, texts, conversations etc whenever there is "cause", like in the
case with transnational human or drug trafficking.

Take a look at the Maui News a couple days ago. It was on all local and
radio news. 6 farms in Hawaii were exposed with a Santa Monica farm labor
placement company being exposed for illegal Thai workers being forced to
live without a legal Visa in this state. It's now being investigation by the
FEDS from Washington DC. Maui Land and Pine, Del Monte, Captain Cook
Cofffee etc. What do FEDS do when there is a massive case like this in a
state where people "of color" run such agricultural companies?

How could it be? Because there was a profit incentive in some criminal
economy to have such incidents without a legitimate criminal justice effort
for aggressive accountability. Who runs the "illegal worker" economy in
Hawaii? People of color, those who use, sell drugs and all those who profit
from this corrupt collusion.

Operation Deliverance and Operation Coronado happened. Shit happens.
It doesn't mean anyone has to tolerate and accept shit going downhill and
floating to the top. Our dead court system is the problem. Public collusion
of silence is the accomplice. Count one finger at a time.

Check out Google search and find internet "blogs" that allow information
from Thai attorneys, CNN news and others. It is a battle over who controls
the information system, data and development of resources. It's the evil
Mr. Logistics Monster demonstrating contempt by defining the worth,
meaning and destiny of whole cultures.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Federal Government Shutdown Drama

Dear Monster,

After my last entry, the entire week was a dramatic political theatre with
Republicans insisting on fiscal accountability as the USA neared the dead-
line for a functioning budget on Friday, April 8th. The potential shutdown
of our federal government had Democrats and Republicans doing the news
shuffle day and night. Cable news stayed "on call" for spontaneous news
announcements from Congressional meetings with the Prezy, news celebs
made it look like election night.

The public would like to know what took place in those sessions, both in
Congress and with this scared Prezy saying, "aw, gee I know how to make
a compromise with Republicans, my voters have no choice about it." It
went down to the final hour before midnight on April 8th . . . finally, the
sweat-n-shine on the faces of Senator Harry Reid and Rep. John Boehner
came through: they made a temporary vote agreement to keep govern-
ment functioning for another week while they continued to fight in their
own sessions.

Our Congress members get to decide and vote on laws, policies and our
budget. They get to vote on how much they get paid. They get to vote on
whether or not they can work without a budget. They get to decide if and
when our government gets investigated. Hey - that's not reassuring to us
in the public, especially victims who participated day and night like me
on the phone and with sending messages for others to do the same.

Democrats did something so juvenile in their press relations that it was
not to be taken seriously. They have the Prezy's top advisor Axelrod with
a person-to-person interview trying to define the substance of a potential
shutdown rather than seeing the threat of a shutdown as a logical and needed
effort to force accountability. No wonder Ohio voted last week to do away
collective bargaining for union workers. Democrats don't believe in any
process for accountability when failure, incompetence and malice in leader-
ship is proven on record. Republicans prepared for this moral decision
on record and in the press with their public statements.

Democrats asked for 50-50 sharing of blame when they are the ones who
failed in the first two years of this Prezy's office, and while Republicans were
looking to increase the public urgency. After all Dems had complete control
of both the House and Senate in Congress. Dems tried to discuss the small
details of budgetary decisions rather than the overall message of governance,
transparency in governance and the critical problem of corruption.

Now all pivots around whether or not federal dollars will fund National
Public Radio, the EPA and Planned Parenthood as "symbol" issues when we
have 14 trillion $$ in debt. Debt owed to China, investors in small affluent
nations like United Arab Emirate, Libya, and Russia. Could be "investor"
is not technically the correct term, maybe "sovereign funds" is the term.
You know, foreign billionaires invest their monies in our market without
clear compliance of our laws around investment profits. The USA is now
a complex financial creature, open markets in a borderless information
system yet with different laws applied to the monies gained.

Just say "no" to National Public Radio. That's the message for the day.
Soon they'll be a nice internet news source, decentralized with fewer live
news program centers all over the world linked to the "total control" info
mechanism with policies that benefit only the select policy few of Dems.
Yeah, I got an ax to grind. Ask their Ombudsman.

Or better yet, see the special report by John Stossel on Fox News entitled,
Freeloaders. He did the nation a favor by discussing the collusion of profit
stakeholders in the private sector with this Prezy and General Electric,
attorneys who represent civil rights litigation "victims" and other types of
entitlement federal programs that lead to an economy of Fraud, Waste Abuse.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Glory Days Hallelujah Kumbaya!

Dear Monster,

What a scream! What's a terror victim to do except write to Monster?
Today, the anniversary of the assasination of Martin Luther King, we have
British Petroleum saying they are ready to start drilling again in the Gulf
of Mexico after the disaster spill last April when their oil rig exploded at
the base of its operation. Saw it on msnbc within the same half-hour that
they report that Obama is running for re-election. Within the same 24-hour
period that Obama was accused by Reps Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich "live"
on Fox News for starting an unconstitutional/undeclared war in Libya.
Saw it on Fox News Sunday pm and got photos.

On c-span all week long, Congress was shown in periods of 2-3 hours in
Committee meetings/panel interviews about this. Defense Gates was also
questioned about whether or not USA started bombing before authority
was given as War Act laws mandate. Based on "counter-terror" legisla-
tion, a secret operation was started a month ago by Obama, also reported
by Fox News in the past week. Libya produces lots of oil. Italy get about
25% of their oil from Libya.

Video reports show widespread anarchy in the streets of Libya with the
kind of posturing that takes place between autocratic rulers like Ghaddafi
through various "press" diplomatic statements released somehow in an
uncoordinated way on msnbc, Fox News and CNN. About 40-60% of all
videos on cable news for the past month shows massive civilian street
scenes of civil and violent protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Libya
and even Jordan. Today Saudi Arabia is reported to be displeased with
our President's actions/inactions and choices in establishing regional

Obama was on Brian Williams NBC this past week saying he would send
arms to Libyan rebels to oust Ghadaffi. The debate raged in the press all
week with commentators. Geraldo Rivera was on the front line in Libya
with uneducated, but armed "rebels" shooting at everyone. Rebels are
now saying they want to control "oil" revenues and start a parlimentary
democracy rather than have Ghadaffi's son take over the country. The
bombing raids were by a multi-nation force to stop Ghadaffi who started
bombing his own people.

Someone in Congress said, well, we don't want to start arming groups in
this region if they are going to become our enemies later. Remember, it
is what happened in Afghanistan? We must learn from mistakes.

Obama is trying to cut a deal with Republicans and Dems while a group of
Republican Senators gave a press conference for over 2 hours last week on
the pending government shutdown due to a fiscal emergency. The country
is seeing what happens when we have decentralized info systems in a time
of wire fraud/terror. After all, Citigroup, Capital One, Walgreen and Tivo
all reported corporate wire fraud hacking today on Fox News with lost
data of millions of consumers. haha.

It is about the content of character. This Prezy is a Man Whore. Only
sauce, no substance. Who benefits? The Republican Party and only a few
isolated commercial industrial media groups. May independents live
on and celebrate!


Update: Wire Fraud Incident Reported

Dear Monster,

My first storefront with a direct sales "product" line went up on
March 25, 2011. I shared this via text messaging with a handful of
known personal associates who heard from me in person about my
plans to start a live/office space for online businesses could offer
opportunities for cash flow with legitimate companies. Several
days later, I found that my "storefront" with my name and phone
number was linked to someone else's storefront. The name was of
a Hawaiian male person whom I never met nor heard of.

Being that I have lived in financial hardship while a victim of wire
fraud/stalking for over 9 years, this incident alerted me that Hawaii
is not a safe place for online businesses. Although some live here,
many register their businesses, especially their online businesses
in states where there are adequate protection and assistance for any
entrepreneurial activity for internet use.

My calls to this company, Congress members, and the Inspector
General of the Small Business Association stated my intention to
only register my businesses in states where there is demonstrated
compliance with existing laws to protect wire fraud victims. Any
and all stimulus monies should take into account ongoing failure
to document and be accountable for cyber-crimes, wire fraud and
in my case, commercial fraud that obstructs timely prosecution
of such crimes that destroy whole lives.

I finally made a decision. My Facebook page is an original example
of how a civilian like me survived the age of wire terror, corruption
and policy failures. With Flare Network having acknowledged my
Twitter news feed and newsletters since May 2010, my Facebook
page under Yukie Karen Yamada has been acknowledged by regional
news station, our "fave", Kvvu Fox5 Las Vegas and Meet the Press.

How did she get this type of "presence" on her personal Facebook
account without the evil strings of a professional media relations
and publications company sticking their fingers in all places first?
Well, that is the story for our "fave" social media network founders
with Facebook and Twitter being that they are mostly geeky young
fellows who know what they know. Now they know more.

Facebook founder Zuckerburg even made it on the front cover of
Person of the Year for the evil empire Time Magazine dripping with
well-practiced fingers forcing sovereign souls into their dungeon
of grime and slime information/advertising commercial network.

Now that EVERYONE knows my Facebook page has potential to
be a platform account for political messages that support business
practices that are ethical and legal, my voice message says the very
same this week: that my Facebook page will be leased for a period
of time to maximize application. It will then sold to a for-profit
company that supports economic self-sovereign entrepreneurs like
those found on my Facebook page and others building their own

My proprietary newsletters will become separate enterprises for
other projects into the public, possibly store fronts or completely
separate businesses that demonstrate the same practice for self-
sovereign entrepreneurs to build prosperity in ethical practice like
some of the direct-sales independent contractor business models
that are on the internet as "web storefronts".

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Perils of Online Business in Hawaii

Dear Monster,

Hawaii has the ills of wire breaches galore. Online businesses and
entrepreneurial activities have suffered because of such privacy and
confidentiality breaches for years. Links into nasty advertising with
a culture of corruption and addiction have been revealed.

See Washington Post's article today about this American Prezy, now
cavorting in South America while Japan deals with the massive and
devastating events of a major earthquake followed by over 300 after-
shocks NE of Tokyo. This Prezy, while the nation of Libya continues
in political anarchy with widespread violence and while the US has
started it's bombing campaign in Libya, this Prezy is now visiting in
Brazil, singing the praises of this economic "wonder" called Brazil.

Thanks to the fashion consultants with Obama and his wife, Michele.
That photo op of them arriving in Brasilia, whoa. Michele wearing a
thick spaghetti strap searsucker dress with her boobs pointing like a
Madonna bustierre . . . just like the tropicales like it.

The perils of our internet/digital economy is known, verifiable and
on record . . . security breaches seamlessly into the civilian and the
small business sector with high speed info delivery into the same
commercial/intel/security systems. All made possible by the same
phenomena called social media networking.

This Prezy did not say "no" to corrupt systems of information in his
own Information/Technology administration in April 2009 when
they were arrested after being appointed. His own insistence with
using his personal "Blackberry" device after election should alert us
that while Verizon's Blackberry is one of the worst known pieces of
phone technology for privacy, he kept his.

Soon the public will agree, this Prezy should have just said "no" to
the Nobel Peace Prize since we have no peace in sight for quite a
while and no "sustainability" known to the USA.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Dear, dear Monster,

Today, after the malicious wire terror op on Sodahead.com polls with
aliens from the deep appearing on my sodahead poll with such nasty and
negative verbiage, Yukie received a friend request on her AUTHENTIC
Facebook page, Yukie Karen Yamada, from Fox 5 News.

They got the "notes", Monster. twitter.com/FernSpoke had to go on a
ballistic policy attack after what happened on sodahead, all documented
on "notes" Facebook. A trail of sodahead's wire terror was sent to news
groups and Congress members. The "original sodahead" contacted me
via sodahead mail and admitted "sentiment analysis" going on with all
social media interactive sites.

Finally, Las Vegas and the state of Nevada had a point of contact with
my original complaints to them since 2010 when Honolulu Police Dept.
special investigation officers were on Las Vegas, Clark County news as
drug suspects arrested on drug charges while vacationing there. I was
living in Hana during this period where my formal complaint with the
police involved terroristic drug harassment.

While Ensign has decided not to run for re-election in 2012, his own
web page press release has a synopsis of legislation introduced for fiscal
responsibility. My own complaints about FRAUD WASTE & ABUSE
reported to the Government Accountability Office for years attacked
health and social services programs that have endemic drug use and
crimes linked to recipients, as well as those who provide services.

When those who live drug-free have to tip-toe through daily life and
negotiate drug-free living, shopping and working environments because
it adds to the budget to cover-up illegal drug patterns/cultures in a very
small community, then FRAUD WASTE & ABUSE should start to look
at failed courts systems, corrupt attorney practices, clusters of low-level
trafficking suspects and the record of arrests.

Drug court funds through the City and County, that allow defendents
to remain free from jail based on stated and demonstrated compliance
with a drug-free life doesn't quite work in a small community where
drug cultures, dealers/pushers and users all live, shop, work and drive
in the same places where such defendents are. Who's sane enough to
just say "no" with Drug Court budgets brimming over in the County?

Do they really think a drug user is planning a healthy life in the same
drug town and friendship circle? Hardly. The most common quote:
"all the police are using drugs." Whether or not this is true is not even
the point when the profit motive lies with extending crimes so that the
control becomes an economic form of control with attorneys and the
commercial groups who control who works, where and how much.
Hence, the smile and nod social facist economy is born.

Take a look at Maui and Hawaii, Congress. Your legislation better do
more than identify objectives for savings. Your legislation better take
a look at the psychological devastation after decades of having this
collusion of silence. FRAUD WASTE & ABUSE has been rewarded
long enough here. Expose this policy of contempt by Democrats who
have no comment because they cannot say "no" to drugs themselves.

Go ahead. Ask them on record. Tell it Fox 5 Vegas News.