Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Points of Integration for News, Congress, Policy, Life

See Facebook page for Congressman Honda and Congressman
Steve LaTourette today's entries from Yukie Karen Yamada. Her
recent review of TNW's The Next Web tech geek info source site
from Delaware informed her that there is sufficient structure to
move into a public process.

Nice to read that Twitter did not get taken over by the IPO "more
money more stakeholders or else" hype in the news media. Many
still don't understand that Facebook and Twitter offer function
and access to citizens and civilians to info systems that previously
were only known to the "special" elites who run intelligence type
structures. It's all about application of knowledge and need now.

Crisis reporting in different areas of the world may be related to
the "vulnerabilities" reported in industrial control information type
systems as reported in wired.com. Tell officials to get on the news
media to discuss patterns of information infrastructure chaos.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Update: Which Officials, Where & When?

If your carnivorous instinct is arising based on sudden flashes of
realization of intentional malice and policy hypocrisy, feel glad not
frustrated and repressed. It's the thirst for life blood of spoken
truth for those who believe our government has failed to a degree
that other structures must be found for transitional haven.

Consider Facebook or Twitter features and functions. After all, it
changed Northern and East African governments in unpredictable
ways this past year. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, folks.

Find out how to verify elected officials news lines on Facebook and
Twitter. Who manages the accounts, who creates them, who instills
the propaganda and for whose benefit? If it seems similar to the
message machinery of other internet or cable news sources, please
note that the Dept of Defense and State Department in Washington
DC both carry gigantic budgets for media relations/advertising, etc.

Ask officials and see what they say. It may be that they, too, are in
some type of entrapped bubble of false information. The next phase
of the internet is found on sites that bring information from most
economic structures seeking to integrate with digital. I've done my
best to let them know that my identity has been used fraudulently
on some of these systems, including some news-related sites.

No drugs allowed. And by all means, report and fraud/faux/fake
claims by anyone posing as Secret Service agents. As the IRS knows,
Secret Service works in more effective ways with system-based

Flare Network, the internet newsletter in Italy that writes about such
things, needs a little poke now that they are seeing direct policy results.
Some of their photographs are from a group wanting attention badly from
formal officials/agencies. No, I don't corrrespond with Flare Network's
reporter named Adelstein who always has a mouthful to say about Yakuza
activities with porn, drugs, contraband etc in the red-light areas in Tokyo.
Never been to Japan myself. Don't have to since I have that special ancient
Asian wisdom feeling as my genetic birth right.

Some who have their own involvement to force accountability for
tactics of political slavery and oppression in Hawaii wonder if I am
still working with Democrat officials named on my newsletters.

Well, it's likely the named officials have concluded that based on
overwhelming testimony and verifiably false information by those
who are card-carrying members representing Democrats, and
Democrat Americans only, they could easily create a crisis-based
talk through their own emergency mechanism. After all, Yukie is
not a Democrat and will not profit any known Democrat policy.

Accept the reality of America's government in present time. Our
two-party system run by defense contractor media relations on the
West Coast has been exposed to the world. For the record, Yukie
has no interest nor contact with the New York Times. Any and
all contact with NYTimes journalist David Shipley in past years
is now terminated.

In the meantime, support existing enterprise networks. Many
on know that Maui has all the structure it needs to prosper. It's
really just filling the service/consumer needs of everyday life.
Food, shelter, education, healthcare and fun.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


More requests were made today via Facebook, email, phone
calls and Twitter to verify a message/email from Facebook's
Joseph Biden's account. My request with Dept. of Commerce
and with others in technology reporting was to let him know
of a likely fraudulent email sent from his Facebook account.

Considering how to achieve safe have location designation w/
extraordinary demonstrated malice by stakeholders in Hawaii
who claim legitimate authority resembles the quagmire that
all voters face with this defunct Obama White House. No such
thing as institutional moral cause found for years . . . perhaps
nothing of the sort existed for some in political circles.

Given my experience, these contacts were given notice of my
proprietary internet newsletters acknowledged by United
Press International and FLARE Network so that they might
understand the details of my statement about confronting the
criminal symbiotic relationship found with organized crime,
industry and commerce in information systems.

Opportunistic investigation tactics with wire fraud crimes
should be everyone's concern. I have questions about the role
Biden has had in this corrupt White House and w/involvement
with policies that created conditions for corrupt practices and
endangerment during the years of formal complaints.

For the record, my victimization is a result of leniency with
illegal drug violations, patterns of fraud waste abuse in health-
care and social services subsidies administered by Democratic
policy stakeholders and the perception created by the arrest of
Obama's own Chief Technology Officer's consultant reported
sparsely in April 2009.

Contact with officials should be in the context of what I
consider to be in the interest of addressing deep mistrust
and betrayal the public has felt w/our government. Any type
of compromise would only serve to reward those who have
believed that political slavery and malicious abuse of power
is the real American way.

I've also placed an alert with agencies, including the IRS
and tax attorneys, that my name might be used fraudulently
for criminal purposes while living in hardship and deprived
of rights and protection.

Those responsible for these ongoing terror crimes here
in Hawaii and elsewhere should expect the worst. Who,
how, when, where etc. should Yukie receive formal and
legitimate contact? In this climate of disparate beliefs
and intention has been fertile ground for the sleaze terror
operatives who thrive on the lowest moral instinct.

Stay tuned, it may be confidential, take your chances call
and say "hello". Yukie likes those with bravado.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Maui 96708
808 264-1514 (turned off today 2/4/12)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yukie Yamada: Wire Terror Victim Designated by Dept of Commerce

Dear Dept. of Commerce,

Yes, Yukie Yamada sent you an email about pervasive wire
hacking found on Google emails, social media networks and
ongoing loss of password access.

The problem with recent FRAUD enforcement policy efforts
is that the greater the problem, the bigger the budget to try
and find those darn cyber crime terror mother fuckers. Just
like with "risk reduction" funding logic: the more violence in
the streets related to drugs, the bigger your City budget.

When funding is directly related to # of reported crime and
violations, rather than systematic outcome based structure
and mechanisms, well - we have lots of drugs, violence, rock
and roll galore for years!

Gratefully, press reports have condemned Hawaii for their
years worth of failed efforts for all sorts of "wire" activities
like covering up slave labor at 6 commercial farms for over
4 years, grade "F" for cyber crime responses (see front page
of the Honolulu newspaper), hacking by Romanian and even
Russian sources into State procurement databases.

Now that you see the FRAUD patterns in Hawaii, you know
that nobody here should receive any reward, nor budget to do
the right thing and investigate in a timely manner. Especially
since during recent APEC 2011 activities news reporting in
local press demonstrated a lack of awareness of what insider
trading crimes are.

Thanks for receiving my email and for eliminating parasites
and pests so quickly. I know Facebook and Twitter social media
networking sites can tell you an earful about what really takes
place with accounts used during tourists stay in paradise.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Maui
808 264-1514

Caught Them Red-Handed Shame Faced

Yesterday, social media network company Facebook had the
hype of the decade with it's IPO filing Securities Exchange doc
on the internet as proof. Going from a private company to a
publicly-traded company, meaning more stakeholders thus
more profit, has impact on how Facebook participates with
any privacy-related investigations.

A couple of months ago, Facebook settled complaints by
consumers who went public with the Federal Trade Commission.
Now, questions are being aired in today's wired.com article. I
tried to send a copy with a msg from my Yukie Karen Yamada
Facebook account. Unfortunately, no article arrived to my
own account nor to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. See
Facebook's wired.com page for my blurb about this incident
of lost sent messaging from Facebook.

My message to technology design executives and consumers is
about how to identify and separate different cyber problems. I
am a victim of wire terror/stalking with illegal drug harassment
and hate-crime violence incitement. These manifest through
use of words, language or images or through patterns of contact
with offensive contact.

Thinking about how this would be experienced in everyday life,
it is similiar to social media capabilities. For example, if I were
to view grocery shopping as a social activity, how is my sense of
safety or discomfort determined?

It is determined by certain things like how easily it is to walk
from the parking lot to the store. Do I feel at ease? Is eye contact
from drivers or pedestrians welcome or not? Do drivers show
courtesy at the appropriate places for pedestrians? Is social
contact natural, spontaneous and mutual in casual activities at
the store? Is service received/provided promptly without any
type of interruption or disruption? Are consumers harassed
repeatedly with unwanted offers/invitations/comments? Do I
feel that all transactions are honorable as fair exchange?

In the case of Yukie Karen Yamada, none of the above is her own
daily experience in activities. Not in public nor on the internet.
Defining the experience of individual terror is subjective, but it
is likely that many live in some degree of terror all of their lives.
In particular, deprivation of political expression if one is not a
Democrat or not making money for Democrats, persecution is
pervasive, intense and overt in Hawaii.

Drug harassment/hate-crime violence incitement activities
on the internet constitute cyber stalking harassment terror
crimes. This should be viewed as different than what has been
experienced by whole systems or businesses with cyber terror
and hacking patterns.

Cyber terror against sytems vs. cyber fraud vs. cyber crimes
like illegal drug or contraband trafficking and hate crimes incite-
ment against individuals or groups.

My efforts for safe haven designation on social media sites are
based on years of being harassed, stalked, ripped off and violated.
Safe haven accounts could be contractual agreements with a willing-
ness to participate in identifying threats/crimes for immediate
enforcement. Freedom from privacy violations by the fangs of
organized crime, industry commerce and stupidity on the internet.

My own account is seeking to provide such a mechanism of support
and safety for independent enterprise, individual victims and those
who want self-publishing protection. Media-relations, events and
production enterprise to promote safe, reliable, individualized use
of social media networking: Wild Fern's Media, Events/Production.

If anyone has issues sending wired.com articles to Facebook or any
other account, please notify them of this problem today. The articles
found on wired.com are invaluable for consumer-based advocacy in
this time when investors are chomping at the bit for Facebook and
Twitter control.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Maui
808 264-1514

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pre-recorded News Event w/Officials Advised to Reduce Risk

Sporadic, uncoordinated patterns of wire fraud terror that may
or may not correspond with drug larceny, human trafficking and
mortgage/financial fraud activities create havoc in daily lives.
My own experience of having felt a kind of betrayal and mistrust
for institutional form is inevitable after years of failed responses.

This is a symptom of a larger problem, and a problem for many
citizens and businesses. My suggestion is for those officials who
know of my ad hoc process for formal acknowledgment and safe
haven protection is to have a pre-recorded news event.

My contact with UPI on their twitter site about urban terror hot
spots, as described by START anti-terror agency at the University
of Maryland, included the name of Senator Tom Carper. Likely, a
Cyberfelony Secret Service DHS contact investigating patterns
of terror finance crimes can verify any links to Hawaii.

It would also be recommended that social media networks be
seen as a source of information from consumer account holders.
As digital news lift-up sites are integrated, multi-level software
services are needing to beef up their safety and reliability.

My text/email to the Baltimore Sun provided a request to
identify the male person who claims access to VP Biden's own
Facebook account. It is likely that the Washington Post in
their National Desk has insight on which Congress members
have written articles and messages from Yukie Yamada about
policy-based corruption during her victimization.

At-home living sites should be seen as a place for privacy and
for rest. My complaints in past years have been the use of "live"
wire with news groups in an exploitive manner. This tactic is
used by drug surveillance networks to "take down" a site. This
obviously carries many unknown variables and risks. It was a
tip from a former police officer who knew of such abuses.

Any on record inquiry about such abuses here on Maui with my
life and privacy will receive on record documentation of those
who may have been part of an illegal operation. If this is known
and acknowledged by officials in a manner that includes formal
requests and protective measures, there is no shortage of info.

Lack of formal, legitimate process by Hawaii's officials was
deliberate based on what abuses were reported for years. It
will expose a network of larceny operatives who believed there
were no such checks and balances in our system of justice.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Hawaii
808 264-1514

Warning: Unsolicited Calls from Publishing Company

Recent telemarketing text messages are a problem. Receiving
unsolicited calls from publishing companies when there are clear
statements that I am self-publishing with those who defend my
right to dignity, free affiliation and freedom from slime harass-
ment from groups who care little for decency.

Who are they? Advertisements found on lift-up news sites
for organized criminal activities, such companies have already
been reported to the appropriate agencies for business ethics,
likely suspect intellectual hacking while I am formalizing my
statements with officials for safe haven and protection from all
organized crime incursion into my legitimate enterprises.

Consider that my complaints were made from a home computer
in Hauula, near Laie, on Oahu acknowledged by then US AG in
Honolulu as having been received. His office is implicated for
having received written correspondence from the White Collar
Investigations in HPD since 2006 to shut down my complaints.
Why? HPD did not receive any formal complaint from Yukie,
only a preliminary contact with sent email.

Consider what the stakes are when corrupt finance, industrial
intelligence, money laundering, drug larceny groups have much
to hide in Hawaii and San Francisco. Two of the most Democrat
places on earth. No, Democrats do not support individual and
political freedoms when they don't make money.

Take that to the GAO and to those who do not have a conflict
of interest. Prepare for the worst to be known in Hawaii and
with industrial policy groups in California. Also, call the US
Attorney General in Fresno CA Andre Briotte about shutting
down medical marijuana clinics for endangerment in CA.

By the way, please verify a visit to San Francisco by VP Biden
in the Summer of 2004. See if he is able to confirm visits by
Secret Service agents in late 2003 to a deli near Little China-
town. The name of the deli was used by Yukie in her emails
to herself from her workplace and from Kinkos on Geary.

Their appearance at this site near Little Chinatown during
day hours was confirmed by a federal police officer who lived
in this neighborhood while Yukie lived there. For those who
are looking to address cultural sensitivity, say that in present
times we need to acknowledge intra-cultural class tensions in
all groups as well as reverse discrimination cases.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Maui
808 264-1514