Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Phantom limbs, phantom souls

My recent Google search under my full birth name, Karen Yukie Yamada
resulted in another verifiable incident of wire problems falsely linking my
name to groups associated with legalizing drugs. A listing with my full name,
including a statement about "a small farm on Maui" was found linked to this
week's Maui Time edition promoting the political issue of legalizing drugs.

A click on this listing shows that my name is not at all found on their inter-
net site in the column named in the Google search engine. The problem is
obviously in the "cables" of Maui's internet service. See front page of the
Maui News in May or June 2009 about the severed conduit with
fiber optic
and telecommunication cables at Kihei Research Tech-
nology Park causing
a crash of these systems for most of the day.

My call and email to the Maui Time reiterated my stance that while it is
their right to free speech and organizing, I have never, nor would I ever be
involved with the platform promoting medical marijuana nor legalizing drugs.
Editor Jacob Schafer understands that I have formalized my correspondence
with their paper for a number of years based on my refusal to associate with
those who are clearly aligned with Hawaii Democrat Party stakeholders.

How does this impact the daily doings of my life after having my rights as a
victim violated by all systems of government in the State of Hawaii and Maui
County? This is described on politicalpoidog-contact.blogspot.com. There is
cause and effect with severe consequences. Endemic deceit in the population
and denial on the part of officials about how a drug cash flow influences those
who have a dependence on illegal substances is the central problem.

This latest incident of misrepresentation was reported to all advocates and
agencies who have heard from me for a number of years. Any thinking geek
and technology specialist can figure out what really happened in this case.
Any form of denial and ignorance is pure criminality. Just think of what is
possible in the future with Google emails being hacked and used fraudulently
as they are reporting in China. . . Maui may become the next totalitarian
information system for no gain for nobody whatsoever.

See blogs under Karen Yukie Yamada with the Honolulu Advertiser.

Fern Fitzgerald
aka Karen Yukie Yamada

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