Thursday, January 28, 2010

Suckers are for . . .

Dear Monster,

what a hellacious couple of weeks! in this small community of maui, there are
characters, then there are characters! "they" think MY characters are outrageous,
yet "they" cluster around caricatures who, honest to goddess, live and breath for
only one impulse: to fulfill that unidentifiable need to be whole and connected.
whole and connected to what?! well, it's unidentifiable so one cannot really put
the finger on it, can they?

systems are supposed to create conditions. government systems are supposed
to create conditions for the public to receive certain basic services and rights in
order to prosper and thrive. when systems are corrupt and vile, a large percentage
of the sheep and coward tribe in the public reflects these systems. a smaller group
of the public attempts to create their own value and live based on their strengths
regardless of what "systems" become. this group participates in a democracy.

some professional groups get to play both sides. they side with the status quo as
a means to profit, then side with victims or defendants when doing so give more
profit than supporting the system. yet, attorneys have certain rights to control
"information" systems, don't they, through their affiliation with corporate stake-
holders? no wonder some become "detectives" to work as liasons to these snake
and pit professionals whose only mantra is to maintain their control at all costs.

i met a "detective" the other week through local associates here through casual
cafe conversation. he and i met at his home after he scheduled a massage from
me. in this place where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, he not only
told me that he worked for Air Force intelligence, but also that he was poisoned
through his work while in a foreign country. coincidentally, he knew some of
those with whom i have regular contact, including someone he had bailed out of
jail for possession of illegal drugs! according to this detective, he had known her
since she was born. since she was peripherally networked into others with whom
i shared business discussions, this massage turned out to be an exercise in self-
survival for both of us since i do not do business with drug abusers/dealers.

he was very compatible in terms of conversation and life experience, yet i started
wondering if he had been paid over the years by well endowed attorneys who had
clients who had victimized me . . . i checked with the local postal contact who said
she though this person was working with ny police department. i checked with
another personal acquaintance who had known him for decades and she had not
heard that he worked as a detective. hmm.

he last called me for another massage after his car accident last week. another
personal acquaintance confirmed that he had seen this detective during this car
wreck a few days earlier that totaled his ancient white mercedes. since i do not
work with acute injuries, this offered me an opportunity to think about what this
encounter could mean given my advanced legal process with those who want me
to live free and clear rather than being a concubine to others. he is well known
on maui as having had a yoga studio and being a practicing buddhist with certain
commercial contacts.

have you ever heard of being poisoned with cadium while working for Air Force
intelligence? i told him jokingly that they should've just bombed the pharmaceu-
tical warehouse where he and other agents had spied in russia many years ago.
he told me that the other 8 agents with him on this mission have since all died
at an early adult age.

all i can say is that as a former critical care/emergency room nurse and case manager,
his medical history narrative, his medications and his physical condition did not quite
correspond. it must be the unknown variables that have not been disclosed.

to be continued. fernie

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