Saturday, November 20, 2010


Dear Monster,

TOEJAMBLITZ REPORT, the blog with Yukie Yamada's self sovereignty
statement has a problem with parasites. Speaking of problems on the wire
information system, Thursday's Honolulu newspaper reported that the
-uh- University of Hawaii information system FAILED with an 'F' grade
by an auditing organization from Washington DC. 259,000 leaked id's
with Social Security numbers, addresses and other personal info was lost
from the -uh- University of Hawaii database.

The State of Hawaii has been in more than denial, they are now facing a
class-action lawsuit by a group who wants to insert their fingers into the
"policy" climate of the state. Well. Maybe they should take a look at the
corrupt "practices" by the court system that gives funds and preferential
treatment to drug criminals, drug addicts and corrupt players. While
they are looking, take a look at the legal establishment all run by liberal
"policy" groups who stage class-action lawsuits for their own end and allow
terror victims to live without due process unless it serves their profit.
Liberals are like that.

Anyway, below is my revised statement of intent for self-sovereignty:

As a terror crime victim/survivor of severe and pervasive wire fraud, wire
stalking and privacy violations since August 2001, this self-sovereignty
statement provides a legal and political model to achieve freedom from
exploitation, to pursue happiness, to prosper and thrive in alignment with
declared and LIVED beliefs in defense of human dignity.

In my lifetime, I have witnesses, experienced and read of political, cultural
and economic trends that demonstrate an ongoing contempt for the stated
principles and laws of this country. Challenging and defeating the corrupt
hearts and minds within American systems of government, commerce, and
intelligence is to stake our claim in defining our country's history and role
of one many sovereign nations and souls in the world.

During a period of severe personal and financial hardship due to my own
efforts to address this system evil, I lived and worked on small agricultural
private properties and farms in rural Maui. This experience of subsistence
living provided a "how-to" awareness of building an intentional partner-
ship with land, landscape and a daily practice of sustained dignity in a
permeating human culture of contempt.

By living in close contact with the natural environment since August 2007,
I found the necessary inner resources of belief and commitment to confront
what is the most toxic source to human dignity: malicious contempt and
practices by those who occupy legitimate positions in government and
the elitism of professional authority.


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