Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monster update from private residence

Dear Monster,

There are fewer evil-doers trying to create conditions for Yukie's
hardship in Hawaii now. The corrupt and the criminal groups are
now thinned out to just the ones who aren't so stupid. They got
rid of Mr. Pew and the pedophiles dripping with opportunism over
Hawaii's public naivete and ignorance.

A couple of Sunday's ago, a Congressman from California, Mr.
Darrel Issa, Republican Oversight Committee Chair was on cable
news saying that Obama ought to face a corruption investigation.
Even the Chicago Tribune has open articles by regular Chicago
journalists who think this guy who is President should be kicked
out of Washington DC and sent back to Chicago to be mayor.
That's about the level of his executive abilities. As we speak, the
President's own Chief of Staff is running for Chicago mayor as
reported by CNN weekend news.

My calls have been plentiful recently to solidify contacts who are
not in public office here on Maui and with groups who have no real
corrupt agenda even if they tried. As my twitter.com/FernSpoke
account, a few calls to Ways and Means in Washington made a
difference very quickly. Some systems adapt and thrive based on
a logical sequence of fulling their overt and declared purpose.


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