Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thanks, Monster

Dear Monster,

Not all Monsters are created equal. Chaos by those who have for
some reason intentionally limited their access to information on the
internet. Maybe they don't know what the internet digital economy
and news systems have become: an unspoken mechanism that has
public access/participation in the same way the old analog wire did.
Analog no longer exists after 2009 switching over to digital, does
that help the confusion?

Some are looking for cues in the news that the reality that has been
exposed will be reported on in a way that generates full-body public
knowledge. Why would the American news media do that? Those
in the public would be outraged, confused and likely to do some-
thing outwardly to express their sense of betrayal. Heads might
roll, limbs might fly and ears might be roasted.

The Community Relations officer from Maui Police Department
gave me a call twice through another female officer. Likely she is
someone who has not been thoroughly briefed of my open letter
to the Mayor on the internet and what it implicates.

The Mayor might consider that MPD is both the thorn and point
of engagement for a decriminalized system for the County. Why
nobody considered this seriously in past years is because some
made so much money doing the California mob in Happy Valley.
Even the CA mob has nothing to gain by this refusal to access a
public record, legitimate political process with a population that
has lived on Maui for their own little decent paradise of wanting
a mediocre existence away for the big teeth predators.

Personally, I enjoy being a small fish in a large ocean. Some with
the ego "persona" like being a big fish in a small cesspool. Great-
ness can be found on Maui in their own minds.

My self-sovereignty process is obviously in progress, not yet
achieved. My business activities, as well as my personal actions
are not for full disclosure as my self-sovereignty process. There
is no reason I should live with this level of deprivation for the
sake of a lazy audience wanting a free ride to a mediocre life
as a willful participant of non-existent government mechanisms.
They must be Democrats. Their silence is not golden, it is a
death sentence for their Party, as I've said since 2004.

After all, few seem to understand that transparency is a legal and
political process that creates the most opportunity for the most.
What Hawaii has is for those who really would not survive any kind
of real competition and participation by decent, fair thinkers.

My primary goal now that my political goal of exposing the real
evil of Democrats and their white collar professional sector with
their addiction-based thinking pattern, is to receive what I need,
deserve and what I have earned. This merit-based talk makes
those in the Fraud Waste Abuse welfare economy shudder like
somehow life will be so unfair to those who are dependent.

Life hasn't been fair to the majority of people in the world based
on what America has represented recently. Think about that.


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