Thursday, December 30, 2010

Monster, It's a Nightmare!

Dear Monster,

We have a nightmare happening! I've done my best to ignore local
newspapers during Prezy Obama's vacation on Oahu. The PR scam
machine run by "people-of-color" committed to using hype and
dilution is to distract from grave consequences for this country.

On December 9, 2010 in Washington DC, the National Press Corps
had a speech/question and answer session with Afghanistan's own
Security Director. He spoke with deliberation and seriousness of
what has taken place since 9-11 bombs in New York City. His lack
of overt outrage after 9 years of our policy to defeat AlQaeda, to
defeat the Taliban and replace this anarchy with a viable government
must be based on demonstrable acknowledgment by facts that for
the first time, America's military has tacitly acknowledged political
and to some degree military defeat in their own interests. The
Security Director himself claims that only the last of the above
three objectives has been obtained. A viable government but without
defeat of identified terror groups.

Hawaii and Maui's plight is the reverse: we got rid of the spectrum
of terror on the ground here, it's the government that sucks.

Honolulu's commercial engine wants Prezy Obama to sun and fun
while visiting his boyhood paradise, after all, they say he is one of
"us" in Hawaii. He is a disgrace to himself and this country. The
lack of seriousness in dealing with what I can prove alone about
terror within our intel systems makes Hawaii and all officials the
ones to target.

As for the attorneys with their secret elite Writ of Appeals to
deal with our secret corrupt courts and horrible police force are
now exposed for not having chosen a course to build a platform
to serve all victims in Hawaii, especially those who are on record
against corrupt Democrats and intelligence-run economies for
just those very special few. Some residents took a risk in defense
of human dignity, some attorneys made these residents the most


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