Saturday, September 17, 2011

Exposed: Monster Royale and Consorts

Dear Monster,

The serious people from California finally found my
proprietary sites on Twitter and Facebook. They know
that they were in the dark, so to speak, because they
are not involved with civilian matters. Civilian lives
and issues are for public/government institutions, for
the news media, etc, not for serious operatives.

The civilian force should not be their concern, nor is
any one's privacy of concern unless there is a clear and
verifiable pattern that some have chosen to intentionally
involve themselves. Hawaii's failure to respond to Yukie's
complaints of privacy stalking and political slavery for a
terror intel network in Hawaii is now resulting in extra-
ordinary action by others to take all things necessary into
the public/government sector by force. When others have
to act outside of jurisdiction, it is the end of ends.

Yukie was never intentionally involved with such sordid
economic structures and plans. Yet, since perpetrators
continued to stalk her as a civilian who refused their little
secret corrupt society of liars, she demonstrated that the
public sector is usually more persuaded by law and reason,
what is humane and just.

Hate begins the division of all in the public sector. Any type
of institutional hate incitement has been shown to destroy all
that is humane and just. Schizos are the best hate instruments
in all of America. No schizo should be seen merely as humans.
They do not display the usual human response to anything.

The majority of the population given the truth would, in
their own interest, act in law and reason for what is humane
and just. Stalking her privacy was a very stupid and brutal
thing to do given what she put out as a civilian. Those who
are responsible have been nearly eliminated now.

With the "serious" ones who generally choose what is in the
interest of humane and just for the sake of prosperity, she
gave them the worst sort of information, year after year. She
did convince them that she told the truth in a way that gave her
rights to certain privileges of her very own. She is special. She
will have special status as a self-governing entity.

Her complaints have been detailed, objective and full of her
personalized experience. The liars are here in Hawaii, Maui
and in San Francisco. My documents were trafficked from her
computer and from offices since 2003. The you-know-who of
Hawaii thought they could starve a capable person like Yukie
into economic submission in their little secret dens.

True economic terrorists exposed in Hawaii by these types
of writings happened. It is obvious that there is no governance
on Maui by law and reason with checks and balances, action
responses and a public that gives a fuck about what matters
in any deeper sense of truth.

There was a conspiracy to cover-up my complaints from the
beginning by those who are intimate with government officials.
There is no possible way that our officials could have not
known about the potential for such severe abuses. This abuse
of power to force Yukie into a life outside of her right to live
in alignment with her own beliefs and freedoms. Take a look
at them now, after ten years of arrogance and contempt. It
is clear Yukie would never allow her privacy to be used in any
manner and she would never work for idiots.

That Yukie refused to collude with race-based political
movements for Democrat profit engines in the news media
is the hatred being expressed from a political standpoint.
I can acknowledge systemic race-hate while refusing to act
with race-based political movements because they would
not serve my process for justice. My problems have to do
with my alignment with belief.

Too bad for Democrats. They can sell other bumper stickers
for fund-raising. How 'bout Al Gore for Vice President 2012?
He'd be the first Vice President to win the VP seat twice. He
deserves to be VP again. haha. After all he also got the free
publicity ride as Nobel Peace Prize recipient like this corrupt
Prezy Obama from the highest from of industrial/intelligence
group in the world in Sweden/Norway. So what if he started
military efforts in Libya and weakened the war effort in the
Middle East? A prize is a prize.

Losers should learn from Al Gore. He was so graceful in his
2000 loss to George W. Bush. What a great loser. And for those
who are trying to type-cast Yukie, she is atheist, but lives by all
her words, actions, beliefs, choices and experience in alignment.
She despises hypocrisy and the cowardice that is used to some-
times justify taking the easy road to freedom.

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