Thursday, September 1, 2011

9/4/11 UPDATE: Wild Fern's First Event Concept: Making a Point Known

Dear Monster,

How to begin? First event concept is now on Facebook with
current friends who know about my Twitter accounts seeking
single sponsors for each unedited, proprietary written during
and while there was active terror stalking wire fraud of my life
and privacy. Single corporate/donor sponsor to honor my hard-
ship due to having made a "statement of conscience".

This formal acknowledgment will minimize ongoing exploita-
tion of a known victim. Hawaii's neglect of my complaints are
based on this intent, as well as pure incompetence in what is
the digital age economy and war on terror.

I know with any human effort of intrinsic/material value, the
American Way is to display open, deep hypocrisy as a form of
subjugation. This is seen in all of history of power systems.
WORKPLACE by sponsors/donors is the most important
criteria since it was the drug trade found in the mechanism
of information/intelligence that cause my victimization.

First, and perhaps only, event concept for my enterprise
Yellow (kitty) Press Media & Production:

Comedic Performers Walk on Maui as a national model/tour
for increasing visibility of humor performance, increasing the
flow of visitors to neighborhoods or commercial sites. Not to
be confused with the recent Slut Walk of Montreal.

Needed: finding a "theme" for performers to emulate, a few
intrepid celebrity sponsors who do not need to pigeonhole all
performance into their partisan mold design, and others who
have ability to create the "slideshow" low tech documentation.
This idea had a chat participant from a digital "friend" in NYC
that posted his scheduled "walk" with his dogs on his page.

Everyone should find prosperity with their performance, and
in this case HUMOR is the medium. Sorry musicians. Music is
not the beginning and end of humor performance even if all of
life is movement.

None of that incestuous fraudulent "non-profit" foundation
concept needed. Free enterprise without the NPR mind control
machinery is all that is needed. And yes, it is intentional on
my part to block access on Facebook to all in Hawaii. Nobody
would trust this type of wire hacking/leak while building one's
own enterprise value.

UPDATE: Wanted is acknowledgment of extraordinary set of
circumstances during this transition into digital news economy
that have increased hacking crimes in the lives of civilians. My
Facebook account is known to those who are able to provide
support/access based on demonstrated merit.

Having a Facebook account is like going to your usual grocery
store or cafe hang-out. There are layers of social connections
present, from employees to favorite employees to potential
friends, current friends, intimate friends, etc. A Facebook page
give one the ability to have this type of layered social/business
contact on their own account.

They recognize that I am an independent and free enterprise
agent having survived years of wire terror crimes. 'They" are
aware of legitimate plans to see what is possible in social media
as a mechanism for enterprise integration application. "They"
also know that Hawaii does not support free enterprise agents.

Legal/legitimate contacts have been made to demonstrate that
even with wire hacking/terror crimes occurring , there is value to
the capabilities of social media sites for entrepreneurs.

Retirement plan timeline: 2 years. The name suggestion has
been received. Consider making a point a marketing tactic.

Yellow (kitty) Press Media & Production
Wild Fern Media Events & Production
808 264-1514
Haiku Hawaii 96708

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