Friday, November 4, 2011


The industrial crimes insider trading financial scandals sex tales
pimp-n-whore trade 'n barter game in corrupt Congress is now on
the table exposed in news reports. 12 Congressmembers exposed
within 9 months of sexual misconduct, whew.

Hidden behind the reporting on Occupy Wall Street protests world-
wide are stories through internet sites exposing patterns that explain
why after 10 years of the war on terror on drug terror financing, the
message news machine from Associated Press and California is talking
about deep poverty increasing while America's economy has collapsed.

Let's force an economic structure that provides incentives for basic
goods/services without a socialist government doing it for them. Think
of that: basic resources manufactured to a certain percentage in your
own region with checks and balances based on perception and level
of corruption.

An economy based on services that provide necessary basic under-
standing on how to think through making the correct decision with
conflicts of interests. An economy that creates material value for what
humans need for trust in services of health and home.

Why the bullshit dumbed down hogwash on television and radio? I
don't know. Monster decided to say it has been a success with how
Occupy Wall Street has mobilized many in America from all walks of
life and political belief. Protest corporate greed, keep on protesting
those who create market structure incentives and most of all protest
failed policies by corrupt officials. The news message machine has
heard from Fern.

Monster now spends some time listening to music for relaxation and
to uknown pieces of music to identify its source and origin. Music theft
fraud is very serious, says Monster. Even Pandora, the well-known
music server on the internet is facing serious lawsuits.

aka Fern is almost recognized as the first American of Japanese
descent self-governing legislative model free and clear from parasitic
corrupt strings of corrupt monies. Her identity is now fraudulently
on a google search with a FAKE peace group. She has never and will
never associate her life, identity and intellectual property/experience
with the concept of "peace after her life in a wire terror reality set up
with malice and contempt by those who don't believe in fundamental
rights to free affiliation and privacy.

Peace is not possible for those who continue to live in conditions set
up for degradation, deprivation and intentional discrimination. Those
who cower passively like inert nazi peons to such domination will
always become an accomplice to terror/corruption. Tax cowardice!

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Maui

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