Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Wifi pests and parasites are identifiably increasing liklihood
for direct intervention for transfer into safe haven to continue
process for my legislative model for self-governance with open
legitimate support by those who have protected my assertion
for fundamental rights to live free and clear from political
coercion and harassment, the right to privacy and free affilia-
tion in all activities, the right to fulfillment of life.

In recent months, I have spontaneously met others on Maui
during my daily activities and shared brief conversations. For
the record, I have a hand-written statement with me to pass
on to those in the community who have shown interest in my
experience or who have had person-to-person contact.

This statement in my hand-writing is proof of my known and
active distressed relationship with government agencies and
officials. My statement of conscience is implicit in this one-page
document describing violations of my fundamental rights for a
number of years, including pervasive wire fraud and stalking.

Cyber-crimes present the most important threat to any of our
fundamental rights. Wire fraud is a precursor to all corruption
and crimes in our society. That this is not known, or perhaps
denied as fact, is the fault of those in policy and office.

Being a known victim, acknowledged by international news
groups and political operatives carries the risk of being clearly
defined by existing institutional forms of discrimination and
hate. I am female, I am of Japanese descent in a place where
Japanese Americans are known to have state-based regional
power of control. My verifiable complaints give the picture of
my victimization in "female" stereotypes via news reporting.

As well as the above, my personal life history has not been of
traditional course in choice and belief. My political thought is
under constant attack by news/information stakeholders who
seek to define my identity for their own gain. I do not fit in any
nor all of what exists in mainstream information systems.

It will be confirmed that I have had distaste and disgust for all
forms of mainstream commercial mechanism of message. This
includes my refusal to be defined by advertising trends and all
that pervades modern telecommunications/broadcast. All who
knew me in previous years knew that I did not integrate what
messages were found in television and pop film culture, nor did
I feel a need to understand any group dynamic that sought to
emulate these paradigms.

My female status as terror victim within certain government
and institutional forms of control leaves an image of that I had
described in my article to the Wall Street Journal in 2007. This
article, Pimps of Angelina's Deli described the innocence and
perversity of advertising monies in the esteem of a young female
who was being watched and whose image was used for sale of
sports consumer goods.

Finding contact with those in officialdom requires that I address
this inevitable dynamic of presumed abuse of my female dignity.
My dignity has been under assault for years. Conditions created
where there is broad public acceptance of corruption, verifiable
and overt means of corrupt intimidation, and wire crimes in my
life led to increased violence. If not for the insistence and inherent
decency found in civilian life, fatal harm could have taken place.

Based on my commitment to confront this evil, and it was a very
personalized evil that I have confronted on Maui, it was necessary
to live a life deprived of basic human "food" and blood that usually
comprises meaning of life. Being forced to sustain meaning only
through a commitment to fundamental truths or belief destroyed
any and all aspects of communion, completion and resolution in
other relationships.

I am forthcoming in describing my intent to insist on forms of
technological structure protection for a legislative model of self-
governance and sovereign enterprise. This is my contribution and
deserved right based on having participated to exposed, destroy
and defeat the intent to cause degradation in my life.

Based on my application on Twitter and Facebook, based on open
outrage expressed with groups here, there is cause to say that on
Maui there have been found common thread with other messages
in the world and nation. Failed policies, failed governance and
a news systems lacking formal understanding of human distress
have consequence on the collective human psyche.

Seeking institutional protection and a form of "love" is not foreign
as I am an adult who has received in my lifetime knowledge of such
potential realized. An existence constantly in flux due to wire crimes
and hacking does not allow for personalized forms of love to grow
in the usual ways. This interruptus tactic shall end.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Hawaii
808 254-1514

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