Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Protect and Preserve Right to Political Freedom of Expression

Dear Monster,

Yukie knows that you've been worried.  She hasn't been able to keep
regular entries on her self-published proprietary internet sites for over 2
months after the major hack into private laptops on Maui.  While the
threat by cyber terror pros, aka Anonymous, from CA targeted global
religious institutions' information centers, cable news remained as inert
and misleading as ever about prevailing risks/threats.

Worry-warts and whispers are now seriously aware of the realization
by "tho$e $ort" of people that our news/information systems are now
safely decentralized.  Digital news won.  Old-school news wire trans-intel
systems with print media have for the first time felt afraid.  Now you
know why aka Anonymous is allowed to stalk the digital/mobile realm
without any cry for crisis by this defunct President and his Defense Dept.

This past weekend hosted a live broadcast on cable news of the annual
Washington DC Correspondent's Dinner.  The usual format includes some
famous comedic performer saying awful and funny things about elected
officials who sit at their side on a staged buffet table.

This event proved that Prezy Obama ain't dead.  He sat on stage about
10 feet from Jimmy Kimmel who skewered right to left, especially the
guy who has Commander-in-Chief privileges.  He said, "Remember
how everyone voted you in office and thought it would improve the
world? What a hilarious joke that turned to be, huh?"

I called in a message to Mr. Kimmel thanking him for demonstrating that,
at very least, Americans have the right to political freedom of expression
in the context of creative performance.  After all, it wasn't even a joke.
It's just the truth!  Even Joseph Biden called for Obama's impeachment
while speaking on cable news in March 2011.

Monster alliances to Yukie, aka Fern, worried about her "reaching out"
to Joseph Biden on her Facebook page.  Not to worry, I have every
possible option on the table, including a pre-nuptial should he consider
thatYukie has considerable needs to manage her considerable material
worth.  Soon he'll see in person that she has intrinsic worth, too.  He
totally supports her right to political freedom of expression.  She sent
yet one more fax in her handwriting today from a postal site on Maui.

Joseph Biden's recent visit to Mexico and Honduras to hear their
complaints and concerns of policy hypocrisy by this administration in
dealing with ongoing dangers of transnational drug gang cartels.
Senators,especially Republicans, are aware that Yukie has declared
herself in transition to safe haven, free from organized crime, industry,
commerce and government control.

Senators, especially Democrats, are now aware that Joseph Biden's
writings about cyber risks/threats in the Asian Pacific region by Chinese
defense firms have persisted in being an unaddressed problem.  Stolen
intellectual property and corporate espionage is not of fantasy novels.
It is documented, reported and known to infect even law-abiding
civilians/citizens like Yukie Yamada.

Yukie's claim to full rights for free of cost attorney fees is based on
submitted documents and legitimate investigative efforts of slander,
defamation and incitement of violence by those in positions of authority.
Such documents were sent via fax to officials who do not have a
conflict of interest in an ad hoc process to assist in achieving safe haven
designation and conditions for Yukie.

Cause and effect have proven that what has happened to Yukie is a
symptom the larger problem of failed governance, procedural
malice/neglect, and obvious system-based intimidation for deprivation
of rights for a victim that could prove her complaints since 2005 of
technology-based violence incitement by corrupt stakeholders who
had access to her privacy and intellectual property.

Mr.Kimmel's roast on our government made the world a better place,
and made Americans recognized that in absence of a functioning, sound
government, there are such rights that should be defended.

As for the sexual misconduct by Secret Service agents in Colombia last
week during the Latin American economic summit, keep on asking about
where the proof is of what really goes on in hotel rooms with security
agents while officials conduct talks about sustenance for their countries.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku, Hawaii 96708

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