Monday, March 12, 2012

Excerpt from note sent to ad hoc press contacts via Facebook

(first two paragraphs edited sent 3/12/12)

Based on verification by former officials at this place of residence, there are multiple ad hoc plans for transition into safe haven for Yukie Karen Yamada. Such plans include known and specific news contacts/officials who do not have a conflict of interest having received voice messages directly from my cell phone, and messages from my proprietary social media sites, from email and via hand-written notes sent via a Maui fax site.

In the event of urgent transport, Joseph Biden will contact directly by phone known and specific journalists who have been in contact with him re: this incident of wire/id fraud from Joseph Biden's Facebook page with a msg delivered to Yukie Karen Yamada's site/email. This fraudulent msg carries the name of a person who has been named on

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