Tuesday, February 9, 2010

intelligence conundrum update - a considerable lack of credibility

dear monster,

since i've been writing to you, many who spy on or steal my email here are wondering who
you are. now that i have my own proprietary Dear Monster blog site, it's time to answer
some of these unanswered questions that have led to fatal and critical errors.

some think that YOU are the "worst-of-the-worst" in all criminal enterprise. many are
convinced that YOU are a drug trafficking evil-doer. some see a thick-skinned gangster
figure with gold chains and gold teeth smiling through this blog. others perceive that i
am referring to the security/intelligence totalitarian effort in our systems of industry and
defense. obviously, "monster" conjures up an image of a big, bad entity capable of doing
violence and destruction for their own gain. hmm.

the metaphor is, of course, a counter-force to angels and trumpets. those who are of
the creative mind-set (like me) use "monster" to mean the inherent potential for human
evil that lives within all of us. systems sometimes are like organisms that become very
monster-like. in any case, "monster" in my writings only existed because i wrote to him.
he represented the unknown unknown in my perception within systems of information.
kind of like the "no such agency" (nsa) system of information.

construction of the abstract in systems of information, commerce and security must be
the fifth dimension of of reality. does it really exist? it really doesn't matter as long as
there are tangible systems run by humans that perpetuate this reality. it takes "balls"
or cajones, as they say, to participate with this type of abstraction while holding the
realization that it may not exist at all if many did not validate it. just like our ailing demo-
cracy, fragile and tested these days.

i may not be a big bad monster, but i have cajones enough to have continued writing
to monster for all these years thinking that he might construct a different abstraction
when it comes to the sale, trade and barter of value, both human and material. after
all, it is difficult to know if statistics and numbers representing the sale, trade and
barter within our economy are based on anything real. who knows how many barrels
of oil china uses for their manufacturing? who knows how many barrels of oil exists
in iraq oil fields these days?

the problem in hawaii with their "not-so-intelligence" systems is that they rely on
limited sources of information filtered through a limited frame of reference. i can
guarantee that that "detective" who claims to be from Air Force intelligence did not
keep up with the operational realities of surveillance technology, nor did he quite
understand the known unknowns within maui information systems since the state
of hawaii made monsanto bio genetic engineering firm our fastest growing corpora-
tion since 2007. for all we know, soon we'll all be clones with corn ears growing out
of our heads.

some of the veggies grown from seeds bought locally look like clones. all plants with
all stems and leaves growing all at the same size growing at exactly the same angle with
exactly the same shiny color. frightening. some say it's a conspiracy. when a company
like monstanto dominates on maui, all advertising dollars, hence all information groups
end up on their payroll somehow. too bad for our "intelligence" groups here.

it is a case of a considerable lack of credibility on hawaii's part. as for this detective,
i have no idea what happened to him since our last phone conversation, but perhaps
his attorney clients may want to see if anyone claiming to have kidney failure and
heart disease as a result of having been poisoned while in Air Force intelligence service
passes their psychiatric exam.

yukie yamada's article in 2007 posted on the internet, an illegitimate quest for intelligence, describe how the pentagon's disastrous "talon" program was dismantled on september 17,
2007 after abuses were exposed. "talon" attempted to use local not-so-intelligence spies
to walk, with, talk with and spy on groups who protested defense war policies. this ease of
sharing information likely encouraged misuse and abuse of information gathered by for-
profit surveillance networks on the ground. according to the wall street journal, this
information from talon was provided to the fbi counter-terror office after september

what a scam, especially in a place like maui where delusional individuals insist on making
their irrelevant lies and lives a part of this information sharing. see my article posted on
congress.org last month about this.


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