Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yes, they lied

A couple of weeks ago in Haiku at 6:34pm, I was resting in my abode when
there were a couple of serious jolts that shook the land and structures. I called
the Honolulu AP office to inquire about this earthquake. The female person
who interviewed me said that there had been a 4.7 earthquake registered near
Wailea. The Maui News reported that the quake was located 9.5 miles below
the island of Kaahoolawe off the south coast of Maui.

As we remember when growing up on Maui, this island was used for target
practice for military bombers. After much dialogue and outrage, the island
was turned into a Native Hawaiian monument of sorts. Having no natural
water source, it is said that the island is uninhabitable. Mother Nature
must have been rumbling and grumbling about what all is going on these
days under sea. No damage was reported by Kihei Coffee Shop the next day,
but well, the sand dwellers in Maui Meadows probably wouldn't want any
one to know about any devalued private properties in the area.


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