Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Dear Monster,

An Illegitimate Quest for Truth, my original article written and
sent from a Pukalani desk top of a former friend who is more loyal
to pot-smoking friends than stated political aspirations/truth, is
no longer relevant for the Democrat Party. They don't like the
truth, nor Truth, about their systems. They get nasty, malicious
and PSYCHO when Truth confronts their lack warmth and love
from "Mom's" breast, or memory of breasts.

An Illegitimate Quest for Truth was sent to, if you
can believe that in early 2006 when I had email contact with their
Editor about writing for them. He didn't think the article, about
the failures of counter-terror policies to secure safety from terror
crimes in my life as a non-drug user, was relevant to their lunatic
academic progressive "truth" telling blog/newsletters.

An Illegitimate Quest for Truth provided enough details to get
rid of the primary obstacle of drug crimes in Wailuku, but some
Democrats in control made far more money lying about drug sites
and poly-drug international trafficking in Wailuku. Go check out
their resume with Maui County, Hawaii Democrat Party and a
few well-known private sector contractors in 2006-2008.

The famous State Whore Independent Democrat consultant, a
true midget at 4'9'' made all the short men feel big and strong in
the Democratic Party. She was so accessible, eye-to-eye. She is
in the Maui News campaigning for Obama in 2008. They got
her where it really counts in Chicago and Texas.


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