Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Dear Monster,

My Facebook profile has a fabulous surprise, Monster!
We now don't have to worry so much about that nasty
invisible finger and hand from David Letterman Show

Check out my Facebook site: Yukie Karen Yamada. On
my front page there are links to Saturday Night LIVE and
even Eric Clapton, Betty White, Marvin Gaye along with
the news companies that have heard from the social media
site Facebook by Yukie Karen Yamada for 6 months.

It may be that others comedic performers will see the
opportunity with radio and digital media needing content,
persona and themes for the hungry public.

I spoke with a female from Chicago's theatre club scene
Impress These Apes, apes meaning judges. Each week
performers are given a week to create an assignment for
live stage theatre with three Apes (judges).

Funny, haha. One of the performers at their live theatre
has the same name as the former professional baseball player
who became a sports announcer only to be fired after he
made several insensitive remarks about race/ethnicities
on-air. See videos of Impress These Apes on the internet.

Now that Chicago's only alternative FM radio station was
shut down to become Chicago's only all-news FM station,
101.1 News Chicago may be looking for political humor.

Yellow (kitty) Press Media & Productions
Who stole my filet minon?

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