Monday, August 8, 2011

Update 8/12/11: Reporting on News Patterns: Spoke

Dear Monster,

Update 8/12/11 - Frustrating lack of response and
follow-up while reporting to local agencies about a race-
based hate text message sent from the Verizon phone
of a known licensed MD on Maui. I called MPD in the
evening requesting a direct call to my Verizon phone
and they reported that officers on the road only use
"restricted" cell phone # to respond. How would
any victim know who she/he is speaking with in such
a case where possible endangerment is posed with-
out having the phone number on records?

After requesting a call from a landline phone, a call
arrived from 808 579-8057 from Paia. I called both
Wailuku and Kihei MPD to confirm this call that did
not leave a message. At the moment this call arrived,
I was on the phone with a former social services pro-
vider to see if she had ever reported hate incitement.

The next day, I spoke with a female employee with
a non-profit run by this former social services provider.
A female volunteer answered the phone saying that
it was her first day at this worksite Neighborhood Place.
Their stated mission according to their "Coaching"
officer is to promote safety in families on Maui.

The volunteer said that the Executive Director and
this "Coach" were in a meeting with the Governor. I
made a strong statement that I do not support this
Governor and his established Democrat Party due to
practices that only benefited Democrats. Hawaii's
Governor, former Congressman Abercrombie, fails
to see the need for an on-the-table discussion about
a pattern of corruption within Democrat circles in
dealing with formal illegal drug crime reports in
Wailuku that were covered-up by prime corrupt
Democrats who were Yukie's housemates.

See today's headline news: Okudara, a known felon
suspect holding hostages for the 3rd day in Kahului.
He was reported as being in custody by the Maui News
about two months ago. Press reports say there is a
police "standoff" with a crisis team present. Okudara
was a teen ager who lived in Wailuku in 2004-05 on
the street where Yukie lived and made 3 taped statements
to MPD over 9 months about illegal drug activities. No
police arrived to question neighbors nor Yukie at this
site and neighborhood. He might remember Yukie due
to his own mother speaking to Yukie for assistance in
reporting to police about drug use with her other son
who had meth abuse on his record.

My strongest statement went to the ED about their
"Coach" failing to understand that Hate Crimes laws
and policies have in essence the purpose of protect-
ing dignity of lives in our everyday activities, to feel
safe and free from harassment. Hate Crimes policies
and programs have been a successful model in most
cities to provide an immediate system response.

Their "Coach" also did not see the urgency of having
received hate incitement via text messaging with a
Verizon cell phone. After all, as Verizon engineers
and workers are on strike there is sabotage reported
in Verizon systems. Mobile phones and wifi use are
mechanisms of violence, illegal drugs and crimes. It
is also a means for incitement of violence with hack-
ing of cables and wires.

Where is the beef in dealing with telecom violence
and corporate disruption? It is appropriate to make
a direct challenge to any agency receiving information
to inform, enhance and identify risks from Yukie as
Yukie spoke to them as an unpaid victim specialist.
Their lack of structure is based on a lack of ingrained
commitment to dignity of self based on safety for all
who live responsible, drug-free and crime-free lives
outside of the corrupt practices of status quo federal
grants and charities.

Reporting on news reporting patterns - my news line
with is now known to many
in radio, broadcast review newsletters, print media
and Associated Press. Yukie sent text messages out
from her Verizon cell phone under Fern Fitzgerald.

Reporting on news reporting patterns is something
that patsy journalists do on the side with Fox News.
They don't examine nor reflect the underlying news
secret of the "established order" of mediocrity known
to dumb down the news consumer.

The underlying "established order" of mediocrity is
found in all institutions of power, particularly those
who have an economic base that relies on certain ad
agency and industrial control stakeholders.

Yukie, being 50 years old, and female American of
Japanese descent, is not responsible for any existing
"established order" of mediocrity since she has not
been in unspoken and acknowledged systems of control
and privilege. It was THEIR fault, all THEIR fault.

Looking for a radio program as Fern Fitzgerald, or
perhaps Wild Fern, is to articulate through a radio
persona on a national level that America is waiting
for someone to say what is known: our government
and it's primary defining policies of belief no longer
serve the population in the USA.

"Established order" systems are witnessing with our
foreign policy contradictions and collapsed budget in
recent terms that the social economic welfare model
security blanket has become the mechanism through
which the war on illegal drugs has manifested. It is
a perverse reality: illegal drug corruption and crimes
now fuel the mantra of the war on terror. It's a fact
that poverty and illegal drug use fuels our failed war
on terror in our own country.

Republicans and Democrat officials are waiting for
the public to stop listening to the mind control news
media of "established order" mediocrity and think for
themselves as officials need to accept that they do not
represent any legitimate form of policy for current
ills and problems.

Reporting on news reporting patterns coast-to-coast
is what Fern Fitzgerald believes is necessary to promote
the mechanism of information and Truth that has been
noted with Dear Monster letters and other twitter news
letters under Yukie Yamada since December 2009.


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