Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30, 2011 from Haiku, Maui

Dear Monster,

It's true that Eddie Murphy appeared on my Facebook page
"friends" list last week. This was after Yellow (kitty) Press Media &
Productions was declared an enterprise concept on this site. Well,
having a celebrity in comedy/performance on my site signaled to
me a choice: formalize my intent for an independent enterprise
concept or accept a degree of absorption in the very same media
relations companies that dilute and manipulate.

It may be the dilemma for all large artist-types. I decided to take
to the cell phone and call around to real performers working in
the industry to build a network of personal contacts who might
be able to build action to contact him. Based on the circumstances
of how I got support this way on my Facebook account on my own,
my enterprises should reflect the success of social media networks
in building free enterprise.

After all, it is the moral/political capital owed me for years of my
contact with agencies, officials, etc. Claiming my right to a different
sort of media productions enterprise is not a deal. It's part of how
I will protect my rights as the truth is told.

Eddie Murphy's photo isn't on my page at the moment, likely due
to my formal requests to others to let him know of this newsletter.
Dear Monster will be famous even if Yukie retires in two years so
she can write and produce for fun.

Not to worry about United Press International on my twitter.com
account. . . it's obvious that I my civilian status of self-governance is
solidified now that its potential value in application, writings and
my legal model for my protection were created without any formalized
assistance from any contact in Hawaii's jurisdiction after years years
of formal complaints of deprivation of fundamental rights.

These several years of ongoing terror wire stalking by worthless shit
type opportunists on the wire required emergent action to protect
whole systems and populations. It was intentional neglect, failing to
see that it was within their jurisdiction, therefore, it now is their failure.

See how quickly things got better, thinner after calling Texas, Ohio,
Kentucky, Iowa, Nevada, Utah and a few in NYC? See how Vice Prezy
Biden visited last week to Hawaii for a couple of days on his way back
from Japan? See how the Washington Post and ABC respond, unlike
the SF Chronicle, LA Times and NPR's deafening silence?

The news wire fraudsters in Hawaii look like petrified elitists now.
Their Inouye bumper sticker should read: stealing = amputated souls.

Yellow (kitty) Press Media & Production
I found my filet minon

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