Saturday, December 3, 2011

Legitimate Formal Structure: Protection Legal Process

All forms of illegitimate eavesdropping in my privacy have been
identified as a form of political coercion, slavery and criminality
by those who do not participate in creating legitimate forms of
governance as I have. All forms of illegitimacy in my case are
now identified and on record through my own process, without
Hawaii and Maui County providing any means of support.

Eliminate all those who hold federal elected office from any type
of presumptive relevance. They are aware that I am not seeking
reconciliation, only justice and a life acknowledged as a life of
terror, inhumane as they are dehumanized in their own minds.

I am considering the option of a structured period of time in
Washington DC to expedite any formal statement regarding my
experience of having had my identity and phone number used
on financial records and personal records of a known criminal
medical marijuana dispensary in Paia.

This site would include acknowledgment for formal contact
with press contacts who know of my effort to enhance testimony
of those who can report terroristic use and corrupt abuses in
industrial intelligence systems here in Hawaii.

This site would have formal contact with other sites on Maui
and in this country for verification of legal political process as
per my statements on my twitter and Facebook sites. Other
forms of correspondence and messaging will also be confirmed.
All efforts to grossly misrepresent my statements, or to co-opt
my right to due process given severe pervasive incidents here
in Hawaii will be on record as an intent to cause harm, degrade
and deprive me of a life of dignity.

I do not represent "race-based" movements sitting inert and
passive, waiting for someone to exert will, endure hardship and
shape structure so that they can claim economic sovereignty.
Have them receive this message as they are mostly subsidized
by the Democrats of California who as they can see know better,
have always known better and who did nothing to advance their
cause. Sit with that statement of fact.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Hawaii 96708
808 264-1514

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