Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Dear Monster,

In our body of conscience, those who have chosen to protect
and preserve the dignity, life and rights to privacy of known
declared terror victim/survivor Yukie Yamada have been in
the process of formalizing their own status. Reports of the
terroristic use, abuse and corrupt practices within intelligence
industrial information systems have been on records for years.

Moving from systems that are governed by laws other than
constitutional laws require a statement of intent, commitment
to a functional status, and verifiable statements substantiating
this choice. Consistent patterns to chose legitimacy and provide
access to formal protection as participants are required in each
phase. The end phase is not clear to any group, depending on
the depth of threat and risk.

Legislative and press patterns are optimistic. Communicating
networks of commerce, industry, organized crime attempting
to decriminalize, intelligence and legal structure have alerted
me of imminent legitimate action to the demise of some groups
of privilege who had presumed relevance.

My full name appeared on FLARE NETWORK in May 201o as
I navigated unknown threats by publishing my internet news-
letters on Twitter and Facebook. FLARE NETWORK, reports
of their own efforts in Eastern Europe to address this festering
culture of corruption of industry, commerce, organized crime
within information systems.

Forcing this agenda at this time will enhance current popular
movements to force accountability by elected officials. My
statement to Congressman Darryl Issa Republican from CA
today is to force accountability on the part Hawaii's own failed
federally elected officials for their patterns of corruption. My
statement includes incidents that resulted in the cover-up of
a known international drug site in Happy Valley in 2005.

My statement of conscience includes protection of those who
have also demonstrated an intent for ethical/moral/ legitimate
structures to protect and preserve intrinsic and material value
here in Hawaii. Recent APEC Conference events reveal a lack
of integrity by those who claim stewardship of the Pacific Rim.

also known as (aka) Fern
Yukie Yamada
Haiku Hawaii 96708
808 264-1514

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