Thursday, December 22, 2011


Dear Monster,

Nobody really knows who YOU are, Monster. They thought
you were the dirty rotten bastards who terrorized and used
dehumanizing tactics for fun. Not so.

Reports this past week provided stats for the public here in
Hawaii. Hawaii ranked 49th for the quality of its literacy and
reading programs funded by federal monies. Such programs
had money galore since 2002-03 when then-Lt. Governor,
now Congressmember Hirono championed the cause with all
fan fare and glory.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, Monster. Glad to say
that Yukie has always and will always say that all of her own
contact with State of Hawaii agencies included the statement
that Hawaii needed to address reverse discrmination.

Proud to say that Yukie was rejected since then by the State
of Hawaii complex of totalitarian mediocrity. None of her
efforts in independent research, person-to-person meetings,
demos and workshops for two years made a dent in their
perception of her not having any worth nor merit here.

In fact, I want someone to check to see if material from her
proprietary tri-fold marketing material corresponds with
any grant monies without her name during this period since
2002 when she contracted with PhD professionals from UH
to healthcare institutions.

Well. the mind control mechanism here and the dwindling
population of people of color pride should figure out that
there is something amiss in mudsville.

Haiku Maui

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