Monday, March 22, 2010


Monster Alert!

Mark Mardell from BBC's internet news writes an insightful article tonight
after today's "historic" vote to overhaul health care in America. The King
has no clothes, neither does the Queen. Meanwhile, 13 states have already
announced since December 2009, that their Republican Attorney Generals
filed suit against our national government for passing a legislation that is a
violation of rights and laws.

34 Democrats voted against this scam legislation. Republicans voted in
consensus to reject it. Ominous. The Heritage Foundation website calls
this "an intolerable act" for the dustbins. Vanity Fair's congenial article
is followed by bloggers who still call Obama a socialist. The trillion $$
legislative "victory" for Obama (a win only by a few votes) to another
procedural stage in the days to come to define terms for partisanship

Liberal academic policy females who are still seething after Obama
appointed Lawrence Summers (former Ivy League University President
who claims that women do not have an equivalent aptitude in math/science)
to his Economic Advisory Team, are now aware that the deal cut between
Dems and Republicans in the House to exclude payment for elective
abortions left them out of the symbolic power brokering debate again.

1900-pages of health care reform that proposed making it mandatory
for all Americans to buy their own insurance. This strange twist in the
past year's debate on how to provide affordable, accessible, quality care
to all Americans is still ellusive to many on Maui who ponder what the
punishment will be for not being able to afford insurance plans offered
by the government.

Maybe it was just the language used that confused everyone.

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