Monday, March 15, 2010

Democrats' Shriveling Mandate

Dear Monster,

No secret that I told Russ Roberts at Pacific Radio News pre-inauguration that
our Prezy-elect does not have the genes to be a committed Commander-in-Chief.
Ok, so I also said that Senator Inouye should be prosecuted and that Senator
Akaka should be euthanized. I'm not convinced as Russ is that totalitarianism
is an inevitability for all Americans. (only for those who cower to terror, haha)

Moral courage quotient aside, Monster, Democrats did have a significant dose
of momentum post-election, with our first biracial Prezy flashing that dazzling
smile at cameras and with Congress being more Dems than Republicans. He
was found on the front page of the Maui News in 12/08 bare-chested on the
beach while he vacationed in Kailua. He and Michele looked like the chosen
monarchy of cool and chic on the front page of the NY Times day after that
memorable inauguration event when all Americans acknowledged that we had
reached the promise land, after all, and many found it to be as ugly.

Now journalists like Cokie Roberts openly use NPR to say things like "well, the
Democrats have some serious problems". Imagine what critical mass of opinion
it takes for NPR the partisan commercial whoredom of the 21st century to put
something like that on air. Yahoo! news continues their blatant lies and false
spins on how wonderful Obama's health care reform is doing while Republicans
prepare for line-by-line investigations of all funds to states.

Speaking of commercial whoredom . . . yesterday I perused Twitter profiles on
my politicalpoidog and toejamblitz accounts. Listed under "journalists" with
regional identifiers, I found lists that included every Tanika Carmelita bellisimo
photo gallery with their deep, mahogony skin practically convincing you in an
instant that they are special information sources, too.

One profile found under "us news" was the photo of a cartoon female saying
that she had the right to bear arms because she is the mob. If I remember
correctly, it was under "freedom4USA" by a gun-toting granny type.

I also found "bs" in the Twitter listing saying that there were Twitter jobs
available. The photo that accompanied "bs" was a late 20-something sheet-
white guy with a thin goatee looking like he was going hunting for some dark
meat and talking about the rendition he did in the Summer of '69.

Twitter's "law enforcement" email contact might have figured out that I told
the white collar cyber crime fbi about my problems with my own Twitter blogs.
Social media sites are now the place where false information, false images, false
profiles abound to confuse, distort and dissuade.

I'm still in the haystack looking for that sewing needle that was tossed in by
those who enjoy hijacking information systems, but in the meantime, I found
some gems of information to get rid of the corrupt drug-supporting officials
who feign stupidity and indifference to Maui's own shriveling economy.


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