Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wild Fern's Equal Ops News Feed Renditions

Dear Monster,

Ignoramuses ask: What's a news feed? What's a news feed rendition?
Since I do not work with ignoramuses, yet they believe everything I
say, here is a list of Wild Fern's Equal Ops News Feed Rendition in
support of exposing crimes in our ideologically corrupt society:

1. Trans-gender and Creature Club - considering what may not be
conceivable or plausible as a possibility, may also indicate
catastrophe or debacle with status quo powers. Many question
the androgynous reality of some individuals as being real.

2. Precious Kitty Program - Wild Fern's program for unconditional
love, honor, respect and adoration, often leads to delusional, hubris-
type behavior by those who believe they are of the monarchy.

3. Lolipop Lounge Rendition - creating conditions for paranoia within
politically elite and corrupt groups who think they are above
the law and immune from scrutiny. Example - politicalpoidog-contact. March 2010.

4. Who Laced Your Herb Today? Program - creating conditions for
those susceptible to the Gravy Train Rendition to think again.

5. Gravy Train Rendition - also known as Elegance for All, creating
a sense that all will be well, all will be cared for, etc. to distract
from all-out panic and frenzy.

6. Never Shoot a Mother Deer Rendition - inspires fear in those who
live according to codes of conduct with strict adherence, usually
results in these folks standing straight in line.

8. The Pinochio Squash - using guilt and shame as a means to identify
and separate those who tell the truth for moral cause, and those who
only tell the truth for personal gain, used in conjunction with Lollipop
Lounge Rendition when there is a collusion of silence with corrupt
stakeholders operating within a corrupt system.

9. King Has No Clothes - documenting, verifiable information to prove
a collusion of silence amongst a large number of stakeholders/people
about serious incidents of public interest. Example - c-span verbatim
programs with conflicting, false and absurd statements by lawmakers.

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