Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ongoing bullshit by wire terror fraudsters . . .

Dear Monster,

I told them so. While the State Comptroller releases a press statement in today's
Honolulu Advertiser about the "hacking" of two procurement computer systems
in Hawaii's Dept. of Commerce and Consumer Affairs and the Department of Human
Services, FBI Robert Mueller is in San Francisco with a policy directive on cyber
threats and risks. Mueller says we should act to "predict and prevent".

Speaking of prevention, Hawaii's Comptroller's Office claims that "someone in
Romania" and "a laptop in Russia" are responsible. It's nice to think that it is that
easy to trace and identify any type of wire fraud and cyber felony activity. In fact,
I have feeling that computer hardware experts know that much of the terror,
fraud and hacking taking place are preventable with the appropriate directives
from public officials. Maybe someone in control hasn't been as competent and
vigilant as they should be.

Around the time that "Deep Throat" died in December 2008, Yukie Yamada
called all information systems, including the Dept of Commerce and Consumer
Affairs, the Office of Information and the Workforce Resource Center with the
Dept of Labor and Industrial Affairs. She called out of concern that many of
their public access computer systems used Microsoft Explorer servers that
had been designated as a security risk in other countries.

Remember last year, President Obama's own Chief Technology Officer resigned
after a primary consultant was arrested by the FBI for bribery, money launder-
ing and other felonies. This was reported on internet news, and in a very thin
manner by the WSJ and NYT during the week of Kundra's disgrace. We won't
make too much of the fact that both Chief Tech Officer Kundra and his primary
consultant carried surnames from either India or Pakistan.

The Advertiser's owner, Gannett, is now trying to match financing for the sale
of the Advertiser to the owner of Honolulu's other daily paper. According to the
paper today, Gannett owns 83 daily papers, including USA Today. Journalists
are feeling victimized and even the editorial sections of both papers look like
cogs in the wheel of a diminishing print media industry. should be seen as having played a critical role
in exposing wire/cyber terror in Hawaii and how this creates conditions for
crimes to spill over into the civic sector resulting in the disintegration of trust
within the collective community mind-set. I hate paranoia, don't you?

To be diligent, truthful, accurate and fair is the stated mantra on editorial page
of the Honolulu Advertiser. Let's see this print media monolith, owned and
operated by another print media monolith tell the story about how their own
information system, humanoids included, has been impacted in today's world
of information, terror and corruption.


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