Monday, March 7, 2011

Fraudulent Facebook Page on "bing" Search

Dear Monster,

Update 8pm Monday - More unwanted ads appearing on my Facebook
in the past two days, offensive unwanted ads on both sides of the page
and sometimes even in the center of the page of my news feeds. This
can't be normal for Facebook users.

Guess what? I found a FRAUDULENT Facebook account using my full
legal name today from a bing search engine. My authentic Facebook page
used Yukie Karen Yamada with an authentic photograph taken in the
back garden by a person who lived on the same property where I lived
for over a year.

All reported via email to Senator Orin Hatch's office, with copies sent
to Twitter and Facebook and Flare Network as well as other press groups.
Why my full legal name with a profile photo of a male character is found
through bing search engine (the rival to Google search engine) is 'cause
they have crooked hands in bing.

Google search turns up Yukie Karen Yamada on Facebook without a
problem. Sorry bing, as they say bada bing bada bong. haha You don't
got mail. It may also be because I did this search near the area where
there was a fiberoptic terror breach a year and a half ago as reported in
the Maui News. The cable was a shared cable with Verizon and AT&T.

Maui should be concerned that investment and all of commerce will be
dropped like a bada bing bada bong with this type of wire fraud/stalking
incidents with Verizon and AT&T. It is a symptom of a larger problemo
as private and personal data are being stolen like crazy from start-up
business transacions like with real estate deals.

Monster, stay away from problemos that cause acid reflux. Too bad
for those who still have their heads in the sand or their thumbs up the
-uh- wrong situation. It's FRAUD.


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