Sunday, March 6, 2011

Counter-logic: Pimps of Angelina's Deli

Dear Monster,

I had a revelation yesterday during a creative storm. The biblical quote
"Love rejoices in the Truth" is countered by "numbers never lie". The
material world rules even the laws of nature in modern civilization, like
it or not. Perhaps it always was about food, shelter and security in most
advanced societies where thought flourished.

Love rejoices in the Truth, numbers never lie, therefore Numbers=Love.
Who out there in America will dispute this logic? Predators will say to the
innocent, my experience of Love is your experience of Love. heh. That
thick reptilian skin in the American legal establishment knows that their
superior analytical intelligence allows them to gloss and skim day after
day with the masses in clueless daze.

Numbers=Love. Ask the esoteric "legal" professionals in practice . . . oh,
sorry, did I just expose the sexually frustrated ones? They equate and
define "social capital" with NUMBERS. Ask any divorce or pre=nuptial
attorney dying to tell the truth about how "emotional support" factors in
the NUMBERS when couples divorce at a high price.

What is your emotional stability and well-being worth on a daily level
in order to perform, exact and perservere in a world where confidence
and security matters with predators in all corners? Ever watch males
when they have a "secure" bed partner after their partner departs?
Ever watch females when their "security" is at risk?

Human/social capital can be substantiated in terms of contrast or in
terms of stated value. Feel better when someone is of unequivocal trust
holding your hand? Feel better when there is someone who doesn't have
a profit motive holding your hand? You know why some like them as
dumb and dependent as possible? They feel better, safer and stronger.

Ever felt dispensable in an intimate relationship? ooh.

Wanna talk about it? How sexy do you feel, kitten? Love does not, in
fact, equal sex. Although love sometimes results after sex. Love that
is SUSTAINABLE is not about a singular instinct for most. It really is
about how comfortable you are with the NUMBER$ in divorces.

I say, well, when you have financial security, love is always just right
around the corner. Intellectual freedom and political freedom were the
ONLY reasons for my choices in the past decade. For me, intellectual
freedom and political freedom = personal happiness. With personal
happiness, love is really just around the corner at all times.

p.s. Hollywood would never believe this pimp scam.


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