Sunday, March 20, 2011

Perils of Online Business in Hawaii

Dear Monster,

Hawaii has the ills of wire breaches galore. Online businesses and
entrepreneurial activities have suffered because of such privacy and
confidentiality breaches for years. Links into nasty advertising with
a culture of corruption and addiction have been revealed.

See Washington Post's article today about this American Prezy, now
cavorting in South America while Japan deals with the massive and
devastating events of a major earthquake followed by over 300 after-
shocks NE of Tokyo. This Prezy, while the nation of Libya continues
in political anarchy with widespread violence and while the US has
started it's bombing campaign in Libya, this Prezy is now visiting in
Brazil, singing the praises of this economic "wonder" called Brazil.

Thanks to the fashion consultants with Obama and his wife, Michele.
That photo op of them arriving in Brasilia, whoa. Michele wearing a
thick spaghetti strap searsucker dress with her boobs pointing like a
Madonna bustierre . . . just like the tropicales like it.

The perils of our internet/digital economy is known, verifiable and
on record . . . security breaches seamlessly into the civilian and the
small business sector with high speed info delivery into the same
commercial/intel/security systems. All made possible by the same
phenomena called social media networking.

This Prezy did not say "no" to corrupt systems of information in his
own Information/Technology administration in April 2009 when
they were arrested after being appointed. His own insistence with
using his personal "Blackberry" device after election should alert us
that while Verizon's Blackberry is one of the worst known pieces of
phone technology for privacy, he kept his.

Soon the public will agree, this Prezy should have just said "no" to
the Nobel Peace Prize since we have no peace in sight for quite a
while and no "sustainability" known to the USA.


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