Thursday, March 3, 2011

Told DRUDGE About Obama

Dear Monster,

Now that my blog has some attention by those who choose intentional
use of selective information, just like they choose selective outrage in the
sphere of human dignity . . . I told Drudge all about it. Many don't know
who the hell Drudge is nor what he stands for these days with his program
on AM Talk Radio all over the USA.

I hardly know what he says myself, tho' I took a look at his news feed and
figured out that he is watched by so many powers-that-be that he is like
Julian Assange who got sent back to Sweden for sex crime charges after
he exposed the US intelligence system for withholding info about corrupt
practices by those who reside in elite systems of diplomacy and policy.
Wiki leaks' founder Julian Assange sure got his merit pay.

Yukie is not so ambitious. She was forced to protect her own dignity while
others sat comfy and satisfied that they would profit at the expense of her
deprivation of fundamental rights. Wait until THEY lose THEIR rights.

My email to the Wall St. Journal called Obama's practices/policies/words
those of a Man Whore. Slightly different in the male version while occupy-
ing the most powerful seat in the world. He was seen on C-span today with
his special tie talking about USA - Mexico "relations". What "relations?"
Fox News reported today that "friendly" nations in Latin America wanted
special relations with the USA. What "friendly" nations? Last I read, there
was a political movement for all of Latin America to establish autonomy
from the world's financial banks with the President of Bolivia speaking on
record with international policy-makers.

Suspicious timing for Man Whore practices. You see, recently a Customs
Border official was murdered while working unarmed in Mexico. According
to law, Customs and Immigrations officials cannot carry a weapon while on
duty in Mexico. duh. He was shot dead by a Mexican.

And well, the "drug war" ain't going too well either. Arizona state rebels
are filing a lawsuit against the federal government for failing to enact laws
that protect border safety along the Mexican-American border. They don't
like Napolitano too much after her "live" C-span speech about trafficking
lines for weapons in the South West and Texas. Napolitano, the former
Governor for Arizona being female and some say lesbian is now the Director
of Homeland Security appointed by the Man Whore himself.

I heard her speech myself on C-span. She doesn't know dipshit about how
transnational information systems operate with defense contractors, news
media and trafficking of humans, organs, weapons, drugs etc. Send her the
goddamn article from about transnational weapons lines.

She's a solid official who means well. Too bad she got the facts from her
special information consultant group that also fails to grasp the significance
of transnational information systems and how they require use of specific
language to manage, gauge and control multiple competing interests who
generally have no bounds to power.

Tell it to the pinheads and pea brains who work in the commercial
intelligence agency (cia), otherwise known as Central Intelligence Agency.
Others say their name stands for Christians in Action. Who knows who they
are these days working transnational defense contractor ad agencies?

p.s.- The Wall St. Journal Editorial once called Congresswoman Pelosi from
San Francisco a pinhead adherent.


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