Saturday, January 21, 2012

Email From VP Biden Reported to Balitimore Sun 1/21/12

From Yukie Yamada aka Fern: email sent to my address was noted last week. I sent
a corresponding message to Facebook Joseph Biden's page
asking for authentication. My second fax to his office in
Washington DC repeated my complaints of wire hacking
from Haiku to Kaneohe.

Worrisome trends abound. It is now reported on the web
internet newsletters of that there are "holes" in
the top 6 industrial control systems. Having identified such
vulnerabilities, systems are being allowed to be hacked to
emphasize the need for urgent/emergent discussion and
intervention in our country.

Reports since 2008 suggests that the now infamous hack-
operation "Anonymous" has splintered from the Empire of
Evil within our own critical infrastructure in America for
strategic strikes as reported in the recent news. They are
targeting sources of major defense contractor/advertising
type information systems to dismantle it's oppressive hold
on policy, thought forms in news systems and technology.

My own statement: to live free and clear from the corrupt
and cruel influences of industry, commerce, and organized
criminal influences after over 10 years of making repeated
verifiable complaints. The harmful cause and effect of this
type of activity, of having civilians targeted in their effort
to live in free affiliation requires immediate attention for
the hardships Yukie has had to experience.

The failure to respond by Hawaii's officials reflects the
mindset that such industrial vulnerabilities could never
be proven in any realistic manner. They were wrong.
I am prepared to declare my right to safe haven at any
minute of the day now. It is a global issue.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Maui
808 264-1514

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