Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wifi Wire Terror: Symptom of Larger Problem

Dear Monster,

Wifi wire terror alert sent out to the CEO of Facebook and
Twitter, as well as technology specialists at the Wall St. Journal
about wifi terror patterns described in Haiku since 2010. It was
also described to wired.com magazine, the source of information
about terror transnational lines involved with illegal trafficking
of organs, humans, child porn and even stolen real estate info
from proprietary accounts.

For your information, such patterns are the precursor for all
types of corrupt practices that are found only in places where
there is a dead court system and corruption in the hearts and
minds of the most "educated" types.

Tears and good byes to "monster" from the site where critics
had derided all efforts to address corruption as naive. These
critics who barely existed in their own minds as humans never
met Yukie. Monster said that protective status provided by
aka Fern the Neo Con is a fine thing as long as Donald Rumsfeld
didn't force them to tell him about bioterror within pharmaceu-
ticals in Mexico.

Confirming suspicious emails from one of the accounts listed
as Facebook Joseph Biden. It was an individual who doesn't seem
to know that VP Biden, or former VP Biden by now, has been
a voice to address wire fraud, cyber threats in the Pacific Rim
as relevant and critical with China being ever present during
a U.S.A economic collapse desperately seeking cash reserves.

Yukie did have her real estate license in CA, tho' she never did
have interest in business there. Recently, those who know that
the worst wire fraud in the history of Hawaii is in real estate
found out that Yukie's experience living and working on such
"ag" properties on Maui has value to those who are interested
in how to protect privacy and to identify illegal drug patterns.

Yukie has never, nor would she ever work with any real estate
company here on Maui, especially since any known corruption
or perception of corruption would increase endangerment to
lives. It is unfortunate to have to say this, but it is the standard
perception that Japanese Americans rule Maui's real estate.

Her message to Facebook press office is about establishing safe
haven Facebook accounts for independent enterprises like her
knowledge-based media relations events production concept for
protection of wire fraud terror victims.

"Safe Haven" designation accounts would be for those who have
established a record of having addressed wire/id fraud related to
illegal drug crimes or hate crimes. It would also apply to those who
are mandated by law to report drugs, fraud waste and abuse. These
individuals are the most targeted by government and legal systems
that profit from drug crimes.

Yukie Yamada is now trying to establish a formal process with
Congressman Mike Honda and Senator Chuck Grassley to ensure
that any contact with Senator Diane Feinstein acknowledges her
role on Narcotics Senate Caucus as a possible conflict of interest.
Likely, Feinstein can prove documentation of her involvement in
Yukie's situation as clearing herself from such conflicts.

p.s. - Look for Yukie's hand-written notes about her ad hoc plan
for formal protection and business assistance on bulletin boards
at a grocery store nearby.

Haiku Maui
January 17, 2012

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