Wednesday, January 25, 2012


My account has a security glitch.
I've been trying to delete the top listing @szoneus article
that received the Rolling Stones article about what really
is going on in our market system. It was a test.

Unfortunately, totalitarian parasites who think they can
justify their existence as hacking perpetrators against some-
one like Yukie Yamada who has been on the internet for over
2 years with all details don't know that they are the problem.

It's hard to imagine such technologies of eavesdropping or
hacking in the hands of those who don't stand for any form
of Constitutional check and balance within an industrial
force of known forcible exertion of will. They don't consider
that their puny status and lack of function only exists due
to laws from this Constution that allowed them access.

The site found with @szoneus is a curiosity, isn't it? Some
sites found on the internet appear to be a recipe for forming
allusions and thought forms within advertising and policy
news groups. This type of collage with informal source of
information is nothing more that a manufactured reality for
those who do not carry a higher instinct to protect and
preserve fundamental rights and principles.

Full engagement was noted in the press with news reports
yesterday of significant incidents, events to engage different
federal systems with specific on record legal processes that
have already been reported for years on the news.

I called in the Washington Post to look into the recent news
about Supreme Court voting when it comes to using nazi type
police GPS with local enforcement to track known dangerous
individuals. Has it occurred to anyone that there are known
verifiable means to do this without industrial grade devices?

Well, if intelligence-led policing has funds to investigate with-
out checks and balances using industrial and total control devices,
should that be a concern for Hawaii where dead court systems
give advantage to drug users abusers and larceny specialists?

Yes, it should. All the above as well as victims will be part of
the utopian industrial complex of police states. Soon we'll be
eating corn on the cob lunch from the corn cob growing out of
our ears to save time, energy and thought.

I heard about a guy who worked in the Kahului Airport, perhaps
in the security area, who showed up to work everyday wearing
his nazi garb. Those who made reasonable complaints about him
did not get much of a response. Maybe the nazi is in the security
industry, guys. And maybe they don't like drugs as much as they
like having total control of those who use illegal drugs.

In 2008, Yukie used her own cell phone to call owners of the
largest security companies listed in Maui's phone book. She told
them that there were incidents of privacy violations in her life
for years that had been reported, and that such activities were
part of money laundering crimes.

She informed them that all crime incidents had been verified on
record, but criminal groups exploited what is known to be a security
industry subject to types of racketeering against victims not support-
ed by Hawaii's Democrat regime. It is a conspiracy. Even those
who are implicated for Democrat corruption are targeted.

I'm reasonable on record with what can be verified by myself. I
am not so reasonable when it comes to dealing with things that
I know as a fact but cannot verify to others. That is the joy and
right of someone who is declaring herself "self-governing". My
right to decide and define my course has alignment with what is
currently the most important need: to demonstrate moral cause
in defense of my right to prosperity, dignity and privacy.

Democrats know that my actions have attacked what has been
known for years. I do not state anything disagreeable. See how
some institutions feign indifference and a lack of moral cause?
It's just a test of will and exertion of survival.

Democrats fall in love when they are faced with a grim reality.
Republicans fall in line. That is the mantra. I continue to exert
my right to live free from partisan bullshit in my enterprise.

aka Fern decided to set up a separate "protectorate" state to
claim her right to prosperity for her historical place in America
and for those who defended her right to live in dignity. It is a
separate renumeration course than for Yukie Yamada as terror
torture self-governing victim/survivor.

aka Fern has become her own renumeration self-defense entity
through legislation and with assistance from officials who have
direct proof of Yukie's status as terror/torture survivor. Her
character, aka Fern, extended into the material realm to protect
national/state stability while under attack from terroristic and
malicious perpetrators. Formal verification complete.

Recipients are known based on their demonstrated and
documented commitment established for a number of years
at tremendous risk to themselves.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Maui
808 264-1514

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