Monday, January 30, 2012

Having Trouble with Google? Time to Stalk the Hacker

If you're having trouble with your Google email account,
join the crowd of email consumers having Google hacked.
Read the news. Even Mark Zuckerburg, CEO of Facebook
had fraudulent google emails sent from his account.

Yes, it's time to stalk the stalker of Google accounts here
in Hawaii. After all, take a look at the wire. Google has a
page for those having trouble saying that is
no longer accessible from Germany. Perhaps Germany is
aware that Google search engine and their recent efforts
to expand into social media networking to compete with
Facebook and Twitter are producing security glitches.

FYI: my on Twitter
and accounts have repeated hack-
in patterns reported to Twitter company. Local parasites
causing wire fraud/id fraud are busily find ways to interfere
with factual information that could be valuable to the
majority of the population.

The best option for rapid, permanent elimination of such
efforts? Call Republican Sensenbrenner about his press
release to confront this corrupt President and his corrupt
Attorney General for Fast and Furious transnational weapons
disaster in Arizona recently. His recommendations are aligned
with Congress Issa CA and Senator Grassley IO condemning
enforcement tactics that aid and abet violent crimes.

Since NY State Attorney General and the Department of
Justice had their major press event on January 27, 2012 on
c-span announcing their major investigation of financial
crimes with Housing Urban Development, I called my own
testimony to discredit any Democrat-led investigation of
such crimes in Hawaii. Calls were made to Issa, who has
been on CNN in past months calling this corrupt President
the worst of all corrupt Presidents.

But whah!? What's the connection between transnational
information systems, weapons contraband with Mexican
drug cartels and an investigation about financial crimes in
our government agencies? Drugs = financial corruption.
a=b b=a straight reflection, no logic required.

It may be the West Coast defense contractor message info
machinery who arranged for the DOJ press event on the
27th last week got caught isolated with their pants down.

They'll soon start reporting that California, being the 21st
largest economy in the world, supports a Rolling Stone Mag
story featuring counter-terror agent 07782989 with my
former informant from Oakland/SF Chocolate Granola Boy.

Yukie Yamada
aka Fern
Haiku Maui 96708

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